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Russia is preparing to respond to Israeli or US military strike on Iran

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Russia's Chief of Staff General Nikolai Makarov

Moscow is making preparations to respond to a possible Israeli or US military strike against Iran in 2012, report says.

According to World Tribune, the Kremlin has ordered the military to draft options for a Russian response to any foreign attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The report added that the Russian Defense Ministry has set up a facility to monitor Tehran as Moscow’s close ally and trading partner.

“Iran has become the leading focus of the Kremlin with the Defense Ministry establishing a center to closely monitor the situation in Iran and the rest of the Middle East,” Russia’s Chief of Staff General Nikolai Makarov said.

The Russian general added that international pressure on Iran over the country’s nuclear program has been growing and could be followed by military action.

“We used to have a general on duty at each main command. Now, we have created a situation center that receives all the necessary information in real-time,” he added.

According to World Tribune, the United States has also increased monitoring Israel and Iran out of concern for a regional war in 2012.

The United States and Israel accuse Tehran of pursuing military objectives in its nuclear program.

Under this pretext, Washington and Tel Aviv have repeatedly threatened Tehran with the “option” of a military strike against its atomic facilities.

On February 9, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman once again threatened Tehran with military strike over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

“Israel has a large selection of ways, when the world of international sanctions fails to persuade Iran to halt its nuclear program,” the Israeli official told UN envoys in New York.

Iran has refuted the allegations, arguing that as a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency, it is entitled to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.


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  • o

    If iran is attacked ,isreal needs to have a good ole’ fashion russian ass whippin,I just read how the palitineans where literly pushed into the sea by these horible people ,the jews in 1948 and the war crimes that isreal did to these people.
    When palistine becomes a state isreal will be made pay for these crimes and now i see why isreal and the u.s. don,t want the palistine state .
    If the u.s. is in on these crimes they need to be punished also, because what i just read about what happend to these people,was very upsettig to me.
    Evan if with out a strike on iran russia needs to come in and not destroy isreal but rather whip there ass and make them give back every thing they own to palistine ,and if there ansestors moved to isreal durring this time,make them move back to the country of there grand parents origin.After reading this artical,i’ve realized that these people are truly some of the worst people in the world and they must come to an end as a religous state,and again just look at what they done to the uss liberty but that false flag opps went wrong thank god.
    So to all you people who belive in these evil people(may russia one day destroy them for there sins) you need to read a pome …who pushed who into the sea and read the real reason why palistine wants isreal destroyed and this articale comes with some disturbeing photos of the1948 take over of palistine.
    We as humans have a spirit that tells us right from wrong ,and to let these bastards get away with these crimes is wrong and alot of people are starting to find out what these animalistic people will do over religonand gredyness.
    Now i’m seeing the light and russia realy needs to run them out of palisine and give it back to its rightful owners and if the u.s. trys to stand in the way of ther ass whipping …then get theres to now that you have the strenght to do so.
    A big thanks gose out to russia for standing up for the little guy,s ,
    I always thought that was the u.s. job …what happend,was we taken over by the jews

    • louis leblanc

      You unpatriotic fu*k. If you like the russians or iran that much, go live there! I hope isreal or the usa pounds the sh*t out of them! I will enjoy watching that on CNN!

      • o

        Hey louis,
        I,m only patriotic if it means standing up for the rights of the innoncent,and the god given rights of all of man kind.these rights ,old fashion human rights .
        You seem to be a meadia idoit ,and if the govt.of the u.s. has gone astray and is now in the business of trying to dictate any of these basic rights are trying to force anything upon a people who don’t belive the way you do,or don’t want to be told what to do in there own country by a nother….dude you truly must be such an idiot you cant see the forest for the trees.
        So i guess you are right ,i am unpatiotic if patriotic means taking away the rights of others.
        So to you i say …go and be as patriotic as you want,and be fodder for a mad mans war and if you are on the side that is killing and taking the rights of the innocent i hope you and every one like you get a russia boot up your ass that you see the stars of liberty and remember what our founders said at our begening.
        So you stupid f&%$# i am only for true freedom as given to me buy god not dictatied to me by man you stupid f#$% and if it mean standing up to people like you on the other side , i would gladly do so as long as i am on the side of the innocent and the meak whom don’t have the strenght to do it on there own.
        And by the way louis why don’t you get your head out of your ass ,wake up and relize that it is russia and china keeping your stupid ass and others like you out of the nwo,so you had better thank them you stupid f#$% because your lak of understanding is that of a 2 yr. Old……..domb ass

        • Nexus789

          Good response

      • percy

        Aaaah a provocateur working for the internatonal bankers I see. You looking forward to those nukes to finish off what the bankers started ???? The destruction of our nation? WE AIN’T BUYING INTO THE FRAUD, THE SCAM, THE GAME PLAN… THIS TIME AROUND. You fooled us with WW I, WW II, but you ain’t foolin anybody with this one. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me and fool me a third time and I will be in your face big time. This time we go after those bankers all over the globe and conduct our third world war in their face…… murderers. You bring us down, you better stand in front of us or we will hunt you down.

