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US deploys troops in Israel for Iran war

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USS Kitty Hawk -- a 1,000 feet supercarrier with 4,500 personnel on board

The US military is preparing a massive military campaign against Iran, sending thousands of American troops, warships and weaponry to Israel.

An unnamed source said the military deployment of US anti-missile ships and accompanying support personnel will occur in January and later this spring, Global Research reported.

Commander of the US Third Air Force based in Germany Lt.-Gen Frank Gorenc said it is not just an “exercise,” but a “deployment,” The Jerusalem Post said.

Washington and Tel Aviv have planned to hold what they call the largest-ever joint military exercise this spring.

The US commander visited Israel two weeks ago to confirm details for “the deployment of several thousand American soldiers to Israel.”

The US General also visited one of Israel’s three Iron Dome anti-missile outposts. The Israeli Air Force has announced plans to deploy a fourth Iron Dome system in coming months.

While US troops will be stationed in Israel for an unspecified amount of time, Israeli military personnel will be added to United States European Command (EUCOM) in Germany.

This is while the US is reportedly bringing its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) and ship-based Aegis ballistic missile systems to Israel.

The White House has resumed its anti-Iran war rhetoric after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a report in November, in which Tehran was accused of conducting activities related to developing nuclear weapons. Iran strongly dismissed the allegations.

US analyst Robert Parry said the documentary evidence showed that IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano was installed with the support of the US and that he privately indicated to US and Israeli officials that he would help advance their goals regarding Iran.

In December, Iran’s Navy launched massive 10-day military drills in the strategic Strait of Hormuz to show that the country is ready to defend itself against any attack.

“We wanted to send this message to certain powers that Iran is always prepared to defend itself against foreign aggression,” Iran’s Navy Deputy Commander Admiral Amir Rastegari told Press TV.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama on Saturday signed into law fresh economic sanctions, targeting Iran’s Central Bank and financial sector.

Anti-Iran measures provoked by the US and Israel are aimed to deny Iran’s right of having peaceful nuclear program.

Tehran, as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the IAEA, has repeatedly stated that its nuclear activities are solely for civilian purposes.


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  • Alfred F. Jones

    This will not end well why are we supporting Israel Israel been attacking it’s neighbor for a long time if the Middle East wants to fight or do whatever it wants to do fine America wants to help everyone but get your Nation in order first before playing “Hero” :-x Soldiers were just pulled from Iraq and now they get sent back out into war…..(Sigh) :-x Make Peace not War Everyone try to have a nice Year :) :cry:
    Sincerely, Yours
    Alfred F. Jones(America)

    • Leslie

      Read your history books! Since Israel’s rebirth in 1948, she has fought seven wars and each time she has been on the defense! Israel is the only true democracy in the entire Middle East! If we should be supporting anyone, it’s ISRAEL!

      • Alfred F. Jones

        (Sarcasm) Oh yeah Israel is fantastic i mean attacking it’s own Middle Eastern neighbors for their democracy is Sooooooo the right thing to do. :roll:

        Look Israel wants to go play Piss Off my neighbors fine but America shouldn’t even be involved Look at the Iraq War it led to too many lives lost and an ass load of money wasted. :-x :cry:

        Israel thinks it can do whatever it wants with America on it’s side I love helping others but America need to help itself first before other Nations.

        Reason Why The Middle Eastern countries attack Israel is because Israel attacks first I am done talking for now. :-P

        Sincerely, Yours
        Alfred F. Jones(America)

      • Just Russian

        You definitely either don’t realize what you claim or you are paid for saying this nonsense. Learn REAL FACTS about so-called “true democracy” if you are the first case, or, if you are the second case, prepare for the Great Day of Judgement coming soon when EVERYONE shall give an answer to God Almighty – as whose side he/she was on and what he/she has done to stop the evil.

      • guru

        SARKOZY blamed NETANYAHU as a liar and subsequently OBAMA told him that he has to deal with this liar everyday. every leader of ISRAEL is exceptionally skillful in falsification and fabrication regardless of past or present.ISRAEL’S very birth required occupation of ARAB LANDS, forcefully. ISRAEL and INDIA are only countries that have bad relation with all its neighbours. if this are the prerequisites for a DEMOCRATIC STATE(! :roll: !) then i wont get any other DEMOCRATIC STATE in the whole world. so, everybody come on and support LESLIE’S DEMOCRACY.

