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Megaquake Warning Issued For US-Mexican Pacific Coast

A disturbing report prepared by the Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth (IPE) in Moscow that is circulating in the Kremlin today warns that the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the Chiapas region of Mexico yesterday is a ‘potential precursor’ to a ‘megaquake’ of at least 7.5-8.3 expected to hit the US-Mexican Pacific coastline within the next fortnight (+/- 7 days).

According to this IPE report, concerns were raised about this region after a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit the Mexican Baja California peninsula on 18 January and emitted in the “4.433–4.498 micrometre range” “extreme” atmospheric temperature variations normally not associated with such a quake and that was verified yesterday as occurring again in Chiapas.

Important to note about this region, this IPE report says, fears were heightened after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit on 4 April 2010 and was the first big earthquake to occur on this particular fault system since 1892, links Mexico’s seismic zone to California’s massive fault system, and points to a “reawakening” of this areas potential for catastrophic seismic/volcanic occurrences.

Equally important to note are that extreme and/or rapid heating of the atmosphere above earthquake zones is now believed to be an accurate predictor of major earthquake activity as was documented prior the Great Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 when before the 11 March quake struck the total electron content in a part of the upper atmosphere, called the ionosphere, increased dramatically over the earthquake’s epicentre, reaching a maximum three days before the quake struck.

This IPE report further states that their conclusions have been confirmed by their using the latest information obtained from the Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) satellite operated by NASA and available for viewing [Note: this is a high-level US government site that utilizes keystroke monitoring] by the international scientific community.

IPE scientists and their British counterparts are among the world’s top earthquake experts utilizing this type of date and are currently working on the TwinSat Project that will put one micro-sized and one nano-sized satellite into low earth orbit some 400 kilometers apart, which will work in unison to collect and interpret electromagnetic signatures from the ground to predict earthquakes.

In our analyzing news coming from this region that could further substantiate this IPE report we came upon a 4 January report ascribed to Mexican communication giant Conciencia Radio that, in part, says:

“Conciencia Radio is currently conducting an investigation on something massive that occurred in the port town of Ensenada, Baja California Mexico. In or around August 2011, a very big secret meeting took place among the scientific elite at the number one scientific research center in Mexico known as the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (CICESE). This preliminary report, not be published as of yet, is being developed to ascertain why prominent scientists from different parts of the world that work at CICESE have decided to suddenly relocate or flee from the Baja California peninsula due to an impending geophysical event of great magnitude.

We spoke a series of anonymous sources. Among them a woman who yesterday revealed to us what transpired at the CICESE. She and a professor of hers arrived to the CICESE to attend an astronomy workshop. When they arrived to the center, the saw that the Mexican Military had closed all vehicle access to the center. They thought they were removing radioactive substances that are used in the labs, which is not uncommon to see because the removal of hazardous substances such as chemicals and radioactive compounds are ascribed to the Military. Later they realized why the Military was there and it was not for this purpose but to protect important visitors that were present at the CICESE at that same moment.

The two women, who wish to remain anonymous, decided to park behind the center and ingress from the back of the facility. They parked their car on one of the hills and managed to get inside the complex. Once in, they went to the auditorium were the workshop was supposed to be held. To their surprise, the main access to the auditorium had been sealed off. They decided to go around the building and found an access door that led them inside. They expected very few people attending the event in question. To their surprise, the auditorium was full of people and it was not in any way related the astronomy workshop/conference that they planned to attend.

To their amazement, they saw scientists from different parts of the world having a very heated discussion over a definite problem of enormous proportions. They saw Japanese, Russian and other European nationals present at the event. They were all discussing in a very high tone of voice. They even saw things being thrown and tables being banged. Another source whom which we spoke to informed us that at least a top-level Cabinet member from the Calderon government attended the event as well as possibly the Governor of Baja California (the latter has not been confirmed) who was in Ensenada on that day.

