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Cold spell kills 83 in Europe

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Seagulls fly over frozen sea as icicles covers a fence in the city of Constanta, 230 kilometers east of the Romanian capital Bucharest, on February 1, 2012.

Severe cold spell has killed at least 83 people in Europe as temperatures dropped to below minus 30C (minus 22F) in some eastern regions of the continent.

Ukrainian officials on Wednesday reported that the number of the deaths attributed to the cold weather had risen to 43, with 28 people having been found dead on the streets, eight dying in hospitals, and seven in their homes.

The country’s Emergency Situations Ministry said more than 720 Ukrainians had also been hospitalized with hypothermia and frostbite.

Extremely low temperatures also caused schools and colleges to be closed in the capital Kiev.

In Romania, where parts of the Black Sea froze near the coastline, the death toll from the cold weather has risen to 14. Officials with the country’s Health Ministry say hundreds more were hospitalized with hypothermia.

Four more people died from hypothermia in Bulgaria, where 16 towns recorded their lowest temperatures in 100 years.

In Poland, five more people died because of cold snap, bringing the overall number to 20 since Friday.

German media reported that ice and sub-zero temperatures had led to the deaths of two women.

In Turkey, three crewmembers from a ship that sank during a storm in the Black Sea were saved near the northwestern port of Eregli, but eight people are still missing.

Many schools also remained closed across Hungary.

Other cold-weather-related deaths have been reported across the region, including in Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.


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