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Sarkozy attacks UK in fresh outburst

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy has ridiculed Britain once again by saying that “the United Kingdom has no industry any more”, media reports said.

The recent spat was made during a prime time national TV broadcast, in which Sarkozy was trying to defend his decision to introduce an increase in the Value Added Tax (VAT) in an attempt to boost France’s failing economy.

By enforcing the 1.6 percent VAT rise, ordinary people will have to pay for social charges too.

The French President, who has admitted for the first time that he may lose upcoming elections in the Spring, also admitted that he was borrowing the measure from Germany, arguing that it had ‘helped to boost German competitiveness’ and had not led to a rise in prices.

But, when a journalist noted that Britain had experienced a rise in prices after increasing its VAT contributions, Sarkozy spat out the words: ‘The United Kingdom has no industry any more’.

His comments came as earlier in 2009, Sarkozy actually attacked a VAT rise in Britain, saying it had ‘absolutely failed’ to stimulate the economy.

Earlier in December, tensions between Britain and France over the future of the EU intensified after Sarkozy accused Prime Minister David Cameron of behaving like “an obstinate kid” when he wielded the British veto at the European summit.

Adding salt to Sarkozy’s injuries, fresh polls suggest that he will be defeated if, as expected, he stands for re-election in the upcoming elections in the Spring this year.

Britain and France had been suffering from an age-old mix of distrust, affection, and antipathy, which was never going to be overcome so easily.


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  • Rick Alexander

    The French President should look in his own back yard before he criticises the U.K. The fact is that the lack of labour market reforms in the western industrialised nations will be their downfall. Unionists are to be blamed for all the jobs going to China.

  • BG

    And yet what does the impudent shorty plan to do about it?

    Assist in the buyout of the bank of England with a D notice issued by whatever clown with a Scottish name he can find?

  • BG

    Such as surrender the Bank or we will no longer employ radiation workers to dump our nuclear waste in Cumbria!

  • BG

    Oh man ye cannae do that already,says the Jewish royalty with a Scottish name who lives in Witney.

    We can and we will dump it within the M25 and Scotland says the Jewish goblin from Hungaria,or else Hartlepool will do a Fukushima and cut GB in two!

  • BG

    Cotswold Hebrew says the wee man in Gaul is bluffing about the M25.

    Gaul guy says Golders Green!

  • BG

    Homo with a Scottish name and Israelite lover interjects his desire to slip one into Iran so he can relish POW sodomised on TV.

  • BG

    Hooknose of the Home Office concurs,a great excuse to crackdown on jobless Schwartzers.

  • Jean-Francois Morf


    “It has been available for decades to the entire World’s current heads of state to allow them anonymity when buying shares. Therefore, when a company publishes a share register and the Bank of England Nominees is listed, it is not possible to gauge whether the Queen, President Bush or even Saddam Hussein is the true shareholder.

    By this method, the trillionaire masters of the universe remain hidden whilst Forbes magazine poses lower ranking billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett as the richest men in the World. Retired management consultant Gaylon Ross Sr, author of Who’s Who of the Global Elite, has been tipped from a private source that the combined wealth of the Rockefeller family in 1998 was approx (US) $11 trillion and the Rothschilds (U.S.) $100 trillion. However something of an insider’s knowledge of the hidden wealth of the elite is contained in the article”
    (Rothschild Group: 0,3 Tera$)

  • Vlad the Impaler

    he’s damn right, the zionist hungarian froggy. there is no industry left in england… :(

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