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France outlaws denial of Armenian Genocide

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The French Senate has passed a bill which makes it a crime to publicly deny that the Ottoman Empire’s 1915 killings of Armenians was a genocide. The move sparked fresh condemnation from Turkey, and could lead to further tension.

The upper house of parliament voted 127-86 in favor of the legislation on Monday, after it had been passed by the National Assembly, France’s lower house, last month. To become a law, the bill must be signed by President Nicolas Sarkozy, whose party proposed it.

Denying the Holocaust in France is already a crime punishable by a year in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros; the same punishment would apply to the law the on Armenian Genocide.

The legislation was passed despite Turkey’s threats to retaliate with new sanctions on France – in addition to Ankara’s suspension of military, economic and political ties with France after the National Assembly approved the bill.

Following the vote, Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan branded the French bill “racist and discriminatory”. The Turkish foreign ministry warned that should it be passed into law, Ankara will hold on to sanctions it imposed against France in response to the legislation being put on the table.

“Those who thought that we reacted too harshly to the events, or that our response would be in words only, simply can’t comprehend the issue, Turkey or the Turkish nation,” a statement of the ministry said.

Turkey denies the massacre that claimed an estimated 1.5 million lives – and is the event for which the word “genocide” was created – was a genocide. France, on its part, insists that the new law would not harm Turkey.

“The law does not condemn Turkey in any way. It just sets sanctions for actions aimed at denying several cases of genocide. It is all about implementing European directives, the responsibilities of the French parliament,” French Interior Minister Claude Guéant insisted in an interview.

Executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America, Aram Hamparian, told RT that Monday’s vote in the French Senate was “the approval of genocide-prevention measures – and a vote for a world without genocide.”

It is also a step forward mounting pressure on Turkey to “finally come to terms with Armenian genocide both truthfully and justly,” he insists.

However, Hamparian doubts that Turkey is serious about its threats. “It’s a paper tiger – they make very vocal threats but ultimately don’t follow through,” he says. “They are going to do what they do in terms of trade and military relations based on their own interests.”


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  • geo

    So much for freedom of speech. Besides, does anyone believe in that holohoax joke anymore?

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  • sky

    The day the French were liberated from the Nazis(May 8, 1945); they set in motion their very own genocide. No one knows how many Algerians the French murdered, but estimates are as high as 50,000 people.

    Interesting how the Nazis were preventing the French from murdering defenseless people. History is most unusual.

    Will they next outlaw denial of their own(more recent) Genocide? I think they will prefer to remain hypocrites.

