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Russian strike forces Moved to EU Borders if necessary

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President Dmitry Medvedev has said that Russia may be forced to take new steps in response to further deployment of American missile defense system in Europe.

“Our response to European missile defense will be gradual. The first stage has already been completed – that was the launching of the radar system in Kaliningrad,” Medvedev said at a meeting with his and Prime Minister Putin’s supporters on Thursday.

The president warned that more steps will follow if necessary.

“But I really would not like any of the Russian leaders to make the decision to deploy strike forces at our borders at the end of this decade,” Medvedev added.

He underlined that Russia remains “absolutely open” for talks on the issue with NATO partners.

“We are only saying that if our partners fail to come to terms with us on certain parameters in the coming 10, nine or eight years, we will be compelled to make some steps,” Medvedev pointed out.

The head of state said that time has not run out yet for the sides to iron out their differences. However, if the situation develops the in the vein it is now, Russia will have to respond.

“We have both material and military prerequisites for that,” Medvedev said.

The president observed that it is clear to everyone that “missile defense is the continuation of the strategic nuclear forces, only with the use of different means.”

“If we have the parity of the strategic nuclear balance, any action that breaks this parity will change such a balance. We will have to respond to these actions,” he said.

Last week the leader announced that Russia will deploy strike systems in the west and south of the country and deploy Iskander missiles in the Kaliningrad Region in order to counter the risk posed by the European missile defense system. The move followed the US failure to provide any legally-binding guarantees that its project would not be targeted against Russia.

Commenting on the decision at the Thursday meeting, Medvedev underlined that his statement was well-considered and had no election implications.

“I’ll tell you frankly, in fact I was forced to make it,” he said. The president pointed out that lately he had repeatedly tried to discuss the creation of a joint defense system in Europe with his colleagues from NATO states. However, his initiatives have found no support.

Back in November 2010, at the Russia-NATO summit in Lisbon, Russia accepted an invitation to participate in the creation of the European missile defense shield. However, Moscow insisted that it would only take part in the project as an equal partner, rather than a passive observer – the way the US and its partners in the alliance saw it.

Medvedev recalled that after the summit, during a bilateral meeting, his American counterpart Barack Obama said that the US would not sign any legally-binding documents with Russia on missile defense, including a sectoral defense system that Moscow suggested. Obama said that Washington saw no political gain from signing such an agreement and added that the document would not pass the US Congress and a whole range of European structures.


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  • geo

    Like I said before, Russia is threatening to attack the civilized world again. So be it. Nato will have no choice but respond appropriately. Russia will be forever destroyed and burned beyond recognition. Bring it on, Russia!

    • Billy Wacko

      Listen Geo, I’ve seen some of your comments and how you call everyone names who you disagree with. I say let’s have a civilized conversation without name callings since you’re advocating for being nice and civilized.
      You’re really against Russia. You see Russia as the old devil who suppressed Eastern Europeans years ago back in the communist days and you’re right about that. Russia was a great devil back then and it deserved no pity for what they did to everyone but the thing is that things have changed now and your old grudge/hatred against Russia isn’t allowing you to see the facts.
      And the facts are that Russia today is a free, powerful but peaceful nation, while the US and most of the EU nations (UK, France, Germany) on the other hand are becoming what Russia used to be back in the communist days.

      In America, people are losing their freedoms, rights, money, lives and so many other values, everyday.
      I see you’re so easily advocating for war as if war is some kind of computer video game which is fun. Well let me tell you shortly about war! In wars, people die on both sides, everyone gets affected in some ways and the economy goes down as well as wars cost money also, not only lives and in these times of economic crisis, you’re advocating for wars?
      What would you say if America would attack Romania and kill thousands just like they did in Yugoslavia your neighbor, or more recently in Libya? Would you like that? Would you like to see innocent Romanians get bombed to death? In wars, innocent people always die, they call them “collateral damage” and who says that no innocents die, is a big time liar and a sadistic bastard!