        • Leslie

          Let’s talk democracy… in Israel, an Arab can live peacefully among the Jews and even hold a political office. Whereas, in the Arab states under the rule of Islam, the Jews have been persecuted, all their assets taken away and even killed. There have been far more Jewish refugees than Palestinian refugees. Again, before you start spouting your “opinion,” read authentic history books. There’s a reason Israel has a bad relationship with her neighbors… they aren’t interested in borders, but the complete anihilation of the State of Israel. It’s kinda hard to have any meaningful dialogue with neighbors who want nothing less than your complete destruction.

          • guru

            To Leslie,
            If robbers occupy your house what will be your response? Will you sit for a dialogue with those people or try to abolish them at any cost. Arabs are not occupants whereas Jews ,certainly, are. Jews came as destitutes in Middle East and then forcefully took those lands given to them for their living by Arabs. I cant see a Western Leader even proposing Jews to go to his country at the then Jewish national crisis moment. I, PLS remember that, i do not need further study of history. But, you certainly need. Jews have taken Arab lands to make a country of their own. Its a consequence of Christian occupation upon Jews for thousands of years. you, Christians, are such big hearted(!!) that when you experienced enough about Jews, you no more kept them in even your continent. You evicted them from your area and put that sore(israel) in Muslim Land. And dont talk about democracy. Israel attacked Lebanon in 2006 and what they did we all know. Israel is capable of killing any Arab at any time, this is the only democracy. Arabs should not protest even when they get murdered by Jews. Because an Arab protest against Israeli oppression at any time symbolises terrorism to all ignorant and blind people like you. Demolishing Israel is a justified demand from Palestinians. Because Israel has created the biggest and worst prison of the world in Gaza, West Bank and other areas. Time and again Palestinians do not get an opportunity even to medication. They starve and die due to Israeli humanity and democracy. Pls make no more nonsense of yourself by taking side with Israel.

          • Justin

            Amen Leslie!!! You are 100% correct and made very valid points…Come Lord Jesus!!!!

          • James

            My only regret is that I do not know where you live, treasonous disease infested whore.

            Last time one of you JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTians came from the local Baptist synagogue of Satan, to my door, I got my gun.

            I can JUSTIFIABLY use my gun on you ANIMALS if one of you feral strays come stinking up my yard.


            And your magical jew genie is NO MATCH for my Magnum.

            PS: MY GOD can kick your g-d’s ass.

            And HE will, WHORE.

            I am a SAXON. I AM ISAAC’S SON and in Isaac shall my SEED be called. (not a fucking retarded, inbred, genetically INFERIOR mamzer, like you jews.)

      • dada@dada.com

        haaa haaa haaa haa

      • Eric

        Really! Israel’s true history books. Everyones believe that. hahhhaaaaa 8-O

      • The Insurgent

        Leslie, u r on the wrong site: we do NOT believe your trash. Try the NY Times. They are your cohorts!

    • guru

      US and WEST want to keep ISRAEL as a sore in throat in MIDDLE EAST zone. they know the true color of jews. so they avoid jew presence in WEST. as MUSLIM and JEW are both enemies of CHRISTIANITY, WEST want to push them towards each other. so they can not focus on EUROPE or US. while this two fight each other, CHRISTIANS will rise high in standard. to save and continue this strategy every WESTERN leader sacrifice a substantial amount of asset and life. never think this war mongers to be humanistic. they belong to the heinous group of leaders who have claimed millions of life.

