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Somalia Next UK's Oil War Target

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Britain is apparently preparing its troops for the next oil war in Africa after Prime Minister considered Somalia as a “failed state” that has been threatening Britain’s interests and security.

As the British government considered Libya’s regime change as a victory of the Nato forces, it is now looking for its next humanitarian intervention in oil-rich states in the Middle East and Africa.

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell once again painted Somalia as the hotbed of terrorism and described the East African country as “a very direct threat to the security of the United Kingdom,” concluding “It’s right that we should deepen our involvement” in the crisis hit country as it is the most “dysfunctional” in the world.

Highlighting the humanitarian crisis in Somalia, Mitchell announced that Britain will offer aid package, including 9,000 tons of food and medical supplies, to the drought-ravaged areas in the Horn of Africa in Christmas.

“This is not only about saving the lives of huge numbers of vulnerable babies and children, it is also about doing the right thing to promote British security,” he claimed.

Seemingly a poor country which has always been struggling with civil wars and natural disasters such as flood and famine, Somalia has immense oil and gas reserves and some other natural resources like Uranium, iron and zinc.

According to World Bank reports, Somalia is the second African country with vast unexploited oil reserves, Puntland Province alone is able to produce between 5 and 10 billion barrels of oil.

Meanwhile analysts believe that as the western oil companies planning to start exploration in some of the regions, the politicians will use the pretext of fighting terrorism to impose war to secure more drillings all over the country.

Furthermore, UK’s state run TV, BBC, has been reporting that terrorism and the current militants are the underlying causes of the humanitarian crisis. Picturing people struggling for life and showing militants as the enemy, the media is now paving the way for military intervention in the country to protect Somalia’s civilians.

Britain promised to use the London Conference on Somalia, announced last month by David Cameron, to introduce fresh steps to fight terrorism in the war-torn country.

Envoys from Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and the United States are to attend the conference to deliver “a new international approach to Somalia,” the Foreign Office said in a statement.

“It will form the basis for coordinated and sustained international leadership on Somalia, bringing together international partners,” it added.

As the drums are echoing around Somalia, the analysts stress that it would be the next front line for the western allies to install a pro-western government and officials.


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