The topic being discussed by the scientific elite is the fact that they now have confirmation that a huge cataclysmic geological or geophysical event is about to occur any moment now that would at least destroy the port city of Ensenada Mexico. Ensenada is located at just 68 miles south of the Tijuana/San Diego border. At least 300,000 people reside in Ensenada. Among other things discussed was that they leave the city as soon as possible. It has been revealed to us that in fact many of the foreign scientists working at the CICESE and other well-connected individuals in the Baja California elite have left Ensenada. Our direct source mentioned in the interview we conducted with her on January 3rd, 2012 that the antendees mentioned that they were expecting the event to occur any moment now and that they referred to it as a “geophysical event”.

To if the final outcome of this report will be as the IPE scientists predict it is now in our knowing, other than to mention that as global natural disasters cost our world $109 billion in 2010, and rose to $366 billion in 2011, the trending line of catastrophes hitting our world is, most assuredly, not going in the direction anyone would choose.


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  • Jack Longchamp

    Well nobody seems to think about the positive effects
    a good, robust earthquake in California might have.

    And I am not just talking about Hollywood…

    • Laura

      Positive effects? You are despicable!

    • Love N. Kisses

      It’s true.

      All’s relative. Just imagine the calmative effect of a do-it-yourself prefrontal with a .357 Magnum. I’d suggest you shoot yourself across both lobes. California becomes another sun-drenched beach paradise, your concerns will just face away.

      Please, don’t tarry. Heaven is just a trigger pull away. Go ahead, you know you want to.

  • BG

    Too many retarded people,policy makers would barely notice.

  • American Public

    If we’re lucky CA will fall into the ocean and take the libtards and illegals with it.

    • American Public Fucker

      Hey you ! (American Public) just come to papa and open your legs ….fucking moron!! dont be mad! I’m here!! open your mouth and say …haaaa!!!

      • God will avenge his people the JEWS

        Well where are ya gonna go crying to when Israel wipes you off the map asshole?

        • ASHLEY

          I for 1 totally agree israel has god on her side anyone who is a enemy to israel is an enemy to GOD and that is scary i just wish israel would give the go ahead and stop listening to Ofuckingbama and destroy iran they have bullied yall enough

      • ashley

        WHAT A HO :roll: LMAO!!!!!

    • fer

      @American Public hope a great white shark eats you, remember your family came from prioners criminals (australia world prision) hehehe

    • virtualware

      It’s also Baja California Norte, first you will be 6 feets underground before “libtards and illegals” as you call them. Ignorante Meketrefe…

    • lynn s

      what an idiot… i am neither a libtard(whatever that is) nor illegal… just shows how ignorant you are

  • Beaner man

    @ american public. I’m not sure if you are a native american or what, but i am pretty sure that at one time or another your blood line was illegal. Secondly, what does it matter if about illegals. They wash your car, clean your toilets, pick your fruits and vegitables, raise your kids!
    I have not seen alot of “Americans” in those fields, i have not seen alot of “Americans” cleaning toliets, and i have not seen alot of “Americans” serving lunch to me. People, excuse me, biggots like you should not be allowed to breed!
    People like you hold the whole civilization and gene pool back. May i suggest you pick up a book and read about American history. I am positive it involved a lot of europians, asians, africans, and whatever else could mustard up the courage, and make the trip here.
    Luckly for you, and unlucky for the rest of us, you where born here. You, as an american, have choosen ignorance, in a land where all we have to do to learn something is pick up a smart phone and look. How terribly sad for you that with all the “best” at you disposal, you chose to be a dumb dick!

    • Enrique

      I’m Mexican and I can write and possibly speak English better than you. You are sad, and quite possibly what Americans call “Red neck” or “White trash”.

      I pity you.

    • http://www.isawthelightministries.com/chinese.html Culero

      Cabron culero gringo si entiendes esto picatelo!!!!! 😳 I believe this will come from North to South and the catastrophe will hit the USA first and then less in Mexico so in case this happen ( not too much really expected more than an atomic nuclear war) all gringos will try to enter the mexican territory to save their dirty butts by atomic nuclear war caused by the zionist intervertion in Iran (zionist are no real jews are the synagogue of Satan)by USA and Israel. Alexander Backman are you really a Jew and not really a Christian? A real Christian would not take part only in one side of the confrontation but only remind neutral. Many Christians saw in dreams or visions the end of the USA as we know it by nuclear war, chinese troops & russian troops invading and tsunamis are one of the first in the list as well as big quakes after nuclear war of course… 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 Please don’t disseminate disinformation if war is more possibly than “natural disasters” in this days.

