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UK Dispatches its Most Advanced Warship in Persian Gulf

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Amid the anti-Iran war rhetoric, the British Royal Navy has dispatched its most advanced and sophisticated destroyer to the Persian Gulf.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed on Saturday that the one-billion-pound destroyer would join the British presence in the region.

The Telegraph claimed the vessel has been fitted with new technology in order to shoot down any missile in Iran’s armory.

The new anti-Iran measure comes after the US is reportedly sending thousands of American troops, warships and weaponry to Israel for joint military maneuvers with Tel Aviv.

Commander of the US Third Air Force based in Germany Lt.-Gen Frank Gorenc described the deployment as not just an “exercise,” but a “deployment.”

The US and its Western allies have put more pressure on Iran following the release of the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in November.

The IAEA accused Tehran of conducting activities related to developing nuclear weapons. Iran, however, strongly dismissed the allegations.

The war threats come after four rounds of US-backed sanctions imposed by the UN and unilateral sanctions by certain US allies failed to stop Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

Last week, Iran’s Navy wrapped up massive 10-day military drills in the strategic Strait of Hormuz to show that the country is ready to defend itself against any attack.


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17 Responses to " UK Dispatches its Most Advanced Warship in Persian Gulf "

  1. sky says:

    It looks like it’s wearing a giant dunce cap.

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    Be drawn out, all you detestable birds! Come forth and be drawn out! Come and fight!… Make a stand, oh enemies of The King!
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    Come out in the name of your god, all you wicked men of allah! Come out in the name of your false prophet, that I may tread you down!… That I may reach down and make of you a great slaughter, that My sword may pierce the heart of your god and cut off the head of your prophet!

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    And in a day you do not expect, and at an hour you can not predict,
    He shall pass through the gate, and His sheep with Him…

    And every lamb.


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  3. dave says:

    To thus says yah
    Are you stupid…you sound like a bible thumper
    The english nor the u.s. have any defence aganst the these russian missles
    That will copletely destory every ship that poses a threat.god will not be there ,only stupid men trying to control others by force.Satins children/jews are leading all of those who will listen to them to there death,while you bible thumping jew lovers continue to tell the world that satins children are gods chosen people.You probly dont know your history
    The pride of england was sunk by one hit by the bismark and was sank in ww2
    So all of you who fight are kill any one in the name of god ,deserve what you get and each one of you that has fought and already have killed in the name of god or by the orders of a mad man in the white house,you should be hunted down like the natzis and hung by the neck until you are dead,each one of us has a concus that told you this was wrong.If god didnt want those people to exsist he would kill them himself to kept you from breaking his laws
    If the u.k. the u.s. and isrial attack iran ,russia,china,syria and iran will copletly destroy every ship and every life that is on the water. Is this price worth this, a war over a nother countrys rights to do what they want with in there own borders
    The Jews will not be able to rule this world or the middle east any longer,there time has come to an end,Palistine will be returned and the rest of the word will be at peace.
    After this war if it happens the u.s. the uk and satin chidren /jews wil learn there place and the masonic order /illuminati will reseve the worst ass whipping they have reseved in a long time.

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  4. dave says:

    Tothus says yah
    You sound like a bible thumper thats lieing to people ,sent a reply to you but the web master must be a jew lover and wouldnt let my message threw

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    • dave says:

      To thus says yah
      Are you stupid ,quit hiding behind your angori religon.The pride of england was sunk once before by a single hit by the bismark and sent to the bottom
      The u.s. nato and satin children have no defence aganst these russian missles
      And people like you bible thumpig jew lovers are sending inosent people to thers death but after this war the masonic order/luminati and the jews will know there place in the middle east
      If god wanted this he would destroy them him self to keep you from breaking his laws
      Oh by the way,an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind and it seems to me you are blinded by the sin of orginized religon and the ignorane to belive in something you cant prove.Dont you know christ never called himself the son of god only man did

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  5. P.W. says:

    To Dave,they do have multiple defenses against Russian missles,Nulka and sea based lasers to name 2 along with CIWS plus whatever they have not released for public consumption.

