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Iran Navy to Build Aircraft Carriers

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Iran's first domestically-built destroyer, Jamaran, launched in the waters of the Persian Gulf in February, 2010

Iran’s Deputy Navy Commander Captain Mansour Maqsoudlou has announced the country’s plan to design and manufacture aircraft carriers.

The initial designs for building the carriers have been approved and the process of research, design and manufacture will start soon, Captain Maqsoudlou told IRNA on Wednesday.

The Iranian commander pointed to the Navy’s capacities to accomplish the task despite the time-consuming nature of aircraft carrier building.

The Navy has set an agenda to produce vessels of different classes, some of which are being mass-produced and others being under study, Maqsoodlou pointed out.

He reiterated the Navy’s ability to upgrade the equipment and systems in its fleet.

Since the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, the country has embarked on a campaign for self-sufficiency in the defense industry and launched numerous military projects.

Last year in February, the Iranian Navy unveiled its first domestically-manufactured destroyer, Jamaran, in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

The 1,420-ton destroyer, equipped with modern radars and other electronic warfare capabilities, patrols the southern waters of the Persian Gulf.

In January, Iran successfully test-fired the mid-range, surface-to-air Hawk missile, and the Iranian Defense Ministry delivered new cruise missile systems to the Navy.

The systems, designed and manufactured by Iranian experts, are capable of spotting and destroying different targets at sea.


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  • Brain

    Why build an Aircraft-Carrier, when ur old Planes , F14 and Phantoms get shot down anyway by USA F22 , F35 before u even see em.

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    • cheese

      ^^^ So true lol, will take them decades to produce an equivalent fighter by which time, they will still be 20+ years behind

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  • guru

    BRAIN AND CHEESE, attack IRAN if you really have the courage to do so. west will properly receive a fucking experience this time. you boast of your plane that’s truly worthless. if one can win by the help of better aircraft or ammunition, then US won’t go back from IRAQ and should have never announced TALIBAN as not a foe. ask those of your soldiers who took part in real fights in a battlefield how they sold their arms only to beg life. RUSSIA had to back off from AFGHANISTAN putting its tail into legs. so look properly at the scene of your frequent defeats.

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