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Merkel to sway China against Iran

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Despite Beijing’s outright refusal to join the EU and US-sponsored unilateral sanctions on Iran’s oil industry, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has arranged a visit to China to convince the country to reduce Iranian oil import.

A German government source told a news briefing on Tuesday that “It is in German interests that China does not raise its imports [from Iran]. It would be good if China would reduce its imports.”

According to the source, Merkel will begin her trip to China on Wednesday.

This comes while China has criticized the European Union’s new unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic, considering them as blind pressure and unconstructive.

“To blindly pressure and impose sanctions on Iran are not constructive approaches,” the Chinese foreign ministry said on January 26 in reaction to the measures adopted by the EU over Iran’s nuclear program.

US President Barack Obama signed into law new sanctions against Iran which seek to penalize other countries for importing Iran’s oil or doing transactions with the country’s central bank. The European Union also approved new sanctions against Iran’s oil and financial sectors on January 23, which will cut off crude oil imports from Iran on July 1.

The United States, Israel and their European allies accuse Tehran of pursuing military objectives in its nuclear program and have used this pretext to impose four rounds of international and a series of unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Iran has refuted the allegations, arguing that as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Tehran is entitled to use nuclear technology for peaceful use.


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6 Responses to " Merkel to sway China against Iran "

  1. Spectator says:

    Meddlesome Teutonic wench. Let’s hope the Chinese leaders persuade her to abandon the ANGLO-ISRAELI Axis of Evil!

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  2. JanB says:

    Just like the Wall Street crime cabal via “diplomats” could blackmail some EU “leaders” (= cowards) to allow GMO activity in their countries by Monsanto, the Wall Street crime cabal not only managed EU “leaders” to act against the interest of their citizens but even forced Merkel to beg the Chinese leaders to act against their economic interests too, by abandoning import of Iranian oil.

    Just like Iraqi and Libyan oil, Iranian oil is the highly coveted light crude. Most refineries are designed to process light crude so the gesture by countries like Saudi Arabia to produce more of their HEAVY crude (with high sulfur and heavy metal content) is an empty promise, due to the lack of refineries, designed to process heavy crude.

    Of course EU “leaders” have been informed of that as well but the obedient lackeys are willing to destroy their economies for a reward from their masters.

    The reward? A part of the booty!

    Merkel ought to visit the Ukrainian activist group Femen, for a lecture in courage, honesty and consistency, she and her “colleagues” badly need.

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  3. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    A la fin des temps, Russie+Chine+Perse+Ethiopie+Libye, des nations païennes, attaqueront Israël, ce peuple ramené du sein des nations et qui s’est acquis des richesses. Mais Dieu détruira tous ces païens avec des tremblements de terre, des grêlons, du feu (atomique?) et du soufre (H2S mer noire?), et le monde entier apprendra qu’Israël, son peuple, habite son pays en toute sécurité! (Ezéchiel 38)

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  4. BG says:

    Merkel is to impose sanctions on the USA.

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  5. BG says:

    She felt them to be a pain in the arse of Germany.

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  6. John Allcock says:

    What a load of bull. I doubt Merkel even mentioned Iran on her China trip, which was designed to strengthen trade agreements, nothing else. Germany have adopted a non interventionalist policy since WW2, and it has stood her in good stead. Merkel is not about to alter that policy now. If she did, she would run the risk of alienating the electorate, as the vast majority of Germans oppose any israhelli or American action against Iran.

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