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  6. dave says:

    To P.w.
    The russian missle tech. Is ten years ahead of our own and they have defeated the the laser
    The russians could not match the u.s. in ship,jets and guns so they built better weapons ,the russians are not stupid, they have weapons as the u.s. dose that the world has not scean,heres one for you, they have satilights armed with nukes missles as do we
    Its plane and simple,its called newtons law and the u.s. has clearly uderestimated russia and china,our navy just had a chinese sub surface next to a u.s. aircraft carrier with out dection,no knew that the chinese had advanced to this level of stealthyness,Now they are building a jet cheaper than the yf22 that can compete with the yf22 but as allways the u.s. has clearly underestimated there enemys and about to get a lot of innocent people killed over these dammed jews and trying to tell other people what to do and run there
    Do you really think we have the man power to take own russia and china over a pissing contest,think about it ,if we shot down 125.000,000 missle aimed at isrial.and 25,000,000 get threw ,isrial is still destroyed and the same gose for every ship in the gulf,iran would use overwelming force of missles to get threw there enemys defences and the u.s. knows this or iran would not exsist.The time for an attack own iran has come and gone and with russia and china defending iran do you realy think this is a win situation.The world should leave satins children /jews to be judged by there own Laws and let them fend for them selfs
    If the constitution allowed for this action aganst iran im all for it,but we have not been threatend only isrial has and by law isrial has no right to exsist and the people of that regon know so,what was done to the palistins was done to the native americans and we all know how wrong this was so i say to you america has fallen to greed and arigance she s only a memory in our minds , the masonic order/illuminati has taken over threw the IMF while we watched football and nascar and made our bellys fat.Never under estimate your enemys ,because now they are in the white house and has transformed america inti the 4 th reich of the 21 st centuray

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  7. P.W. says:

    Well Dave I dont agree with ya on the subject of Israel but your entitled to your own opinion and that is a debate that has been going on before christ so there no sense in going there. China steals their technology from other countries that’s a known fact as you have stated so wouldn’t you think its probably been countered by now( the sub that surfaced against the USS KittyHawk was in 2009,that’s been awhile ago. I do believe the chinese and Russians have some goodies to throw out and if 125 million missles are thrown at us they probably will sink everything in the water but I did not realize they combined had that many,I really doubt it in fact and the U.S. would prob. Respond with nukes then we all know what’s going to happen.
    I do agree with the corruption in the U.S. but Dude you have to stop watching so much youtube,it’ll make you crazy.

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  8. P.W. says:

    Well Dave I dont agree with ya on the subject of Israel but your entitled to your own opinion and that is a debate that has been going on before christ so there no sense in going there. China steals their technology from other countries that’s a known fact as you have stated so wouldn’t you think its probably been countered by now( the sub that surfaced against the USS KittyHawk was in 2009,that’s been awhile ago. I do believe the chinese and Russians have some goodies to throw out and if 125 million missles are thrown at us they probably will sink everything in the water but I did not realize they combined had that many,I really doubt it in fact and the U.S. would prob. Respond with nukes then we all know what’s going to happen.
    I do agree with the corruption in the U.S. but Dude you have to stop watching so much youtube,it’ll make you crazy. I also hope that none of the above transpires and something else to watch for is the Russian Grunt to come back to earth,if it happens like the Russians think it will then that means HAARP isn’t just a research project and IS a game change,but only if. I don’t believe it will.

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  9. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    Expensive boat! Did you try if he resist to many french exocet missiles coming from all sides simultaneous? (remember Falklands?)

