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Behind-the-Scenes Attempt to Stop Arizona's Obama Eligibility Bill

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Obama's Genuine Birth Certificate, click on the image to enlarge it

President Obama will be forced by circumstances to apologise as its Genuine Birth Certificate surfaces. Americans have been led to believe otherwise, revelation to change the political landscape.

Arizona’s state legislature is currently pushing through a “Candidate Certification Bill” which will directly address the issue of President Obama’s eligibility to hold elected federal office, and ultimately determine his place on the state election ballot come November.

But there exists an effort underway behinds the scenes, which threatens to stall – and eventually kill the legislation.

The bill will require any candidate to sign an affidavit confirming their eligibility documentation, and would impose a penalty for perjury if they were later found to be ineligible.

The bill was presented at a press conference which took place on Tuesday inside the state’s historic capitol court room. Amidst an almost complete national media black-out on the issue, AZ Bill HB2480, spearheaded by State Representative Carl Seel(R), has since passed the Senate Government Reform Committee, but has become stuck in a senate committee.

In addition to members of the state legislature, the bill has received the full backing of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who had assembled a Cold Case Posse some 6 months ago in order to investigate evidence that Barack Obama’s electronic birth certificate. The document was released last year by the White House and posted on their website in PDF form, but Arpaio’s own law enforcement investigation has so far concluded that the President’s document indicates both forgery and fraud. It was these very concerns which prompted Rep. Seel to draft this latest eligibility bill.

According to Seel, “It gives the average citizen the capacity… to challenge any candidate appearing on the Arizona ballot, whether they are properly qualified to be on the said ballot… and the capacity to preserve, defend and protect their Constitution.”

Despite the fact that the bill has the support of both the state’s house and senate, it’s still being held up by Senate President Steve Pierce (R) who has yet to clear the way for a floor debate on the bill.

Pierce claims that he will not clear the way for HB 2480 until Sen. Nancy Barto (R) who chairs the Committee on Healthcare and Medical Liability Reform, where the bill is assigned – and is currently being stalled, allows its passage through.

Dirty tricks behind the scenes?

According to Seel, the reason the bill has been stalled is because of a rather unreasonable request by Sen. Barto. In an unprecedented move, Sen. Barto has solicited from Rep. Seel a “laundry list” – a fully initialed, full list of names of all Arizona Senators who have committed to vote in support the controversial bill.

This request for a ‘laundry list’ flies in the face of the normal honor’s system practice, whereby law makers normally give their bond in the form of a verbal commitment for support of a bill.

Critics of this unorthodox move might rightly suspect that by possessing the names of each legislator beforehand, Sen. Barto – or perhaps another third party, could then get to each of the bills’ supporters before a vote reaches the floor – in order to change the natural outcome of a vote. If the bill was voted down in this way, it would effectively kill off any future attempts to revive such legislation.

Additionally, such an outcome would also take Arizona Governor Jan Brewer(R) out of this controversial spotlight, as she was the person who vetoed a nearly identical bill which was passed in April 2011 by the state legislature.

Brewer claimed in her veto letter that she was worried that the bill empowered Arizona’s secretary of state to judge the qualifications of not only President Obama, but all candidates who would file to run for office.

If the bill does not clear the Rules Committee by Monday is could very well die there.

As WND’s Jerome Corsi has already reported, there are other states who have mounted similar challenges to the President’s claim of eligibility for office, most notably efforts in Georgia.

Corsi explains this week:

“There exists virtually no mechanism in the U.S. for investigating whether or not a presidential candidate meets the Constitution’s Article 2, Section 1, “natural-born citizen” requirement.

Earlier, New Hampshire became the only state to successfully sign into law a bill clarifying eligibility requirements.

But New Hampshire’s H.B. 1245, signed by Democratic Gov. John Lynch, merely requires a statement under penalty of perjury that a candidate meets the qualification requirements of the U.S. Constitution, similar to what the political parties already send to states regarding their candidates.”

Whilst still investigating the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate, as well as the President’s Selective Service Registration card which is also believed to be forged, Sheriff Arpaio still expects to unearth yet more additional new evidence over the coming weeks.

Arpaio adds, “This investigation is not going away. It is an ongoing investigation.”


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  • Quay

    I know many white folks, who are so full of hatred and prejudice, that they cannot stomach the fact that the U.S. President is a Black man, and will go to extreme lengths to undermine his authority in this position. They would prefer to return to a time when black people were chained and shackled as property of them, the slavemasters. Prisons and drug rehabs are the modern forms of slavery in America where (particularly) black men can be watched and controlled 24/7.

    • Arwen

      (Rolling my eyes) Quay, when will you grow up ? Obama is HALF WHITE. Besides: when you make excuses for him, saying “HE does NOT need to prove his eligibility”, you are saying “Obama should be coddled. He should not be held to the same standards any other candidate must meet — he is unable to meet them; he must be coddled.” THAT is an INSULT to the man you claim to admire.

    • WeissTodt

      Quay, unfortunately you overlook one thing. Obammie is half white or did you miss something. We all know he is full of hatred of freedom, democracy, wealth(unless it’s his), individual freedom/rights. That his thoughts should be the thoughts of our nation. We are all individuals and believe it or not most blacks are more prejudice toward other races than whites.

    • Dan

      Quay, the race card has been over played. How about stopping with that tired old trick. This is about the Constitution and our freedom. We are all Americans here. How about getting with the program? Obama wants to enslave all of us, that means you to buddy. Wise up

    • HarryOrielly

      Alan Keyes & Pastor James David Manning are 2 decent educated black men that refuse to call Obama president because of his incredible FRAUD he has perpetrated on America- I would be proud to have either as my president but Obama is the BIGGEST FRAUD in history who not only FORGED his birth certificate (he was born in Africa) but also his selective service card and SOCIAL-SECURITY-NUMBERS which he used in real estate scams before he got into politics-

  • Pumper

    Quay, you are totally wrong, we are actually very happy to see a black man working! If only the majority would follow his example.