  • America is about to be struck, a false flag event is about to happen in America three cities will be hit and America will say it has been hit by Iran and Syria, a terrorist action, in return the American people will rally around the flag pole and go to war. Nothing is what it seems. America you have turn your back on God and you killed 70 million babies by abortion and then you say God Bless America. He will not any longer. This is a nation that does not obey the voice of the Lord nor receive correction. Truth has perished and has been cut off from your mouth. Therefore in one hour America you will be brought to your total demise. Tune in to Sat night live http://www.propheticwatchmanvine.com click on video and listen live, on Judgment Through the Door radio 9pm EST America we are in a clear and present danger. the title of the program is called “The Unfolding of 2012” Part-2 one Middle East and one European leader will be clip very soon I saw this in a dream. It is about to happen. The Kitty Hawk is in danger, and the Nimitz # 68 will be hit a double judgment. I talk about this on my radio program and back in Jan.2011 I declared from the Lord that we would be in a new middle east war in 2012 and Israel would be in that war and it will lead us to World War III in 2012. Tune in this sat night. America your sons and daughters will die by the sword and the draft will start up very soon before the year is out. This time even your daughters will be drafted because of equal rights to men.

  • dsve

    This will not end well for isrial and the u.s.,Iran has the right to defind its self from anyone invadeing its boarders and to develope its nuke program ,Isrial dose and they are radical
    I just wish our soldiers would see the light and just say no and let isrial fight there on fights,With out big brother and the pupet master ,they are nothing more than a bible thumping ,back woods wind sucker that every one would ignore

  • Templar X

    Look up USS Liberty!

    Israel is not America’s friend!!

    Don’t through your life away fighting yet another insane war for Israel!!!

    • Leslie

      Yeah, let’s talk about the USS Liberty. One of the biggest cover-up stories in history! The USS Liberty was a U.S. spy ship sent to the region to spy on Israel. The USS Liberty was relaying information to the Arabs letting them know Israel’s every move so Israel had no choice but to put her out of commission. America was embarassed and both sides, Israel and America, agreed to keep it from the public. Even today, this fact is not publicized but the truth is out there for those who do their due diligence and research the truth.

      • The Insurgent

        Oh yea, those poor innocent kikes! Judeo-communism and its 200+ million victims are also a ‘cover-up’! Those poor, bastard jews were set up in the last 3.000 years for Ritual Murdering Christian children. Even God is guilty always bashing the jews. Americans were “relaying information to the Arabs…” Ahha. This is true as true that the Arabs blow-up the WTC towers in 9-11 and being nice to jews they notified the jews 2 weeks before the action, so the ‘friendly jews’ could evacute the buildings as precaution… Drop the methpipe Leslie and – shalom!

      • James

        Another fucking lying cunt of the Synagogue of Satan has spoken. Your LIES and deceit contradict ALL OFFICIAL INQUIRY.

        But you THINGS do not seek truth. You hate TRUTH and YHWH is the Spirit of TRUTH and by your hatred of truth and love of lies, YOU PROVE THAT YOU ARE OF THE VIPER RACE. THE RACE OF CAIN, WHOSE LITERAL FATHER IS THE DEVIL.

        You cunts must be strung up until dead. You are guilty of high treason and ANY EXCUSE you try to use, such a “Freedom of Religion”, is NULL AND VOID for NO ONE can hide behind Individual rights when said right are being used for the destruction of the very nation that grants such rights.

        You JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTians will not be put to your putrid deaths for the name of “Jesus”. You creatures of hell do not even know who YAHshua is!

        You WILL BE put to death for HIGH TREASON against the United States.


  • your_friend

    For you that can read and for you calling your self human. Weapons don’t kill people but people kill people. It’s human hand that pull’s the trigger. Don’t be fooled and don’t be mislead. All of us came to this life to do something good but not to harm each other. I wish you all a peace

  • gods-warrior

    we have to defend ISRAEL they r gods chosen people ” I will curse those who curse israel , I will bless those who bless Israel” this is our destiny it has been written by the word of GOD YAHWEH and his only son Jesus. America isn’t really in this to help defend Israel they are setting up the rise of the beast who will enter the holy city by the way of peace than return to his homeland.. the devil is very tricky be aware of the wolves in sheeps clothing ( America) they will turn on Israel halfway through and worship the beast

    • Alfred F. Jones

      It’s Israel’s problem not ours if gods is on their side let israel fight iran not America i am all for helping but fix your own nation first

    • glen

      you got you’r info right friend ,pray for israel and america,

      • glen

        I was refering to gods-warrior


    US closes its doors to one war and about to engage into another war. First Iraq, again in Afghanistan and now IRAN. What kind of change is this, the change of loosing more lives… Obama was a huge mistake to this Country and soon we will all come to realize this, good help us all.