  • http://www.propheticwatchmanvine.com Matthew Stephen

    Yes I agree I gave a prophecy that America in CA. on the west coast is ready to be hit with massive earthquake 8.5 is what I saw in a dream in 2008 I just got done with a major series called “The Unfolding of 2012 on my radio program a four part series on prophetic events for this hour in 2012 go to my web site http://www.propheticwatchmanvine.com and click on video and listen to the The last four Sat. nights part one started on Dec.31, 2011. We are now in the last year of the 18 year clock for America June 1994- June 2012 the demise of America will complete by Nov.2012 and we will go beyond to 2015. major earthquake will strike it will be a 13 on the Richter under God’s scale. WE will be hit be a EF-7 Tornadoes, and CAT. 7 Hurricane so get ready to move the scale up. so much more tune in Every Sat. night 9pm EST live.

    • LorelaiIsAlive

      You believe in God? Then start praying that you are wrong. Change your consciousness to reject the destruction of of the West Coast, the world and Humanity. Regardless of others’ beliefs, they are human beings deserving of Divine Love of Our Creator. WE can alter the future, my friends. It is NOT set in stone. All we need to do is want peace, wake up to the nonsense and deception that the whole of humanity has been fed. You want change for the better? BE that change… every moment of every day. This means looking at your neighbor with different skin tone as your brother or sister… and as your equal. This means making the life of someone who is suffering better, in any way you are able, every day… even if it is just a smile, or helping them put their groceries in their car, giving the extra $2.50 at they may be short on their grocery tab. I can promise you that every little kindness helps and WE create what we see around us.

    • lynn s

      hey there is more than the US on the west coast… get a globe or map ….couple of other countries share the Pacific with the US.. do you really think that the Ocean or earthquake will stop at the border? really!!?

      • Jack Longchamp

        You bet they do 😉

  • BG

    People pray 24/7 for this.

  • puto gringo

    Uhhh – it would collapse our U.S. economy final nail in the coffin- welcome marshall law

    • Jack Longchamp

      Ey puto gringo capullo, you mean martial law ?
      Though I admit marshall law hits the mark pretty well 😀

  • Naia McCoy

    :roll: Yeah, I guess that is why Obama agreed and signed the Detention Bill…here it comes! Fema Camps!

    • ashley

      yup fema camps i belive in this but i got news for them im not going down without a fight 😡

  • miguel wong

    who he hell says these things?
    people might die or lose their homes and all you can say is good riddance?

  • Roberto

    In God we trust… dirían los gringos…

  • Maricela R

    OMG! that is awful, i live in the city of Ensenada. and none warned us about it.

    • Mike

      You may not believe this ay all

  • chuy


  • Tony

    It’s impossible to predict an earthquake. IMPOSSIBLE.

  • ralko



    Hey, hello i live in Mexicali where the 7.2 quake has came from, and Mexicali it’s a really good neighbor from Calexico, Ca. and its really sad to read people that hate Mexican and illegals, it’s because of those people that the U.S.A. it’s one of the most important countrys around the world. We we’re lucky with the 7.2 last easter, but we don’t know if the next time we will!!! GOD BLESS MEXICALI Y CALEXICO!!!!

    • fer

      Me gusta como narras en ingles jejejej,para lado de brawley

    • Alejandro Maio






    • nettey

      i agree with you, i live in Holtville and i felt that 7.2 earthquake, and pray for everyone who lost something or everything in that earthquake… and for those around the world……Whats scary is teacher mention this this crap to our children and scare them to pieces, but they fail to mention that this might not happen

      • “it’s a Vilma!”

