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Europe cold spell kills 223 with colder days expected

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People take pictures of waves on a frozen sea in Constanta, 230 kilometres east from Bucharest, Romania on February 1, 2012

At least 223 people have died during a seven-day cold spell in eastern and central Europe where temperatures are expected to plummet even further over the weekend.

Most of the victims are from the European Union’s poorest countries, including Ukraine with as many as 101 people killed. Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia have also suffered large casualties.

The villagers were found frozen to death on the side of the road or in their unheated homes as temperatures dropped to as much as -38.1 degrees in some parts of the continent.

While Eastern Europe struggles to cope with record low temperatures, the severe cold has claimed lives in other parts of the continent as well, including three people in Austria and Greece.

France recorded its first death after an 82-year-old man died of hypothermia.

Thousands of people are still trapped in snow-blocked mountain villages in countries like Serbia and Bosnia.

Italy is also witnessing snowfall not seen in over a decade, with many Venetian canals frozen and Roman tourist sites closed.


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2 Responses to " Europe cold spell kills 223 with colder days expected "

  1. Vlad the Impaler says:

    where is this fuckin’ prick, Al Gore with his “man made global warming”?

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  2. Stefan Zeiss says:

    I know it won’t be long before some socialist idiot in the media, entertainment, or government comes forth and blames this European cold spell on “man made” Global Warming.

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