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America planning to deploy even more ships in the Persian Gulf

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Washington is planning to deploy even more ships, subs and choppers to the Persian Gulf despite the fact that it already stations aircraft carriers in the region. This was confirmed by Chief of Naval Operations Jonathan W. Greenert.

­Speaking during a Friday breakfast in Washington, Greenert told reporters about the bold plans to deploy more patrol boats, minesweepers, Sea Stallion helicopters and drone subs – all keeping an eye on Iran, which is clearly uncomfortable with being surrounded by the warships of a hostile country.

While Greenert had already announced plans to up the number of minesweepers in the region to eight on Wednesday, his latest statements shine a light on the Navy’s long-term perspective.

First of all, Greenert talked about deploying five more patrol boats equipped with Gatling guns and close-range missiles capable of hitting Iranian shores from four miles away.

“It’s like being in an alley with a rifle and maybe what you need is a sawed-off shotgun,” he said, talking about the Gatling guns.

Secondly, the Navy is planning on sending torpedoes that can compensate for the “turbidity” and “particulate” drags of the Gulf waters, as Greenert put it.

Thirdly, Drone minesweeping submarines, or as Greenert called them “some underwater unmanned neutralization autonomous units.”

And finally, more aircraft carriers, though this is still to be discussed with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

All these new vessels will arrive equipped the latest infrared and electro-optical visibility systems to help navigate through the foggy Gulf even at night. In the meantime, BAE Systems, one of the Pentagon’s military contractors, is working on a new Gatling/laser gun mashup. While Greenert said nothing on equipping the patrol boats in question with these guns, Iran had earlier promised to block the Strait of Hormuz, which is used to transport about a fifth of the world’s oil, in retaliation against sanctions imposed by the US and the EU with the intention of forcing Iran to quit its nuclear program.

In January, General Michael Dempsey, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, confirmed that Iran has the capability to block the Strait of Hormuz for a certain period of time, and that the US must be prepared to reopen it by force.

Greenert openly admitted that America’s naval presence in the region is already superior to Iran’s. So why deploy so much weaponry and equipment to region? Are Obama and his military advisors already covertly thinking about a military solution to the Iranian crisis? Or is it just the implementation of Dempsey’s call for preparedness?

With the Pentagon asking for an additional $100 million to beef up its military presence in the Persian Gulf, it seems like the US is increasingly leaning towards military action. Although President Obama did insist on using sanctions and diplomacy to force Tehran to quit its controversial nuclear program, he admitted that “no options are off the table.”


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7 Responses to " America planning to deploy even more ships in the Persian Gulf "

  1. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    How much billions $ does an US aircraft carrier cost?
    How much thousands EUR does an exocet missile cost, that successfully torpedoed a billion £ english aircraft carrier?
    What can a many billion $ US aircraft carrier do, when a million EUR (1000 exocet missiles) arrives on him, at the same second?

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    • Nexus789 says:

      It was not an aircraft carrier. It was a Type 42 Destroyer (HMS Sheffield) on picket duty which was hit by an Exocet that did not detonate – fuel from the missile and the kinetic energy of the missile was enough to doom the Sheffield (not a torpedo). This was followed the Atlantic Conveyor (container ship) and finally HMS Glamorgan was hit by a land launched Exocet (this illustrates the threat of land launched missiles).

      Point taken though in terms of a using a missile that may cost a million dollars destroying surface ship (carrier ten billion, Aegis Destroyer a billion or so dollars).

      Exocet type missiles are probably a real threat if launched in waves. An even larger threat is the Russian made Mach 2.5 missiles and 200mph cavitating torpedoes.

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  2. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    @ Nexus 789:
    Thank you for your interesting correction.
    So poor countries having only some million $ smart missiles stand a chance against rich countries having many billions $ destroyers and many carriers…

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    • Nexus789 says:

      No worries. The Iranians (or Persians) are not stupid and will adopt an asymmetrical war fighting strategy. They will not win militarily but could inflict really heavy losses.

      However, as many strategists have said – a battle does not win a war. In my opinion Iran wins the war as soon as the stupid Americans drop a boob or fire a cruise missile as oil prices will spike to $200+ a barrel. Western economies will collapse.

      To subdue Iran the US would have to put boots on the ground and I don’t care what weapons they have they will take heavy losses. Also this would mean full US mobilisation and forced conscription of perhaps a million men. You can see how stupid the whole thing is.

      Finally, its not about nuclear power, nuke bombs, but more about maintain dollar hegemony and stopping the Iranians trading oil in currencies other than the dollar (as Iraq and Libya wanted to do). If that happens the dollar will collapse and Americans will become poor very quickly as the dollar devalues. They have tried to undermine the Euro for the same reason as it is a competing reserve currency.

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      • My Plastic Brain says:

        The US wont attack Iran or Syria. China and Russia have both said a resounding no to that.

        The US has painted itself into a corner insofar as it has tried to convince the world it is the world’s superpower, able to do what it wants to.

        The reality is that China is propping up a failing US economy and holds sufficient US treasury bonds to enable it to turn the US into a 3rd world country overnight.

        The US has tried to big itself up yet has succeeded only in convincing its own population. The rest of the world is beginning to see the US for what it really is… a not very funny global joke.

        A not-very-bright child grown obese on a diet of McSteroids but lacking the mature insight to be able to effectively use its artificial deformity, would be an appropriate analogy.

        The world is now seeing through the US’ pretentions of ‘democracy’ and witnessing the US elites scrambling to plunder and exploit as much as they can before they are well and truly found out.

        If you’re an American, don’t be expecting much sympathy for your as yet unrecognised plight. So far the US has so much blood on its hands the stain will never wash off.

        Take your country back from the murderous parasites that currently rule over you and you will, at the very least, have my respect.

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        • Nexus789 says:

          Good points. However, desperate stupid people do stupid things and they have a large nuclear arsenal -the gambit maybe to create a war to avoid the humiliation of economic collapse.

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