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  10. dave says:

    To pw
    Sir i dont watch youtube most of the things i no came from the inside and that is what scares me the most and sir like 911 was an inside job proven not only by photos of the pentigo and the lack of any jet debree but the twin toworsvideo Called911in plane sight pluss the amount of thermite found in ny
    The midslo count aimed at isrial is150,000, The ex israli general said they could not recover from this attack evan if they got all ther nukes off ,he said the country was just small this war will be atotal lose for the invading country because of the new hi tech defence system, if the u.s. did not no this ,they would have already attacked
    Do some reasearch on the Sun burn missle and the Sp300,400 and the other two new missle systems that russia has equipt them with and also the war game allready played out,not only was it a lose it was (gogle in 16ships sank in the gulf war game)a total lose so there you have it and sir i realy dont watch youtube , i just have friends in the SF that let me no things and i pay attintion

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  11. P.W. says:

    The first paragraph of yours says it all,the Mosket is a Russian version of the indian brahmos with which the Nulka is counter measure for and they are working on the 500 series but have decided to stay with the 400 for the time or being as far as anyone knows. Im know expert by anymeans but I do keep up with what I can find out. They havnt attacked yet because they don’t want a scorched earth and only half of israel will be destroyed,there is this black book that tells all about!

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  12. dave says:

    To pw
    That little black book will lead you astray and if you remember one our last missle defence test failed
    If and when this war breaks out the olny thing left of isrial want beable to subtane life for a while.Also russia and india have there own verson of harp.
    Basicly the sea will belong to russia china iran and syria and the air up to the irans border will belong to nato and the ground forces will struggle to stay supplied,as of now anyone attacking iran would have to use harp or an attack from space in wich they are concidering
    Also i would start reading some symirin hisrtory on how the creation started wich was before moses and you will start to see where moses took there story of creation and made it into a religon that was the foundation of judisom,christanity and muslum.the foundation of the little black book was founded on a lie to diceve people and mentily enslave them
    This war can not be won by an invadeing force and with out using god and nukes show me how the u.s. could posibly do so
    We are the stongest force in the world but little david brought down a giant when his land was invaded now the giant is trying to invade a land and now the giant faces little david and his two giant brothers

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  13. P.W. says:

    Well you have your beliefs an I have mine, my faith in Jesus Christ will not waiver so I Geuss we will just have to wait and see what happens!

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  14. dave says:

    Sory if i ofended you about your religon ,i was for over thirty yeas enslaved to this religon and ten years deep into theoligy and i mean deep Some of the things i learned was that the sabbath was lunor based and christ /emaual never called himself the son of god but not just that i found out many many things that i will not say because this is not the place
    You sound like some one whos in the know and someone whom i would like to talk with more on other subjects other than war or religon
    I’m into science and creation, and now expierenting with slowing down ageing with a hyperbaric oxigynated magneticfield frequincy chamber that memics this planit before 4000-6000yrs ago’ and also the fuleless engen and sp 500 generator ,You can read more about the fuleless engen and the sp500 generator on line I plain to build both in the spring

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  15. Jerry says:

    Religious cults narrows the minds of religious believers and controls the mass as a harmony society which in a way is good until they invented religious as a very cheap war mongering cults as they did with Russian/Afghanistan war and now is out of hands to control the masses.
    Religious are man made cults just to control the masses base on the cunieforms translations and as for being one of the most ancient story of where and how we became as we are as HUMAN. All the religious bible/books story came from the translation of the cunieforms and there for any things base on a new bible/books came from Roman history documents of Apollonius of Tyana which christainty started

    The JEWS are more populated then any other kind based on the cult belief and there are two kinds of jews – JUDAISM and the ZIONIST. Zionist is out for destructions for there causes when Judaism.

    Question as an example : old testament said jews SHALL NOT have a country of their own – PERIOD

    Look at ISRAEL – a false jew nation

    Come on people of the world WAKE UP

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  16. Jerry says:


    JUDAISM have no COUNTRY, they are people which respect and have harmony with all other cults.
    Look at history before ISRAEL became a country and now look at the mess we are in now because of them.

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