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US Nationwide Poll: Ron Paul Surges Into Second

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Five point gain means Paul is tied in second place overall with Independents and Republicans.

Following his effective tied win in Iowa, GOP candidate Ron Paul has seen a surge in popularity nationally according to an influential poll released this week.

Paul is now tied for second place nationally among Republicans and Independents, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The Texas Congressman now stands at 17 percent, according to the poll, tied with Newt Gingrich. The notable trend, however, is that while Paul has jumped a full five percentage points since December, Gingrich has plummeted by 8 points.

Among Republican voters alone, Paul has jumped by 4 points nationally and now stands at 16 percent. Gingrich again slipped by 8 points among Republicans alone, leaving him at 20 percent.

Mitt Romney still holds a considerable lead with 29 percent among republicans and Independents and 30 percent among Republicans alone.

The poll was conducted before Ron Paul’s strong second place showing in New Hampshire. It now appears that Gingrich finished fifth in New Hampshire, behind Rick Santorum, with around 9 percent. Given these statistics, Paul is likely to surge further nationally and Gingrich is likely to slip even further.

Another notable finding from the poll is that Paul is second only to Romney when it comes to a head to head match up with Obama.

Obama bests Romney by 5 percentage points, 48 to 43. Paul falls short of Obama by 7 percentage points, 48 to 41. In comparison, Santorum loses by 11 percentage points, 51 to 40 and Gingrich loses by 15 percentage points, 53 to 38.

When factoring in Democrat voters who are disillusioned with Obama, Paul’s numbers will undoubtedly increase once more.

Indeed, as Neil Cavuto explains below, it is Ron Paul who is the major threat to Obama, more so than Mitt Romney:


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4 Responses to " US Nationwide Poll: Ron Paul Surges Into Second "

  1. 67 says:

    Come on America Vote for Ron Paul and lets save our country

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  2. roslan bayu says:

    pissing on dead afghan bodies.notice a wheel barrow,sandals,blue n white dress are civilians, not talibans. video is new as the marines were clad with genital protection plates. from,not a gas bag.

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  3. roslan bayu says:

    i am a malaysian supporter of DR.RON PAUL for many years following his political speeches on ALEX JONES. the one i like most is THE RON PAUL MOST POWERFUL SPEECH. my 4sight tells me that he can defeat obama anytime. RON PAUL IS A VERY MATURED POLITICIAN COMPARED TO ALL OTHERS IN THE RACE. from,not a gas bag.many of my predictions had happened. not bragging n a humble man, thats me.

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  4. John Acord says:

    The US Media and Kleptocrat establishment is in a panic that Ron Paul may actually obtain the Republican nomination as the two faux conservative war-mongers Romney trhe Bankster and Newt the Nuke viciously attack each other. It appears that no one candidate will have secured sufficient delegates to arrive at Tampa with the nomination sewed up. The Ron Paul delegates will not yield and will definitely walk out and not only run Ron Paul as an independent candidate but will also challenge hundreds of crooked politicians from both the Republican and Democratic parties. No none can predict the outcome except 2012 may well be the first year since 1860 that a new party can prevail.

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