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  • Atila Kovacs

    During World War I, the Ottoman Empire was fighting against Russian armies in Eastern Anatolia, where the Armenian revolt was at its peak; and also against Armenian forces which supported the Russians. On the other hand, behind the lines it had to continue to fight against Armenian guerrillas that were burning Turkish villages and towns and attacking military convoys and reinforcements. In spite of this violence, the Ottoman Empire tried to solve the Armenian problem for months by taking local measures. Meanwhile, an operation was made against the Armenian guerillas and 2345 rebels were arrested for high treason. When it became evident that the Armenian community was also in rebellion against the state, the Ottoman Empire proceeded with the last resort of replacing only those Armenians in the region who actively participated in the rebellion. With this measure, the Ottoman Empire also intended to save the lives of the Armenians who were living in a medium of civil war because Turks started to counter-attack the Armenians who had performed bloody atrocities against Turkish communities.
    in Baku they are published archive materials about the bloody actions of Armenian extremists in Turkey and in the Caucasus at the beginning of the 20th century.
    Armenian nationalists, who propagandize devised Armenian genocide in the entire world, always leave without the answer the calls of historians to open archives, to investigate this question, to show world community real historic evidence. This by them is disadvantageous for one simple reason – archive materials would open the true essence of Armenian nationalism and extremism, would expose assertions about genocide of long-suffering Armenian people. In spite of this, researchers consecutively move in the discovery of the mystery, which zealous want to hide Armenians, transfers AZE.az. Published in Baku new book report of Major General [Bolkhovitinov] about the activity of the Armenian armed forces in Turkey and Transcaucasia in the First World War (Baku: [Azerneshr], 2011), the reflecting true essence of the actions of the Armenian nationalists at the end of the 80’s of the 19th Century and during the years of the First World War in Turkey and in the Caucasus – one additional mite in this direction. In the book is given the 65- page report of tsarist Major General, chief of the General Staff of Russian Caucasian army Leonid [Bolkhovitinova], written to them in December 1915. This archive document for the first time revealed Turkish historian It [mekhmet] [Perindzhek] in the funds for Russian state military history archive. These materials testify about the Armenian atrocities against the innocent civilians in east Anatoliy of Turkey at the beginning of past century and during the years of the First World War. Being based on intelligence information, documents, General Leonid [Bolkhovitinov] gives the reasons for the appearance of the so-called Armenian question, the purposes of Armenian nationalists to create independent Armenia on the blood, the murders of the innocent civilians of Turkish cities. Furthermore, in the report the General of tsarist Russia analyzes the true reasons for the formation of the Armenian guards during the years of the First World War, which warred on the side of Russia against Turkey. In the document clearly it is given to understand that the government of Russia of those days doubts good intentions of Armenians, who desire, allegedly, to help the Russian Empire in the war against Turk. Certainly, Russian General very well understood, what this contradicts the essence of Armenians, who dream by any price to personify into the life idea about the creation of Armenian state – by terror, by bloodshed, by infamous lie, notes [AzerTAdzh]. Presenting the history of the appearance Armenian question, [L].[Bolkhovitinov] he writes that it was raised at the end of the 80’s of the 19th Century, when collisions began in the territory of Turkey between the Armenians and the Turks. According to the evidence of General, to this moment in the eastern part of Turkey these peoples peacefully got along: Prior to the beginning of the ninetieth years, in Turkey itself an Armenian question there did not exist completely or it by no means had that painting, which was obtained more lately. Armenians, Turks, Kurds lived together, and no special misunderstandings, which were being exceeded the limits of usual neighborly quarrels, between them it occurred, since they all were located in the completely identical conditions. But formed in England, France, Austria and America the circles of Armenian political dreamers raised a question about new Armenian self-consciousness and creation of independent state on the territory of Turkey. But for achievement this purpose they initiated bloody collisions in Turkey in order to convince Europe of the fact that the Armenians in Turkey undergo the most severe persecutions. General [L].[Bolkhovitinov] also considers that the Armenian nationalists became instrument for realizing of political ideas of the foreign countries, by purpose of which it was via [uchineniya] in Turkey of bloody pogroms subsequently obtain the levers of pressure on the Turkish government. Thus, Armenian leaders with the enthusiasm were taken putting into action of the insidiously suggested by it thought. They appeared at their people with the reckless sermon: It is necessary to only spill the blood, and Armenians will obtain everything desired with the aid of Europe. And it is here at the beginning of the 90’s of the 19th Century in Turkey cities, in which the Armenians lived, began to act such Armenian organizations, as [Gnchak], Dashnaktsutyun and Armenia. [L].[Bolkhovitinov] he writes that during the subsequent years the Armenian ideologists from the words switched over to action and they began to organize attacks on Turk in their territory. General describes the armed attacks of murderous groups headed by [Kukunyanom], By [seropom], [Andranikom]. The purpose of such groups was the redoubling of the state of Armenian peasants in the Turkish provinces, and doom to a number of calamities in the favor of the theories of their more cultural compatriots, who took upon itself the right to manage the fate of the lowest brother, into the name of the unrealizable idea of the creation of free state. In the report of Russian General it is noted that the new phase of an Armenian question began more lately in the territory of Russia, in particular, in the Caucasus and on Azerbaijan earth. As it writes [L].[Bolkhovitinov], the activists of party Dashnaktsutyun placed to themselves the purpose to put into practice its ideals via terror in the attitude not only of the persons of other nationalities, but also its compatriots, who relate in the mass it is completely inert and it is unimportant to [propovedyvaemym] by party to political precepts. General informs also about the not had precedent in the Caucasus attacks of Armenians to the Azerbaijanians. In 1905 Armenian ideologists for the embodiment of their dream begin to search for aids in tsarist government, start themselves political, diplomatic contrivances for the realization of myth about great Armenia. However, after the beginning of the First World War and about

    The Young Turk movement, AKA Committee of Union and Progress, arose out of the Rothschilds’ oil interests in the Black Sea area of the Ottoman Empire in the late 1800s. ‘Creating stability’ in an incendiary realm was necessary for the Rothschilds’ new oil enterprise Baku Oil. The ‘instability’ of the Armenian Christians’ financial and intellectual prominence in the area was not ‘good for business.’


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  • Buss

    In The French Senate is a bill which if passed will makes it a crime to publicly deny Canadian holocaust as well.

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