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Dead Birds Falling from the Sky Again in the US

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Rain of dead birds: Is Beebe Arkansas haunted or bewitched? Now this cannot be a coincidence. Almost a year to the day after we reported in this column a rain of thousands of dead birds in Beebe Arkansas, there are reports of a repeat of the event in 2012. The birds seemed to be crazed, as if they were driven by super-natural forces. What is happening in Beebe?

Remember the story “What is going on?” on January 5, 2011? (*) Almost a year ago to the day, we reported several strange incidents in the United States of America – 5,000 red-winged blackbirds plummeting to the ground in Beebe, Arkansas, 100,000 drum fish 160 km. away also in Arkansas and a further group of 500 birds just south of Arkansas.

Then there were other incidents in Chesapeake Bay, between Virginia and Maryland (a mass of two million fish floating belly up), Volusia County, Florida (thousands of fish) and a further mass kill of thousands of fish in Lake Azuei, Haiti. Then there was a reported incident in Canada, in which the authorities tried to cover up a bird incident and others in Brazil, the UK, Japan, Sweden and Thailand.

This year, back to Arkansas again and another mass bird kill incident and again, precisely in Beebe, and yet another rain of dead birds falling indiscriminately over the city. The first rain of dead birds occurred at around 19.00 on December 31, according to the local authorities.

Ah right, it was the fireworks. And the fish? Or was it a weather balloon?

Just what is going on in Beebe?


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  • Bio Chemical Agent/ Black plague, death angel upon America 2012. I talk about this on my radio program. Tune in http://www.propheticwatchmanvine.com Sat night live 9pm EST, click on video to listen. the “Unfolding of 2012” Part-2 This that happen with the black birds was declared in Dec 2010 on my radio program and also in Dec.2011, that it would hit in 2012. prepare for the invasion of America the Russians and China are on there way. Just as it has been told since 1979 for 32 years. The time clock of the demise of America will start in 1994-2012 eighteen years for America and her total demise would come. The fall of America that has bear no fruit for the first time, that started in 2009. Obama would be the last U.S. President and not finish his term. America will not see another President by we the people, it is over. America was founded in blood and it will end in blood these are the things that was told to me in dreams and visions. I will be covering some very important prophetic info. this Sat. night.

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    • your_friend

      I agree to most of your saying but one thing I disagree with you is for us people its not over. You’ll know what I mean soon.

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  • Shadowhand18

    This is not due to any government bio agents, or end time prophecies, this is merely a natural occurance that is happening due to the pole shifts that we are currently in. Because of this shift, many animals specifically birds internal navigational perception are disoriented disabling them to migrate to areas suitable for their survival(Migration to warmer climates). Certain birds migrate to areas that are foreign to their habitats, and to areas where they are not able to sustain themselves and then die.

    Many birds also fly farther and farther away then they are used to and die. Because of exaustion over the strainious flights,they just drop out of the sky and die out as they could not reach their destination.
    Increase in Co2 produced from machinery and other pollutions produced from humans also increase the death of birds as they migrate.

    These events have happen before in our ancient history, but because our ancestors lack the knowledge that we have today, they wrote about them in a more exaggerated form using the knowledge that they knew at that time which 99% of the time was related to cultists religions like today, and illogical, uneducated word of mouth stories. In ancient times they believed that these events happened because a god was angry,or that the heavens were angry, but in truth it was nothing more than natural climate changes, and shifting of the planets axes which happens every 26,000 years.

    In the year 2012 (Present) we are due for another pole shift which has been currently active as early as 2008 and the climate will continue to behave as such. Overpopulation is also to blame partially for the increase of the violent nature of these natural occurances. Many of these occurances were documented by our primative forefathers as prophecies,but prophecies are subject to change as long as the people have the knowledge and wisdom to change them just as many has been changed already.

    The world is not going to end in 2012 nor any years after. 2012 is only the end of an old cosmic cycle that will usher in a new cycle where planets shift in the universe just as they have done so in the past. This cycle is in comparison to a season, except it is happening on a grand and more cosmical scale. This shift is also happening in our oceans as well as our entire solar system.

    In years to come, we will discover numerous amounts of species that we have never seen before. This will happen because again many things are shifting around remeniscent to a closet being organized for more space. Good luck guys, and I hope this knowledge will help ease those end of the world fears that are going around. There is nothing to fear but your own ignorance. :-D

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    • Cavsc

      There is a contradiction. If this has happened before in ancient times, that would preclude the cause of CO2 gases.

