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Ron Paul: Bankrupt US Needs to Shun Wars

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US Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul making a speech during one of his campaign stops for the US presidential race, Tuesday 31 Jan. 2012.

US Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has criticized America’s ‘unwinnable, undeclared’ wars overseas, which have led to the nation’s ‘bankruptcy.’

“In the last 10 years fighting these unwinnable, undeclared wars we have spent over 4 trillion dollars,” said Paul on Tuesday in a speech during one of his campaign stops for the US presidential race.

“There is a cost of life and limb, but there is an economic cost as well and the American people are tired of it because they know this country is bankrupt. All great nations go down because they overextend themselves overseas,” the Texas Congressman said.

“I would say it’s time for us to wake up, not wait for an economic crisis to hit… We ought to just wise up, spend our money wisely, defend this country and don’t pretend that we can tell other people how to live,” the presidential candidate said to a cheering crowd.

Paul also said the US cannot be the policeman of the world, adding that American governments should protect the individual liberties of US citizens.

The American politician called for revoking the Patriot Act, which restricts civil liberties of the American citizens and was signed into law by former President George W. Bush.

Paul, who spent much of the speech emphasizing a non-interventionist foreign policy, which he believes can be done by ending wars, has strongly criticized his country’s politics during his campaign for candidacy in the US presidential election this year.


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  • Soorj

    If the words are truly coming from his heart then he is the right person to become American president and it is good for American people and a relief to the tense situation in world politics.

    • Alfred F. Jones

      Your right at least he isn’t a war monger like the rest of them he’s says we don’t need no more wars which is true his rivals are people who want war if they want war so bad why don’t they fly overseas and try to fight themselves

      Ron Paul 2012 a person who fights for your rights instead of saying yes for wars

      Sincerely Yours,
      Alfred F. Jones(America)

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