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West may strike Iran by summer - Russian Gen-Staff Chief

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Nikolai Makarov

Russia’s top military boss says an attack against Iran, which the west suspects of developing nuclear weapons, could begin as early as summer.

Thus far, tensions between Tehran and the west have been confined to the battlefield of heated rhetoric. Russia’s highest ranking military officer, however, predicts it may be just a matter of time before the verbal grenades get real.

The Russian General Staff is closely watching the situation, and is not ruling out the possibility of a coordinated attack on the Islamic Republic, General Nikolai Makarov, head of the Russian General Staff, told reporters on Tuesday.

“Iran is a sore spot,” Makarov noted.“I think a decision will be made by the summer.”

If Makarov is correct in his estimations, the situation in the region – overwhelmed as it is with political crises and war – could spin rapidly out of control. Indeed, some are warning that an attack on Iran could trigger a dangerous game of dominoes across the Middle East, possibly even culminating in another world war.

In the slide towards escalating violence, there have been a string of disturbing incidents, including alleged cyber attacks against Iran, as well as the downing of a sophisticated US drone, which Iran says it guided to the ground after electronically hacking into the vehicle.

Then there are the mysterious assassinations.

In January, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, 31, who supervised a department at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility, was killed by a car bomb in northern Tehran.

Exactly two years earlier, Masoud Ali Mohammadi, a senior physics professor at Tehran University, was killed when a bomb-rigged motorcycle exploded beside his car as he was about to leave for work.

Iran blamed Israeli intelligence for the killings.

In the latest ratcheting up of tensions, Israel on Monday blamed Iran for masterminding attacks against Israeli embassies in Tbilisi and New Delhi.

This game of tit-for-tat can readily explode into all-out conflict, which would be a worst-case scenario not just for the region, but for the entire world.

In November, US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta warned that military action against Iran could have “unintended consequences” in the region.

Panetta, like his Russian counterpart, believes that the decision to attack Iran may be imminent.

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius wrote earlier this month that Panetta “believes there is a strong likelihood that Israel will strike Iran in April, May or June before Iran enters what Israelis described as a ‘zone of immunity’ to commence building a nuclear bomb.”

Russia is adamantly opposed to any military action against Iran, though Moscow has supported UN Security Council sanctions against Tehran in an effort to force the Islamic Republic to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is working overtime to get US President Barack Obama onboard the campaign against Iran. And it will not hurt his fierce lobbying efforts that Washington is preparing for presidential elections in November.

Thanks to the hawkish neoconservative philosophy that has hijacked traditional conservative thinking (which, to his credit, Ron Paul genuinely represents), President Obama can expect to be accused of “going weak on Iran” if he proposes anything short of war.

Thus, Russia’s top military commander may be right: the overstretched US military and its budget-broke NATO allies may find themselves fighting yet another senseless war with unknown consequences very soon.


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  • o

    Russia is warning the world not to attack iran and they mean it.Iseral has also be warned .
    Iran has the same right as isreal to have nukes,and they do ,they have 4 of them bought from the formet sovet union,and if any attack on iran from the u.s. or isreal they wouldnt hesitate to use them.
    Just every one think about it,look what isreal and the u.s. did to the uss liberty in .67.this was a faluse flag opp that didnt-work and now thers something eles.
    The u.s. dose not have air surpremicy
    Let isreal perish to save the world… not such a bad idea,realy this zionest nation has been nothing but trouble sence the day of its ilegal creation

    • bob sap

      0 for 3 votes, your an anti semitic bigot who should keep their uninformed ignorant opinions and fact-less rubbish to themselves…

      Here, learn something “real” for once,


      • o

        Bob…you must be a zionist or a christian who has bbe brain washed to belive them ,but facts are still facts ,the uss liberty was a false flag opp that went wrong and isreal is illegal to exsist as it is now…just as any native american and see what they have to say .
        Palistine was illegily taken over for a religous groupe that has been some of the most murderus people on earth ,just read your ole testiment and see what they done in the name of there god,gess man get your head out ass and see the light,the jews are your enemys and you love them for it…explane.

  • Mike

    Its almost a fact. There will be a war in the middle east weather you belive in the bible or not. The U.S has stopped Isreal from involvment in the first gulf war which would of kicked off WWIII. I think Isreal will go on there own and start a war. To fix most of the situation all Isreal has to do is withdraw from the occupied territorys. But they are too dumb to do that. Another thing Isreal has U.S Nukes on their soil. Its a known fact for years. But my theory is Iran has some of the missing Russian nukes on thier soil. So we will have to wait and see. If you want to blame someone for Isreal. Blame the Nazies. Its their fault people feel sorry for the jews and gave them their own country. They should of fought for it instead.

    • Joew

      Hey slime bag Mike, learn English. You suck.

      • o

        Hey joew
        Take your maple leaf and cover your mouth because the only thing you seem to be biting is my d#$%
        Good post mike keep up the good work and by the way did you know there is a bunch of fore skin collectors in canada and joew seams to be the head rabbi

        • JoeW

          The biggest foreskin collectors are the Muslims. I am not Jewish nor Muslims. But you must be either a faithless Jew (I am not against Jews just the ones who betrayed their religion and sided with the leftards like you) or a Muslim or a leftard from New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin or California. You are not even an American, you are the enemy of America, trying to destroy her from within. Period.

  • Flanker

    Russia and China rise above your rhetoric. Just send Iran – for free – enough arms so that if attacked by the bandit Israel, it would deliver a devastating retort to the bandit.