        I too live in Holtville, CA. and felt the 7.2 Easter Sunday (April 4th, 2010) Earthquake that rattled Baja California and Imperial County.. it was also felt all the way to San Diego and Riverside Counties. As to the children getting instructions by the teachers..this has happened since I was a small child. Those children will be okay, we lived through the nuclear era and survived very well. GODspeed netty! :-)
        “it’s a Vilma!”

    • tu papa

      escribes el ingles para el lado de la verga

    • Mike I


  • gabriel torres

    Fuck all the people who says, california go to hell, cause i live in the border with USA, my whole family lives here, and i think it`s a tragedy if something like this happens, cause we are people too, it`s unfair if the people from others countrys judge all mexicans or all americans just for a few person who are an assholes… it`s not our fault the mistakes of our presidents… all the countrys in this world have assholes, but nobody deserves to die just beacuse of that shit.

    • Mike I

      my daughter and her family lives in san jose ca. that extra motivates me is saying god save Ca and Mexico… no one deserves to die like that.

  • Valley Rider

    I live just north of the mexican border in the Imperial Valley. We have been having earthquakes all morning today. They have ranged between 1.5 and 2.7. Is it possible that they are the pre quakes before the big one that they are talking about? Maybe I should get the surfboard out and get ready to ride the wave!

  • American Publics MOM

    @American public…you’re an idiot! your family escaped and crossed AN OCEAN!!! We were already here. fucken ignorant racist mother fucker!

  • maribelle zepeda

    we belive,IN PEOPLE but more in god,and he is here!!!!!hello>>>we have having earthquakes all the time,(and why the donation of $$ on the final of this online newspaper??????)

  • Cats Valley

    I live in Imperial Valley and have not heard anything about this earthquake. Just saw this on my facebook.. Ohhh and for you American Public, you must be a mean MF, I just feel sorry for you and your way of thinking.. hope u don’t get a heart attack. CATA

  • bajafun777

    We will keep having earthquakes, which actually relieves the stressers on the fault lines, which is definately a good thing. The larger quake will probably happen sometime but it will not be with anyone knowing until just a few minutes before, MAYBE! However,nobody can predict earthquakes, since we just do not have enough science equipment developed or defined scientific knowledge yet to allow us to do this.
    Now,what illegal immigration or wishing for others to die being pushed by an idiot on here is beyond common sense. If something like that happened USA would come to Mexico’s aid just like we did with Haiti, so stay cool and keep supplies like extra water and can food on hand just in case. Keep solar lawn lights in repair, as they are good to bring into your house at night when electrical power goes off. Further, always keep at least one flashlight with extra batteries. Basic medicine supplies is a good thing also along with always keeping your vehicles at least 3/4 full and never below 1/2 tank. Be prepared at all times and worse times will be less stressful when they happen. May God and the Force be with all of us if this occurs.

  • Bond Girl 007

    I’m disappointed in all of you who post things like “good riddance”. Americans, Mexicans, etc….we all have pride in our people, but don’t wish others dead for being a certain nationality. I agree with bajafun777….instead of people bashing, try being better prepared. If you don’t live in the area, try calling or messaging people you know that do. Help your fellow man out.

  • Laura

    Sólo Dios sabe. Y que Dios bendiga a Baja California y a California (a mi Mexicali querido y zonas cercanas!!!). No puedo creer que alguien pueda sentirse feliz de que pase algo así!!! Que comentarios tan llenos de odio pueden publicar algunos, verdad? Espero que toda la maldad que escriben no se les regrese aunque seguramente algún día los va a alcanzar!

  • Omar Velasco

    Yo supe que la tierra favorita de hijo de dios es Mexicali por eso tanta envidia!!

  • lucina

    Solo Dios sabe lo que nos espera, lo unico que debemos hacer es ponernos en sus manos, es verdad que estamos en una zona de alto riesgo, pero en Mexico todas las ciudades son de alto riesgo ya sea x una cosa o x otra, en algunos lugares x la delincuencia organizada y en otros x circunstancias como esta,lo unico que le pido a mi Dios es que proteja a mi familia.

