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Israeli embassies in Georgia, India targeted in bomb attacks

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Indian security and forensic officials examine a car belonging to the Israel embassy after the explosion in New Delhi, India, on February 13, 2012.

The Israel embassies in India and Georgia have been targeted by bomb attacks, with one bomb going off in New Delhi and injuring two people, and the second device in Tbilisi defused.

In New Delhi, the wife of an Israeli diplomat was injured when an embassy car exploded. The woman succeeded in getting to the Israeli embassy from where she was transferred to a nearby hospital.

The Israeli ambassador to India was not hurt in the New Delhi attack.

In the second attack, a Georgian national working for the Israeli embassy in the capital city of Tbilisi discovered a bomb underneath his car during his drive to the embassy. The bomb was defused before exploding.

Even though Israel said Iran was behind the attacks, it is most likely a false flag operation to get the West against Iran and probably to make India rethink their Iran oil imports.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ramin Mehmanparast dismissed on Monday Israeli claims that Iran is behind the recent attacks on two Israeli embassies.

Bombers targeted staff at Israel’s embassies in India and Georgia on Monday, wounding four people. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran and Hezbollah of involvement, according to the Jerusalem Post.

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