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Over 5,800 OWS protesters arrested

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Police officers arrest protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement at the intersection of Exchange Place and Beaver Street in the Financial District on November 17, 2011 in New York City.

The US police have arrested over 5,800 anti-Wall Street protesters since the beginning of the anti-capitalism movement in September last year.

According to the website occupy-arrests.com, at least 5,748 occupy protesters were arrested till December 31, 2011. Another 68 demonstrators were detained in New York City’s Zuccotti Park on Saturday night.

The Saturday arrests were made as protesters staged a New Year’s Eve demonstration in the city.

Meanwhile, footage has emerged showing anti-Wall Street protesters in Charlotte, North Carolina, burning two US flags. Four protesters were arrested after the burning of the flags on Friday afternoon.

The Occupy Wall Street movement began when a group of demonstrators gathered in New York’s financial district on September 17 to protest against the unjust distribution of wealth in the country and the excessive influence of big corporations on US policies.

The protest movement gave voice to outcries and grievances of people against poverty, unemployment, war, and corporatism.


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  • dave

    These prosters dont no anything about capitalisem
    These are the ones who are obviousley to stonend or fucked up on something to understand they are the one who have allowed this country to fall
    Instead of working for abetter life ,educating them selfs and living with in there means ,they want to stay fucked up on something and take whats not theres,we basicly ran them out of panama city florida and let them know how stupid they realy where.Just go and hang around one of protest and see for your self what kind of idiots these are,you will see drug use, idots pissing in the street sex with out remorise and people chanting like crazy muslums and jews for things they cant possibly have .
    These kids and idots want every thing for free with out having to work for it and tha my friends is socalisum, and in america this shit dosent work
    The one percent give the 99% our jobs and with out them we dont work,and if you want a better life earn it for your self and stop trying to take what not yours
    This is our fault for allowing our kids to be taught by libril teachers whom hate freedom and love socalisam,I took my kids out of the public school system and taught them right from wrong and then let them finish highschool with ther friends once they new how see the effects of socalisam vs. Capitalisam
    Just look at that idiot presidenr ,the obamanator he was taught by such people and look what he has done to our freedom in this country
    We as parrents and citizens of this country should go down to these protest and take our bealts off and beat the living shit out of these kids and misguided adults and break up these protesrers ,
    Obama has to go ,so we can save our country with out a civil war,the last time civil war happend thousands died over states rights and not slavery.This time we will be fighting for our freedom,the way we did in 1776 ,and belive it or not if obama wins you will probly see just that.I live here in america and i here things of now being whisperd.remember only12% fought the revoltionary war of1776 and we won.

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  • ryoichi

    Dave…you are a slave, but you like it!
    Dont you see where this sistem will end? You are afraid and I can understand, this is bigger than you think. I’m living very far from you but the sistem is the same!We eat different things, our class is different too,but the sistem,the banks,the rules is all the same!!! WE ARE SLAVES all over the world !!!!!!!!!!

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  • JeriLynn

    Any group, whether Tea Partiers, OWS Pimp-testers, CONServative or LIEberal, that fails to mention the International jew and the monstrous grip they have over all the nations, IS A SUBVERSIVE, WHOSE MISSION IS TO DISTRACT AND CONFUSE; TO CREATE CHAOS.

    That applies to anyone and any group.

    Strike the root! Then all the branches wither and die.

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  • James

    These prosters dont no anything about capitalisem…


    You only know Capitalism in THEORY; not in practice. What we have are a very, very few rich jewish families owning most of the world’s wealth.

    In the second layer, also mostly jewish, there are some non-jewish dogs, apes, white trash and assorted sexual deviants, child pornographers and the like….that sort of wealthy TRASH. Think Ozzi Ozborne, the assorted ape “sports things” and Hocky-wood sluts and assorted cunts, like Madonna (who is crypto jew BTW).

    The jews lend to other jews and the “secret” to their success has NEVER been that they are some g-d’s chosen nuts (unless you consider Lucifer to be a g-d.)

    The “secret” to their success is criminal enterprise, usury which was strictly forbidden up until the 1800’s by ALL of Saxondom; now practiced and even justified by those who SAY they are Christians.

    And the Italian Mafia was never Italian, unless you want to MAGICALLY call jews who came from Italy, “Italian”. A jew is a jew when it wants to be a jew and SUDDENLY ITS an “american”, “italian”, “german”, WTF EVER!

    But then the jew is a jew and a jew can NEVER be trusted to be loyal to anyTHING but a jew. Even then they cannot resist their need for a fellow Demon’s blood from time to time.


    We do not have “Capitalism”. I will go so far as to state that YOU have NEVER known true Capitalism and therefore don’t understand what you are defending….

    ONLY our American Forefathers (pre 1913) knew true Capitalism and that is when this nation truly prospered.

    so if you are defending the current ABOMINATION, Dave, then I submit to you that your sense of Justice, GODLY or otherwise, has been tainted with jewish fables and thinking.

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