  • Nevarez

    En estos tiempos es caundo uno deve estar mas unidos , para facilitar todo, cuando el desatre venga , so si no tienen nada vueno que desir mejor no digan nada , La actitud de muchos de nosotros hace el desatre del odio mas grande entre nosotros mismos , So cuando llegue yo voy aser el primero en ir ayudar a migente , sea el quien sea que para mi todo el mundo es igual.. so nos vemos despues … JGM

  • Patty Mexicali

    Hola …. Yo vivo en Mexicali B.C.Mexico …. vivimos en carne propia lo que es un terremoto de 7.2 …Solo Dios sabe lo que nos espera … y no solo se este lado del mundo …. sino en el mundo entero …. Todos estamos expuestos a vivir algo catastrofico …. TENGAMOS FE EN DIOS ….. Y DEJEMOS EN SUS MANOS LO QUE DESEA PARA CADA UNO DE NOSOTROS !! Saludos y estemos atentos para lo que pudiera suceder ……

  • yo y ke

    NOOOOOOOOOO puedo creer que crean está basura, ES IMPOSIBLE, IMPOSIBLE predecir un terremoto. NOOOOOOOOOO sean ignorantes, mejor ponganse a leer. Cómo van a venir tantos científicos y además a donde va a haber un terremoto, NOOOOOOOOOO mamá…… Por favor, de seguro todos los que creen esto son los mismos que van a votar por Peña nieto y que ven Cañaveral de pasiones, NOOOOOOOOOO la frieguen.

  • yo y ke

    Vean la fuente de la noticia, jajaja NOOOOOOOOOO Manches jajaja cómo creen estas tontadas

  • Siempre alerta

    “Viene el Big One +9” asi lo comentaron El Sr. Antonio Magaña y sus invitados del CICESE a su programa matutino de radio. Tampoco les creemos ❓

  • Becca notusuallyaskeptic

    Ummm, if it were that secret of a meeting, those two women would not have gotten into the building, how would they know what countries these people were from and I don’t trust any article with so many misspellings. Why would all of a sudden, scientists be able to predict Earthquakes only because it happens to be in California and not in the several other countries where these disasters have occurred so recently? Whatever…

    • Justlogic

      Thank God! :) A rational human being here!

  • Paramedic

    ummm thats good intel by the way… everybody here is saying blah blah blah blah but that anyone has get to study where the hell is the fault at?? the major ones??? anyone there is no fault on the coastal water nor the beaches nor in the ocean .. the only one that is in the ocean is at mar de cortez near mexicali runs trough the sea then into mexicali then calexico traveling towards los angeles county and so on so on so on but it never comes across the pacific ocean at least not until san francisco next topic there is very minimal chances that ensenada becomes a desert town besides it has very good chance of survival contrary to all the b s that the top elite are saying… if you want to live at a place that you need you will say its unsafe get all the people out then move in so just to clear the facts there is no major fault in the ocean… i will bet my ridicuolus goverment salary that there is no major faults in the pacific ocean not in the south california bay area that includes ensenada

  • Mexaboy

    Tengo mis dudas de esta información pues no es una fuente muy confiable pero aquí les paso un articulo interesante de la posibilidad de predecir terremotos por la NASA desde el 2003…


  • red six

    NO ONE CAN PREDICT EARTHQUAKES… how many times does it have to be said?

  • http://naferu@gmail.com Revolt

    Google: HAARP.
    Everything will make a lot more sense.

    • SanLuisSywatch.

      Thank god somebody has a brain here.. It’s HAARP people..

      The article says the Japan earthquake was the first time they linked the “heating of the ionosphere” to earthquakes.. It’s because HAARP is heating the atmosphere and causing these quakes.

      “Equally important to note are that extreme and/or rapid heating of the atmosphere above earthquake zones is now believed to be an accurate predictor of major earthquake activity as was documented prior the Great Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 when before the 11 March quake struck the total electron content in a part of the upper atmosphere, called the ionosphere, increased dramatically over the earthquake’s epicentre, reaching a maximum three days before the quake struck.”