  • o

    Mike glad you know your stuff unlike most of american now days.
    Also these damm jews may be taking over our country as well

    • JoeW

      Mike and O are not Americans. They only live there out the the stupidity of Uncle Sam who lets these vermin in. The time will come when they may be in trouble in the US. People start to see what the Muslims are doing in the US. They are only supported by the communist left and the progressive liberals. Things will change soon, American are waking up.

      • o

        Hey joew
        Just to let you know about uncle sam …the u.s. had there eyes set upon canada,just google in war plain red and read it for your domb ass self and yes america is wakeing up and its the jews and our federal govt. That we are learning is the real enemy you domb ass

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        • JoeW

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  • o

    Flanker ,i think they allready have enough free weapons ,evan nukes if attacked by the bandit isreal to send them back to the stone ages but we do’nt want no harm coming to the poor people of palisitine(may god bless these people) during the bandit isreals ass whipping(may one day we rid the the world of these horible religous band of religous bandits)
    In the end isreal as areligous state must be eraticated to save the world,and thats a shame that they cant live in peace with the rest of the world…just ask any jew this qustion are we all gods children or is it just the jews.
    They will always Say only the jews are gods chosen people thus placing them selfs above all who belive this bullshit.
    So the jewish religon must be purged from this earth along with all religon so we can heal the wonds created by religon.
    As ling as we have religon we will always be divided

  • JoeW

    The problem with the Muslims is that they can not get along with their neighbors. Look at all the wars in the world. 95% of the wars currently fought by Muslims, started by Muslims. How do they say in the Muslim world? “First comes Saturday and then comes Sunday”. There were no Israel up until less then 70 years ago yet Muslims were in continual wars with the world. Research the Barbary coast pirates in the early 19th century when the Sultanate of the Barbary coast in North Africa attacked all shipping, including American ships. This is why Thomas Jefferson created the US Navy which kicked their ass and protected the US ships from that point on. Where were Israel at that time punks? And the piracy is going on today….by whom? By Muslims who ask for ransom and put the crew to slavery. Just like they did it in the last 1400 years and just like Mohamed did who constantly attacked caravans and killed, enslaved and raped the people of the caravans and took their fortunes as booty. This is what the Muslims can do real well, never mind industry, science, commerce. Look at where they are today. They are in the stone age, each end every country except the ones with oil. They would be right back to the stone age if the oil would dry out or there would not be a buyer for their oil. If we did not have Israel, they would fight the Christen Kafirs anyway because that is what their Koran says.

    • o

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      • JoeW

        Oh really? I think the Muslims are the ones who rewrite history. They are peace loving people, they say, but they wage and waged 95% of the wars in the world in the past 1400 years because they can not get along with themselves (one example: Shia vs Sunni) and the rest of the world. Look at what is happening in Libya, Egypt, Sudan (have you heard of the Janjaweed? I do not think so you moron), the Sudan has now broken into two pieces, Syria, the Philippines – constant war everywhere by Muslims. They call it Dar al-Harb (House of War) versus Dar al-Islam (House of Islam) once they established Islamic state on the back of non-Muslims after killing, raping and plundering them. And they preach about peace. LOL. As I said earlier, get some training in the English language because your spelling and generally your English suck big time – you ridicule yourself and nobody listens to you if you keep it up like this.

        Again, I asked the question: where was Israel when the Barabary Coast Sultanate in North Africa fought wars against the the American Navy which was established because the Sultanate was pirating all ships in the Mediterranean in the early 19 century? You keep spewing your venom, call people by name but you never answer the rational questions to address the facts. Why? Because you are irrational and can not handle the facts.

  • JoeW

    o, do yourself a favor. Go back to your backward country where you come from to spew venom there. I bet you can do that because you would be thrown to jail there or beheaded or something like that. Then you come here and you spew your venom in America because in your backward country you could not do that. If you come to America, you should become an American with American values. You are not an American, you are the enemy of the state.

  • John P

    I’m an American citizen, a war veteran, and a true American patriot. I don’t think we (US) have the right to attack any foreign country that hasn’t attacked us. I am outraged and ashamed to think that our country thinks it has the moral authority to dictate to another sovereign nation their policies. I think our government WANTS war, however I think that in the event of war, we would lose. We are spread too thin, and our financial status cannot support another war effort; let alone WWIII….

    • Nexus789

      It is not about nukes, nuke power, etc, or about that silly little nation Israel.

      It is all about Iran’s determination to trade oil and gas in currencies other than the dollar. This is what Iraq did and also Libya. If the world’s major currency (US dollar) is traded in currencies other than the dollar it will break the dollar hegemony and the dollar will collapse.

      This is going to be a massive clusterfuck by the US and will do a number of things…kill us all, trash the world economy and kill a lot of us or trash the Middle East.

      It is a really dumb strategy as the demise of the dollar is inevitable given the total US debt – this is visible and shadow debt. This makes the US the largest debtor nation in the world and also the fact that many countries are trading bilaterally using their own currencies.

  • Philippino Bob

    Hey JoeW
    Here is a proposition for Canadians.
    Ottawa needs a leader with SS balls, not Harper, he has no balls, right?
    Give the job to Benjamin Netanyahu, he has NUCLEAR balls.
    Actually he is already in the White House, so taking Ottawa as well would be real easy.
    Oh BTW, Here is something for your education. Read it and then let us know here what you think about it.
    In case that is not convincing, perhaps you should have a look at this short article as well.
    Anxiously waiting a reply.

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