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France's Marine Le Pen Would Leave Euro and Slash Immigration

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The charismatic Marine Le Pen has campaigned hard against free trade and the European Union, and has pushed the party’s traditional tough line on crime and immigration.

Marine Le Pen said she would balance France’s books if elected president by leaving the euro, slashing immigration, taxing imports and tapping the central bank for cheap loans instead of the debt markets.

The National Front leader, who ranks third in opinion polls, spelt out the financial planning behind her campaign promises just over three months before the first round of the presidential contest on April 22.

Exploiting discontent over globalization and the debt crisis in Europe, Le Pen has sought to lure voters by detailing her plan to knock the country’s bloated public deficit to zero by the end of 2017.

She said she would raise 200 billion euros ($260 billion) over five-years, in large part by restoring the autonomy of the French central bank and getting it to lend to the government at cheap rates in order to slash debt costs.

Her economic nationalism has seen her continue to closing the gap with incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy. The Ifop poll for Paris Match showed that in the first round, to be held April 22, Socialist candidate Francois Hollande would finish first with 27 percent, followed by Sarkozy with 23.5 percent and National Front candidate Le Pen on 21.5 percent, the poll published today showed today. Another poll however found that Marine Le Pen is more popular than Nicolas Sarkozy which ranks Le Pen as second instead of third.

Mr Hollande is staking out his position as a more reliable, more caring reincarnation of the late President François Mitterrand – without the eloquence or, so far, any clear program.


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  • BG

    Insider Traders could be shot.

    • Jack Longchamp

      You mean inside traders SHOULD be shot ;)

      Hell I didnt even know Mamsel LePen was a Marine
      but I do know that Europe simply NEEDS immigrants –
      cant be helped.

      • BillWhit

        Just what do they need them for? Some are good, but most, especially the muslims, aren’t worth wasting time on, they live off the government, refuse to go by local laws, and cause nothing but problems while they want the lands the immigrate to to conform to their ways, instead of the way it should be, they conform to the law of the land. If Europe refused to take anymore immigrants, it could get back on it’s feet again.

  • roslan bayu


  • BG

    Shout,shout the battle cry of freedom!

  • BG

    A tough stance of those currently given carte blanche to irradiate others for lucre?

  • BG

    After the stinker vamooses it could be a good thing to issue a full disclosure as to the activities of Gladio,the EU and Psilocybin research.

  • Carl


    This is good news, and I hope the French will vote for her.

    Our greatest cancer is immigration-this country (and European nations) has become the toilet bowl of the world and lets in all kinds of con-men, criminals, terrorists, barbarians and thugs from all over the third world.

    It was our own govt. that gave visas to the 9/11 hijackers. It was our government that has allowed millions of fanatics to pour in and set up terror networks. Greedy corporations import cheap foreigners on bogus work visas by lying on H1/Labor Cert. applications while Americans stand in the unemployment line. Even third world politicians have better morals–they do not let foreigners pour in like our most crooked politicians do. Thanks to this third world war aided and abetted by crooked politicians, the US is now the third most populous nation on earth.

    As foreigners pour in, there is more congestion and urban sprawl, shortages of land, water and food, more pollution, more cultural clashes and more crime. Jobs are becoming scarce and wages are falling due to a larger labor pool while home and other prices keep rising due to many more consumers. Oil reserves are becoming depleted and gas and heating oil prices are going through the roof. America is becoming a third-world country, where people will have to stand in line for hours for water and many will urinate and defecate on the roads and in stairwells due to lack of toilet facilities. Starvation and hunger, diseases and depravation will run rampant. Immigrants are bringing plague, AIDS, West Nile, SARS/Swine Flu, dengue fever and TB which kill thousands every year. Violence and corruption are spreading like wild fire.

    Hospitals are overflowing with aliens who have not seen a doctor in ages but who come here with many diseases and demand, and get, free treatment at the taxpayer’s expense, thanks to crooked clauses in laws like EMTALA which force hospitals to provide free care to aliens. This is bankrupting some hospitals and even Medicare and Medicaid, while millions of Americans remain uninsured, and unable to afford basic healthcare. Foreigners are getting jobs under affirmative action and then stealing secrets for their foreign govts. Uncle S(c)am has become a brown-nose of the world, but a mother-beater at home.

    Our evil government and the corrupt media are in the pockets of the greedy corporations that want cheap drudge and are basically “trafficking in humans”. Foreign lobbyists financed sometimes by foreign drug cartels and crime gangs pay-off our govt. kickbacks disguised as campaign contributions to buy them off to pass laws for easy immigration, to allow more foreigers to pour in here so the foreign countries can get rid of their problems and dump them on us. Our politicians are so greedy, evil and corrupt they will sell their own mother, so they have no qualms about selling their own motherland. 3 Million people invade this country every year–more than the REST of the world combined. This massive immigration is turning our nation into a third world country like Mozambique.

    We can stop this cancer of immigration. It is time to join groups such as Numbers USA (http://www.numbersusa.com), or FAIR (http://www.fairus.org), the Minutemen, etc. and take a stand against the greatest evil ever heaped on our nation. It is also time to amend the constitutions in US and Europe to allow national referenda, so the people can pass good laws themselves, since our corrupt evil governments won’t. For eg.


    The most important law to pass is to ban immigration, and the easy visas that let the world’s garbage in. These country need not be a toilet bowl of the world anymore.

    • BillWhit

      Great post, Carl. You put it perfect! I live in Europe but hail from Oklahoma. In America, we need to stop all immigration, especially of muslims, close the border to Mexico with orders to “shoot to kill” anyone crossing into America, also, place minefields between the fences. Then slowly start rounding up all the illegals and kick them out. One of the biggest things we have to do is coming in November, when we have to rid ourselves of this UnAmerican Trash that is sitting in the Oval Office, B. Hussein Obama! I just hope I outlive that whore’s son so that I can pee on his grave, or take a dump!

  • BillWhit

    Every western country should stop all EU enforced immigration, especially those of muslims, who refuse to live by the law of the land and are loyal to no one except their satanic enity, Allah. And the EU sucks so bad that it should be disbanded. I think it is pathetic for unelected officials to order other countries around like they are lapdogs. I guess you can tell I am an American and a Conservative. The EU socialist crap does not set well with me, but I do live in Europe, have for over twenty years. Told everyone, in 1990, not to vote to join the EU, but no one listened! Now look at the shape we are in.

  • unsustain able usa

    AUSTRALIA IS ALSO IN THE shit to many free loaders from china and India USA CAN ROLL UP THEIR FLAG AND SMOKE IT

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