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  • godswarrior

    we have been so terribly decieved people , your really gonna by into the garbage these scientists force feed you ? it’s a trick by the enemy of GOD for we are told looking into the stars , science , magic , fortune telling , communicating with the dead are all dark forbidden knowledge , he’s a master of lies snap out of the matrix and pick up ur bible put down ur tv controls and turn the radio off quit getting brainwashed … Jesus tells us there will be many signs before the time is close to his return .. cmon bro all these birds , 100 tons fish brazil , 40,000 crabs europe , 2 million cows put to death south korea foot mouth disease .. these are the beginning of the trumpets blowing the birth pangs have started who u riding with ? there is no GOD but YAHWEH and his only begotten son Jesus Christ who died for our sins

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  • Shadowhand19

    There is nothing wrong with having religious beliefs, but the biggest issue with mankind is that many cannot tell where fantasy ends and reality begins. The raptures often potrayed in the man made bibles are nothing more than over exaggerated word of mouth stories mixed with twisted truth of true spirituality, knowledge suppressing statements, and visions of delusional individuals.

    The bible also contain truths, but they are very very limited, and are very difficult to sort out amongst the many fabricated stories hendering anything that can be valid as truth. Having religious beliefs are not bad, for this is a natural occurance amongst many civilizations across the multiverses, but what’s different about mankind here on earth is that our religions tend to put a god or gods in charge of us hendering any chances of finding true knowledge of spirituality using the so called “Free Will” often talked about here and keeping us from owning up to our own responsibilities in our own choices whether there good or bad.

    Jmmanuel was falsely named “The Christ” after his so called ressurection. In truth Jmmanuel never died on the actual “Y” shaped cross for his body went into a sort of comatose like state, the same state our bodies go through in cases of shock where the body experiences extreme pain. After his brutal torture, he was put in the tomb where he was cared for, and escaped by a secret exit not known but by a selected few, left to continue his teachings in india, and lived out the rest of his life until his death as a normal human being just like you and I. Before he left for his travels, he told his disciples/disciple the truth of his state, who in return told others, who in return twisted the story to elevate him as a divine being or creator. This belief is very illogical and very inacurate for there is no living being that is above and beyond the creation herself be it human or extraterrestrial.

    The Anti-Christ often mention in the religious books is nothing more but a new age where mankind slowly starts to reject the primative thinking of a overlord god started by cultists religions, and we all as a race turn towards the truth of true spirituality and come back in order with creation that we so lost millions of years ago, where truth, love, and wisdom is the only true and natural way of peace.

    God or “Yahweh” is nothing more but a title originating from the word “Ischwsch” which translate to supreme keeper of knowledge, or king of wisdom. These names or titles can be traced back in very early times by our ancient ancestors who were visted by people not originating from our world or in fact our solar systems who look EXACTLY like you and I(but this is a whole new story in which many will disregard as truth).

    As I mentioned above, we are currently in a pole shift. The tectonic plates below the ocean are shifting at an alarming rate, disturbing billions of fish and millions of other undiscovered species, forcing them to migrate and move to areas that seem very strange and unusual for their kind. This is completely normal as this has happen many times before.

    The Mayans were a very advance race in astrology and calender times. The Mayans predicted that in the year 2012, a cosmic cycle will come to an end, and a new cycle will continue where the age of aquarius would be the age of peace, wisdom, and harmony with the old creative energies of creation where mankind will start to understand and love each other nothing more nothing less.

    On December 21, 2012 (this year) during the winter solstice our solar system will shift and be closer to the great central sun (Milky Way) of our universe. When this happens, we all as a race will experience the creative loving energy of creation and we could possibly see the milky way as if we are literally standing in the center. Due to the limited nature of the human eyes some of use may see this, and some of us may not since most of this will happen on a more internal and spiritual level. After the 21st, the world will continue normally as if nothing ever happened just like the case in 1999 where 2000 was the supposed year of turmoil and end of the world scenarios, but yet here we stand posting about another end of time event what a coincidence! :)

    Many will see this post and either ridicule it, believe it and understand, or let religion be the deciding factor of the truth within, but it is perfectly fine, and totally normal for everyone will find the truth in their own way and on their own time. Again, Good luck guys, and remember there is nothing to fear but your own ignorance. :-D

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  • Deadly Skies

    :roll: Look up to the skies. Within the past year, there I’ve witnessed an increase of Chemtrails throughout our skies. No, they are not your typical jet airliners flying over. Almost on a daily basis, I watch the Chemtrail planes spray the skies, crisscrossing in all directions as the regular passanger jets fly to and from the airport.

    The weather reports will forecast rain or snow but it never falls. A sunny day will become overcast with Chemtrail clouds. The particles falling leave a dusting over the cars, plants, homes, windows, etc. The air we breath feels heavier.

    I watch TV programs and note Chemtrails in the background skies of the show. These are not your airline jets whose tails dissipate within seconds. These are trails which linger for minutes, expanding as they are blown by the air current.

    Look up to the skies!

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