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US builds hospitals in Georgia, readies for war with Iran

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The United States is sponsoring the construction of facilities in Georgia on the threshold of a military conflict in Iran, a member of Georgian opposition movement Public Assembly, Elizbar Javelidze has stated.

According to the academician, that explains why President Mikhail Saakashvili is roaming the republic opening new hospitals in its regions.

“These are 20-bed hospitals…It’s an American project. A big war between the US and Iran is beginning in the Persian Gulf. $5 billion was allocated for the construction of these 20-bed military hospitals,” Javelidze said in an interview with Georgian paper Kviris Kronika (News of the Week), as cited by Newsgeorgia website.

The opposition member stated that the construction is mainly paid from the American pocket.

In addition, airports are being briskly built in Georgia and there are talks of constructing a port for underwater vessels in Kulevi on the eastern Black Sea coast in Georgia.

Javelidze believes that it is all linked to the deployment of US military bases on the Georgian soil. Lazika – one of Saakashvili’s mega-projects, a new city that will be built from a scratch – will be “an American military town”. According to the politician, “a secret airdrome” has already been erected in the town of Marneuli, southern Georgia.

The opposition member wondered who would protect Georgia in case if Iran fires its missiles against US military facilities on the territory of the Caucasian state.

All in all, about 30 new hospitals and medical centers were opened in the former Soviet republic in December last year. The plan is to build over a hundred more.

As for Lazika, the Georgian president announced his ambitious idea to build a second-largest city in Georgia, its western economic and trade center, at the end of 2011. According to the plan – which was slammed by his opponents and many analysts – Saakashvili’s dream-town will become home to at least half a million people within a decade.


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7 Responses to " US builds hospitals in Georgia, readies for war with Iran "

  1. dave says:

    When these idots attack iran there going to need them’and this is a way to keep american casultys out of view sight of the american people so they will not be able to keep up the body count
    This world is going to end because of these DAMM jews
    Why dont we just get rid of these bastards and save our world,The jews have become a threat to the whole world

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  2. Yep says:

    Dave, you need to do some research before you make an insane statement as “getting rid of” anyone. Before long, “they’ll” be coming for you.
    Are you a “Producer” or an “Eater”? If you don’t know what that means, do some research, you’ll be surprised by what you learn. I know I was.

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  3. dave says:

    It seems to me that you dont know what a jew is so let me clareify something
    Satin children /the jews is areligous cult and its the cult that needs to be cleanesd from this earth and not the people
    Ypu need to read the old testiment and do some more reasearch on what a jew
    is .I am an isrilight do you know what that is ,my ansesters left isrial a few hundred years ago,and sir i am most sertanly not a damm jew,my family comes from the tribe of Dan wich broke away from those idots,so not only do i kwow what you are talking about,my ansesters came from there and you dont see me calling my self one gods chosen because we are all gods chosen not just the the dammed jews
    You need to reread your symiran history and see where moses got his info from because aparintly you are a christian and has already been misled by them

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  4. sgt chris says:

    dave ur right as its the jews that control the usa and much of the western goverments and what the jews want is a new wold order.
    the jews dont care about human life but only money and power.

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  5. sgt chris says:

    sorry to the jews i ment the zioniest jews not the real jewish people who are good people.

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    • Robbie says:

      Chris, please try by all means to get the book “Who is Esau-Edom?” – by Charles A Weisman. This book is excellent – you would like it. Most likely you will still get one on Amazon.com

      The “Zionist Jews” you refer to is actually Edomites – Esau’s decendants.

      (I see you are Irish. My great grandfather was born there. He came to SA in the 1800’s. I think he should have stayed in Ireland)

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  6. Robbie says:

    Sorry that poor and relative poor counties fall for this USA deals. The US government like to take advantage of situations and countries.

    Wherever the US government “help” a country or a certain group of the population of a country, there is a hidden agenda. So sad that most fall for it. Only Putin still have the balls to send them to hell.

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