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Hundreds of Romanians call on President to Quit

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Romanians have protested in cities around the country for a third day against the government, whom they blame for austerity cuts and falling living standards.

One policeman was injured in the Romanian capital Saturday after clashes with demonstrators protesting the government’s austerity programme, AFP reported.

Hundreds of Romanians rallied in Bucharest to protest against austerity measures and planned health care reforms, calling on President Traian Basescu to quit.

Some of the protesters, chanting anti-Basescu slogans, marched towards the presidential palace, closely monitored by police.

Clashes erupted between demonstrators who blocked traffic in University Square and riot police. As demonstrators pelted police with stones, one officer suffered a head injury.

Police used tear gas on the demonstrators, witnesses told local media.


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6 Responses to " Hundreds of Romanians call on President to Quit "

  1. Jessica says:

    Many thousands protested against corruption.

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  2. JanB says:

    Former states of the USSR were pushed into the EU by the Wall Street crime syndicate for two reasons:
    1. to prevent closer relations between the EU and Russia.
    2. to use the antipathy regarding Russia as a pretext to install “security” in the form of the missile shield that ONLY is required to prevent retaliation from Russia after a US (with the NATO fig leaf) nuclear strike, in order to occupy and subsequently plunder the resource-rich nation.

    With the colonial goal realized, the EU population no longer is needed, evidenced by the attack on the euro: both the EU and China are competitors for resources which the Wall Street crime syndicate already has claimed as “rightful possession”, just as it did with fossil fuel reserves in the Middle East.

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    • Just Russian says:

      You are absolutely right, JanB. I just don’t know why so many people cannot see this plot against Russia when it is so obvious. This plot is no secret, it has been sounded many times.

      Russia is and always was the main target because she is the main opponent and the main obstacle for the plan of global enslavement (known as the “New World Order”) by certain criminal financial and political alliance (I am sure you know who are them).

      Of course, “they” want to appropriate Russian rich resources and, of course, “they” are working hard to weaken Russian state by all means – so they could do whatever is planned. “They” forge the history and sow all sorts of hatred against Russia all over the world and especially in the former Soviet Socialist republics (just like in Ukraine, Georgia or Baltic states, by putting there these puppet governments) – so “they” could use those countries and those lands to surround Russia and threaten her, etc.

      “They” also are investing “their” money to ruin Russia from within, using the same scheme, just how “they” do it with every nation that doesn’t agree to serve “them”…And much more else to do in order to “disarm” Russia at all levels, including special inhuman measures to decline her native population.

      The major question is – why “they” take Russia so serious? The answer is – “they” know that Russia remains, actually, the only country in the world that is powerful enough to ruin “their” plans because her people still have very strong spirit against “their” evil scenario. This is why all “they” want and work for is to destroy “Russian spiritual core” completely and thus would be much easier to destroy Russians physically. And IF Russian civilization would be ruined…no one else the same powerful would remain on “their” Godless path and could really resist and fight to death.

      One should know and remember that it is SPIRITUAL BATTLE first of all – between two totally opposite spirits – and only then is ideological, political, economical or military opposition. The worst is that “they” are using that “old like a world” tactics – to push nations against each other and to kill each other. Nations must wake up and stop serving “their” interests this stupid way – as being a “gun meat” for “their” wars.

      We, people, must not become their slaves and their victims!

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    • geo says:

      You are right and wrong. Eastern european countries always hated Russia as Russia occupied them after ww2 as everyone knows. We are more than happy to install a shield on our territory but Russia should not worry about anything as long as they keep their imperialistic aspirations in check. Russians should worry and live in their own country and so should everybody else, americans included. If not, war will continue to be fought on earth.

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  3. Just Russian says:

    All you need to know is here:

    1. The Holy Bible.

    2. And



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  4. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    Just when President asked to be part of EuroLand, so Romania could borrow hundreds trillions EUR, for living on grand scale, at cost of debtors, without capacity of reimbursing ever!
    If Greece is allowed to do so, why should not Romania do the same?

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