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Argentina: Falklands will be ours

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Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

A senior Argentinian politician claimed yesterday that his country will one day take over the Falkland Islands from Britain.

Daniel Filmus, who is chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the Senate in Buenos Aires, sparked anger by predicting that the South Atlantic archipelago’s eventual destiny was control by Argentina.

But he insisted his country would take the islands by peaceful means rather than force.

In an interview with Radio Five Live’s Breakfast programme he said: “There’s no suppression which lasts forever.

“It’s just a matter of how much time it takes for it to be understood that there must be dialogue and the need to find a mechanism for diplomatic agreement to get us there.” Speaking ahead of the 30th anniversary of the start of the Falklands War, which began on April 2 1982, Mr Filmus said Argentinians “have enough patience and know what is right”.

Argentina has revived the dispute over the islands they call Las Malvinas as the anniversary approaches.

Mr Filmus, a member of the same political party as Argentina’s President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, told the programme: “It is in our constitution and it is in the hearts of all Argentinians that sooner or later we will regain the Malvinas, which is just 700km off our coastline and more than 14,000km from the British coast, along with all the riches that are there – fishing, oil and the Antarctic projects. This is something that concerns the sovereignty not just of Argentina but the whole of Latin America.”

Foreign Office chiefs, who are braced for further Argentinian claims on the islands in the coming days and months, dismissed his suggestion.

One Whitehall source said: “Our principle is that the destiny of the islands is a matter for the people who live there.”

Argentina invaded the Falklands 30 years ago on April 2. Three days later a Task Force of 100 ships, led by aircraft carriers HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible, left Portsmouth.

In two months of fighting, 255 British and 650 Argentinian servicemen died. Argentina surrendered after British forces entered Port Stanley on June 14.


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5 Responses to " Argentina: Falklands will be ours "

  1. Vlad the Impaler says:

    well,it might never happen orat least not in the near future

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  2. Jack Longchamp says:

    655 Argentine servicemen, have you counted the crew of the “Belgrano”
    that was sunk by a Brit nuclear sub ?
    Bit of a jingoistic overreaction to say the least…

    Anyway the Falklands/Malvinas mean nothing to Argentina if you see it
    realistically, it is an emotional issue.
    They may be of strategical worth to the Brits, and in fact the first
    settlers really were British, for argument´s sakes.

    But this is all just a verbal dance not worth discussing.
    A true Tango Atlantico…

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    • Nexus789 says:

      Your points make little sense.

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  3. Nexus789 says:

    This woman is delusion. They must have serious internal economic problems in Argentina. Nothing new then.

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  4. General Kala says:

    In the Emporers name!

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