    • JoeW

      Pumper, I understand your drift…..however, the usurper only pretends that he works. He and his family took unprecedented number of expensive vacations on taxpayers’ expense. In addition, the damage he did in slightly more than 3 years is enormous – I talk about the force-fed Obamacare, the 5 trillion additional debt and his foreign policy regarding the Middle East. Anybody who thinks he is working (to me work means positive results otherwise it is destruction or waste) is a fool, or a Communist/Muslim/Progressive (take your pick), or has an agenda to destroy America. Obama is the enemy within.

      Quay’s comment is BS: America’s white majority elected this black man. Nobody wants to see him out of the WH because he is black. That is crap. He should be out because he is a bad president with bad policies and he is the enemy of America and the electorate recognized this after 3+ years.

      • Pumper

        Romney is just as scary of an alternative

        • Dan

          Romney does not have a Marxist background or dis respects America. I would rather have Romney in the white house.

          • Gareth

            Ron Paul will win the nomination in Tampa with a vote on the floor when Romney and Gingrich are facing numerous criminal charges and Obama is apologising to the world for Lying and High treason. Good news is that all this is probable(unless they take away the real news, INTERNET)

  • Tell the truth

    This is not a matter of black or white it’s a matter of an elected official doing what is right for the people they serve. Under the last five elected officials to hole this office they have all worked to downgrade this country. If found guilty throw out all signed documents and laws passed in the last three years and three months sentence all guilty parties connected to the maxim jail terms at once. Also the ones from behind the curtain seeking to block this issue.

  • chucksterrpc

    Quay, I think you got it backwards to me it seems in todays U.S.A. the black man keeps prejudice alive and thriving! Yes there are a lot of prejudice white folks still around but no one keeps the ball rolling like Sharpton! and yes the prisons are full of blacks more blacks than whites even, but guess who did something wrong to get there. The president pro-black hell no he’s pro Islam He has no investment in this country His family is from off the main land and abroad. That is what makes him so scary, not that he’s 1/2 black and I’m not even sure thats intirely the correct discription. 1/2 Muslim is closer. Muslim is not bad either but does anyone no what his end game is? it doesn’t seem in the best intrest of the U.S. to me.

  • freeyourself

    Romney’s great grandfather fled to Mexico because he was about to be arrested for Polygamy in the mid 1800’s..so Mitt’s grandfather was born in Mexico…became a Mexican citizen, he had a son, Mitt’s father, also a Mexican citizen, born in Mexico…. married a Mexican and returned to USA and had Mitt. Mitt Romney admitted in the Fla debate his father was a Mexican citizen, he too is said to have been born in Mexico.

    i think this is so “rich” fraud by the DNC and GOP…easy pickins for two new parties to replace the corrupt DNC and GOP before the election…. i look for the libertarian party to nominate Ron Paul…and i look for a new independent party to rise out of the dust…these two NEW PARTIES will replace the DNC and GOP…they have fallen on their own sword….I think, the two new parties can demand GOP and DNC prove their candidates are eligible…if not, they must be removed from every state ballot.

  • Rick Alexander

    Have you ever noticed that when things heat up in the social arena the Obama Administration use the Skin Colour Card to divide the black and white people, when the economic issues heat up they use the Class Card to divide rich and poor, when immgration issues heat up they use the Race Card to divide Americans, Latino’s and Mexicans and manipulate immigration laws, and when it comes to Health they use the Medicare / Obama care Card to divide the healthy and the sick. When the election race starts to heat up they use the Conservative/Liberal Card to divid the people politically, when it comes to faith they use the Religious Divide Card to pit Jew against Muslim against Christian – to divide the people. In each and every case they cause friction among all residents of America and I ask – for what purpose? Well, I am not American but I support the American people and their constitution which is under attack daily. There must be something more behind all this and I think I know what the common thread is. To determine what the thread is one needs to ask who would lose and who would win. And therein is the answer. The only people that profit from the various ‘divides’ in America are the rich international bankers who control the Federal Reserve. In December 1913 it was Senator Congressman Lindbergh who said on that historic day, to the House:
    “This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. The people may not know itimmediately, but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed. The trusts will soon realizethat they have gone too far even for their own good. The people must make a declaration ofindependence to relieve themselves from the Monetary Power. This they will be able to do bytaking control of Congress. Wall Streeters could not cheat us if you Senators and Representativesdid not make a humbug of Congress. . . . If we had a people’s Congress, there would be stability.
    The greatest crime of Congress is its currency system. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking bill. The caucus and the party bosses have again operated andprevented the people from getting the benefit of their own government.” Now you know what it is about and that poor senator some 99 years ago warned America. Within a short space of time America suffered the 1929 great depression, then WW1 and WW2 – all of it at the hands of greedy international bankers and the Federal Reserve System Act of 1913 which was masterminded by ‘Lord’Baron Alfred Rothschild. Now you know how they divide and rule and bring misery – please don’t fight among yourselves – shut down the Federal Reserve System and all your problems will be solved. If you are really keen to do something try amending the Wikipaedia site Federal Reserve System by entering the above facts (derived from the late Eustice Mullens book ‘secrets of the Federal Reserve – pdf, available on the internet for free – it is an eye-opener) and I gaurantee that within 1 hour all your attempts to insert facts will be reversed and you will be warned by Wikipaedia that you are engaging in an edit war and will be blocked in future. Try it, come on, give it a go and see who is behind the problems in your country. God bless America

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