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Spanish students protest austerity measures

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Protesters in Valencia on February 21, 2012.

In the Spanish city of Valencia, hundreds of people gathered to protest against tough spending cuts imposed by the government and growing police violence.

A day after police forces violently clashed with students protesting over spending cuts, peaceful protesters gathered outside the Instituto Lluis Vives, across the city’s main train station.

On Monday, security forces arrested at least 25 student protesters in Valencia.

The clashes broke out after students walked out of school in protest against spending cuts and classrooms without heating.

Spain’s unemployment rate has soared to 22.85 percent, the highest in 17 years, meaning that there are more than five million jobless people in the country.

Analysts say Spain’s economy is expected to enter a new recession in the first two quarters of 2012.

Spain has witnessed a series of nationwide protests against harsh austerity measures that have targeted the country’s health, education, and security services.


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