  • ninon

    hahah i hope a quake does hit,

  • Dave

    Mentiras. Es imposible predecir un temblor. Its impossible to predict quakes. Period. Read the story–it’s tepidly false. Ask yourself HOW did the peron know the “scientists” at the meeting were Rusian, Japanese, American, etc? Was this woman and her professor fluent in many languages? Common sense, people! Also, the idiots criticizing Caliornia are LOSERS who would LOVE to live here, but can’t.

    • Jack Longchamp

      Saludos de Tarifa, I would really be missing California though lots of others would only miss it because maybe the flow of stupid movies
      from Hollywood would stop ?
      Well that would really be one hell of a waste.

      Now that the NKs have messed up their missile act
      and nobody thinks Cal is going to get nuked anymore,
      it must be fascinating to fear that earthquake.
      Of course there will be a quake eventually but we have
      a similar seismological setting here (African plate shoving
      into Southern Europe) and Lisbon was destroyed
      in the 17th century like San Francisco was in the 19th.
      Nobody here even THINKS about it, it hits when it hits
      and all except historical buildings (this city was founded
      about 500 B.C.) should theoretically be quake-proof to 8.0

      Well anyway the rest of this quake angst is probably bullshit.

  • Andres Sanchez

    Sera el sereno,pero ya vivimos DOS avisos importantes,uno el terremoto de 7.2 y no nos paso nada en verdad,tuvimos mucha suerte,y DOS el apagon,que si hubieran sido en verano??? La leccion mas importante de esto y que no hemos entendido es que ESTAMOS SOLOS,NO TENEMOS UN GOBIERNO QUE NOS GARANTICE SEGURIDAD,NO HAY HOSPITALES,NO HAY MEDICOS NO HAY SERVICIOS DE EMERGENCIA,Solo una radiodifusora local transmitio y nos oriento,el Gobierno no les proporciono un solo galon de gasolina para su planta electrica aun que estaban haciendo la labor que le correspondia a Proteccion Civil,asi que hermanos.. de que ocurrira el terremoto,ocurrira eso es seguro,el cuando no lo sabemos,asi que debemos tener suficiente alimento,agua,velas,todo lo que podamos al menos para una semana y para toda la familia,y ya desde ahora mismo y hacerlo una costumbre…

  • RAFA


  • BG

    Much of the Yanks ‘Country’ is inhospitable,SC is not the treasured USDA Zone 8b to 9a so it really would not matter.

  • roslan bayu

    many earthquakes had digg in this region, therefore the top soil is not intact any more. so another one will be huge. many fault lines are in this region that had created mountains long ago. from, serve to lead. RON PAUL SUPPORTER FROM MALAYSIA. DEAD PEOPLE ROSE TO CAST THEIR VOTE. DIRTY,FILTHY POLITICS. MUST INVESTIGATE FOR TRUTH.

  • BG

    Bayu is right,a large seaward slip could in theory expose minerals resources that would more than compensate the loss.

  • Yuri Smith
  • Enoch

    For all those Americans full of hate and with tiny brains… (and for those who believe in god too) nothing is going to happen, i trust in god and i know that soon a divine punishment will fall upon the American people who are full of hate toward the world.
    USA, justice is coming for you and for all of us too.

  • Jose Lujano

    If there’s something true in this article, it’s just to be aware & ready to survive a week with no services. is simple… water, rice & bread BE READY.

  • BG

    I guess the Sea of Japan would rise a couple of Metres,Hawaii could see the waves of a lifetime.

    Surfs Up!

  • http://spectre2012.wordpress.com antiglobb

    After this earthquake or invasion of Russian and Chinese soldiers, the social justice and the peace will rein on our planet.

  • emulman

    antiglobb – you are mad…russian and chinese who bring justice and peace???? they will slave us, worse than now in Europe with euro crisis…
    I think armageddon is really near, but western forces will win, islam, and communism will be definitely defeated!

  • Jack Longchamp

    Matter of fact emulman, most people in this forum are crazy,
    the editors should be getting concerned by now…
    EU-Times ? Site for cranks, but fun to visit.
    Now you only seem to be quite nuts 😉
    Arm a Geddon, huh ? See what it gets ya !

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