      • Vlad the Impaler

        u r a f** idiot. have u ever been/seen a real war?

      • I P Standing

        launch everything now,,we will show those russkies

        • o

          To i p standing
          Becareful what you wish for,the russians are about 10 yrs. Ahead of the u.s. and they have some of the most powerful on earth…evan some of them being begger and more powerful than the united states of americas…they also have a lazer that is as strong as a hydrogen bomb in the making,so as for as launch every thing and just show those russkies might be like sticking your hand in a hornits nest and stiring it up and then have no water to run and hide in.These people will be in it for the survival of who they are and ther indipendants to be who they are.these people are willing to die for this right no matter whos trys to infringe upon there rights as a nation…are you one of those people who would be part of this…if you are then it’s own you and thats asin you will have to deal with in the near futureYou had better realize that china and russia together pac a powerful punch ,with the russian tec. and the chinese infrentry combined ,they now have the worlds largest military force on earth and the chinese could use a little thinning out
          We also ,for the frist time in the 21st century we no longer have air surpremicy the su 35 beat the f35 so bad that australias air force would’nt buy them ,they instead bought the su 35 because the only thing on earth right now to beat one is the f22 and we don’t have enough of them
          The u.s. is’nt as stong as it youst to be and people like you don’t under stand this…you are only number one until your are beatten and this my friend is a foe that hits as hard are harder than we do

          • Percy

            Of course Russia is ahead of us 10 years just like China is. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK DRAGGED THE TWO COUNTRIES OUT OF THEIR HELL HOLE socialist system? THE BANKERS AND THEIR CORPORATE TRAITORs. Thats who. Who do you think is instigating this third world war. They need it because their fiat currency is worthless and every 70 years or so they need to do world wars to destroy enough to rebuild and make a fortune doing so. Duh!!!! Catch up will ya??? They are all in on this together. China, Russia, Britain, Israel and all 32 dual Israeli citizens running the US Government, most of whom are bankers for Rothschild. Hello, you aint been paying attention.

    • Percy

      This is a joke, right??? First of all, this is all set up for making money by the bankers and the military industrial companies they own. I can show you articles going back a few years that globalizing can only happen if our various countries are nuked into the dark ages and billions of people are gone. Because its a set up between the international zionist bankers and the leaders THEY PUT IN PLACE in these countries, its now in the category of a RICO conspiracy and they intend to kill civilians which makes it a death penalty offense. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THESE PIGS DID IN WW II. They financed Hilter, just like they financed Obama, Zorkozy of france, Merkel of germany, Putin is their man in Russia and China’s premier was educated at Oxford, just like Clinton was. give me a break. Rothschild and Soros are orchestrating this whole obvious game plan. Remember when they tried to start the war blaming North Korea for blowing up our rig and got caught on that lie within 2 seconds. Do not fall for it. Any nukes dropped on any country will have been planned that way. Notice all the reduction in military right now in the US? Its because, like Nazi Germany, WE ARE THE DESIGNATED LOSERS. Obama needs this war so his handlers are assured of his re-election. If anyone buys this garbage, it means they haven’t been paying attention.

  • Nexus789

    Tut, tut…more idiocy. Hope you have a bunker as you may be vaporised and irradiated.

  • P.W.

    I love my country but I hate what the elites have done with and to it,they control what is heard and seen here that is why I look to other foreign news to get my info and a war is a surefire way for Obama to get elected again.
    I am prepping for what is to come because of the Greedy bastards that have taken over the Land That I Love,I am actually fearful that it wont be long before I can’t get anymore reliable info because of all the online bills that are trying to be passed.

    There is a good cheap book that pretty much sums up what will happen,set aside your religious views or non religious views and read this book especially if you live in the USA.
    HIS Return is near by Shane Mckenzie

  • PalawanBob

    There is still nothing to worry about.
    Russians, USA, Israel, Iran, China are only warming up the masses at present.
    I see no need to do any prepping yet.
    Before the SHTF, it will be National Debt that will burst… THAT WILL BE THE SERIOUS WARNING!
    However that will not happen any time soon. Say 2016!

  • Bumba Clot

    I never have read so much bullshit in my life! I agree the Jews /their lobby have a disproportionate influence on the world and make up just 4% of the US population, but some of you guys are obsessed and give them way to much importance! The sphere of influence is growing in the east my friends.

    • James

      I recomend to check Orange-Hanover bloodline. It goes to Charlemagne, house of Windsor, US presidents

  • James


  • icecube


  • Jean-Francois Morf

    Israel and USA find normal that democracies have atomic weapons, except for Iran!
    Why? Because Iran is organized as a democracy, but the ayatollah is the king!
    So, once all iranian religious would be in Mashhad for some religious congress, USA could kill all the religious at once, and then Iran could finally be a free democracy!
    Iranian folk would not mourn the theocratic liars, with their theocratic murderers police!

  • Rob

    Read your bible people, tird world war will happen

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