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DeVito for Russian President?

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American actor Danny DeVito

As Russia prepares to go to the polls in a presidential election, Hollywood star Danny DeVito has called on Russians to vote for him in March.

­Following in the footsteps of Russian celebs, whose pre-election “addresses” have recently caused massive hype on the internet, DeVito decided to throw his hat in the ring too.

In fact, the Get Shorty star was perhaps not hoping to conquer the Kremlin but rather the Russian box office. On March 6, he will be coming to Moscow to present the new animation feature Lorax in which he voices the main character.

The video posted on YouTube by Universal Pictures Russia features the American actor speaking Russian and calling on voters to vote DeVito.

“I speak very funny Russian, don’t I?” DeVito says in his video greeting. “Vote for me in March in the cinema,” the actor adds.

“I wanted to voice Lorax myself in several languages including Russian,” DeVito told the Voice of America. Two Russian language tutors were hired to help the actor with his pronunciation. “I don’t know if you heard my voice yet – it’s a bit rasping… But I wanted my Russian to sound right.”


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  1. Bonsai Guy. says:

    It’s a close call,who would you like to see thrown under a bus,Hoskins or Devito?

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