  • dave

    To gods warrior
    Have you realy beeb that mislead,Please show the world how a certain bunch of arabs is gods chosen people .
    Moses took the history of the anchant sermarians and made in to a religous cult
    That has destroyed millions of lifes
    The jews/satins children must be destoryed( the religon not the people) or this world can not heal its self. Like glenn said,if god was on there side why do they need anyones help to over come there enemys
    The jews have dammed them selfs along with anyone who belives in them and this includes the chritians as well
    I cant belive any educatied people fall for this bullshit,especialy the americans, oh by the way the uss liberty was to be sank on presidentual orders so as to invade egypt,please re read you history and make sure you get it from anon govt. Source

    • Leslie

      Wow… Dave… that’s weird. I don’t even know how to respond to your comment. You are criticizing us “educatied people” for falling for this @#$#%@. Would you mind rewriting your comment and this time use English I can understand? I’m not sure what you mean when you say “uss liberty was to be sank on presidential orders so as to invade egypt…” Thanks.

  • P.W.

    Revelations 17-21 says it all!! If War breaks out it will be the end of America. China and Russia will not sit and watch this time,I pray moons gets an itchy trigger finger.

    • dave

      To leslie
      Sory for getting so so upset ,but being one who has studied theoligy for over ten years ,i have found out that the jews threw history has been worse than natzis
      Just read the old testiment of the king james ,these pepole killed every man woman and child they evan killed the animals in some cases
      They satins children done all these things in the name of god and so did the christians,they killed 18.000.000. People in the name of god and after being a slave to religon for over thirty years i get upset when people want us to belive satins children/jews are gods choosen people,so again i apoliagize for my rude behavior.And as for as the spelling gose im using an andriod device and my fingers are to big for the tiny keys
      The u.s.s. Liberty info you are seeking,just google in the uss liberty to be sank under presidental orders and read it for your self because i belive you shouldnt say something with out proof.
      Now the jews /satins children belive in an eye for an eye,and they got judged by there own laws,but when its there buts getting what they have dished out to other people in the past its called terroism , the americans and the jews are going to start ww3 in the name of god and terrosim
      If you think for one moment that russia,china,iran .syria and all the rest of the world is going to bow down to satins children and their wishes on how the world should be run in the name of their god youre wrong,and those whom are liked minded are going to destroy this world as we knowit,Russia has the power alone to destory this earth and the us.s. knows this,Evan the muslums t
      Say trust in god,but tie up your camel,so please dont put your faith in christ,because not once did he call himself the son of gpd ,only man did and worshiping a man as god is breaking the christians highest laws

  • P.W.

    And the whole world will mourn,for the riches of that Great nation are no more.

  • J. Smith

    Well, since Leslie is the only one of you who can write a sentence in English that is grammatically correct, I’m guessing she’s the only one of you educated well enough to have an opinion worth heeding…

    • Just Russian

      So, according to you, knowing correct English Grammar is the only thing that automatically makes anyone being an educated person?! And vice versa, any other non-speaking English person from ANY country automatically becomes an idiot?! I think you are the first idiot then if you post such a BS…

      I could give lots of evidence why Leslie is wrong and those facts have absolutely nothing to do with my or her Grammar. My Russian Grammar is perfect and I bet my education is far better than yours. Do you speak Russian by the way? No??!!..I’m guessing then you are not educated well enough to have an opinion worth heeding!

      Next time think twice before you decide to post such a “clever” observation, ok?


      • guru

        Are you mad?
        who cares about English grammar where meaning is clear. such discussion dont require correct grammar.
        why have you posted such an irrelevant comment?

        • Just Russian

          You seem not to read carefully the subject. You should address this your comment to “J. Smith” who I was replying to, saying actually the same as you. It was not MY idea that English Grammar should be put on the first place in the discussion like this one and between people who speak different languages. Read again CAREFULLY and get my sarcasm if you can.

    • Saucy Wench

      Amen to that J. Smith !!!

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