      The “civilized” West (which should now be known as “FORMER civilized West”) is attacking everyone, like a maddog out of its leach and these wars are not patriotic at all, because while they attack Libya and encourage civil unrest in Egypt and Syria, they also welcome thousands from these countries to come move and live in the EU as refugees. These people are often unchecked and many criminal fugitives could as well be among these “refugees” but non-the less, they are welcomed in.

      I can see you’re some sort of nationalist which is good but you have to wake up, Russia ain’t the evil one anymore. The so called civilized west is entirely run by Zionist Jews. Russia on the other hand arrested dozens of Jewish oligarchs. Some of them ran to “civilized” UK where they are protected by the British government while they are wanted in Russia for theft, fraud, etc An example is the Jewish oligarch Roman Abramovich.

      As for Romania…. all I can say is, have you ever watched this IMPORTANT video?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohtU7x6dKb8

      So do you still support “the civilized west”? I hope I managed to open your eyes a little.

  • geo

    Listen Billy, if you ever bothered to read others’ comments before my comments you would find out that I only called names those (retards) who called me names such as “gypsy” etc. I an not a gypsy nor is Romania a gypsy filled country. Tere are way more gypsies or blacks or arabs in western Europe than in Romania. As a matter of fact it always strikes me when I see so many non-french or non -english or non italians from the third world in those countries. Should I call the french or the brits “pakies” just because they have so many indians? Now, I see that you are from the USA, you’re probably an american of russian/european descent? Believe me Billy, I have travelled across the USA more than you and I know many americans! A lot of them are brainwashed trigger happy killers whom I despised a lot. Some are not so. But the USA as a whole has had and still has the power to conquer and enslave Europe/eastern Europe “russian style”. Yet they didn’t. Russians however, did that. I AM NOT AGAINST DECENT RUSSIAN CITIZENS BUT AGAINST RUSSIA AS A SYSTEM OF WORLD MASTER WANNA BE! You Billy never lived during russian dominance times, never seen commie type jails,

  • geo

    …commie type jails, I have! Do you even know what russians are capable of??? They murdered millions of ukranians, romanians, poles, lithuanians etc. YOU SIR, DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY CAN DO. Look on the map. Where is Russia? What business does Russia have to threaten EVERY EUROPEAN CAPITAL with nuclear missiles? Why don’t they just enjoy life in Russia without threatening us, europeans? They seem to be dumb enough to pick a fight with Nato, even though Nato is a huge military collosum, compared to Russia’s old army.Russia isn’t run by the global elites? Dream on. Russia is using the almighty dollar for their international trade. They bow in front of the dollar.If they ever decide not to sell gas for dollars, they wouldn’t sell gas at all! You see? Russia is just a little slave of America. So why making all this noise?

    • Billy Wacko

      Hi, thank you for trying to respond in a civilized manner. Yes I did noticed that they were too calling you names. I know Romania is not a gypsy country nor did I said so.
      I know most Americans are brainwashed/braindead but did my first comment towards you sounded like as if I am brainwashed?
      Actually America did conquered Eastern Europe and not only that but the entire world except a few countries here and there. Eastern Europe is already under Zio-American rulership. Your president just like our president is a puppet.
      Yes I never had to live throughout these terrible communist days and like I said in my first comment, I totally condemn these times. I am aware that communism has killed tens of millions of people. I am totally against communism, but you’re living in Romania, a country which just got rid of communism some 20 years ago, while my country is just starting to descend into communism. You don’t live here, you don’t know how it’s like here. Everything it’s starting to get socialized, social health, banker bailouts, bailouts for minority groups only, job discrimination (affirmative action), police arresting people without warrants, crackdowns on farmers, even informants hired by DHS just like in the Soviet times, etc
      You have got to wake up! This is not 1970’s or 1980’s when everyone was scared of evil communist Russia. This is 2011! Russia is fully changed and believe me, I am not of Russian descent, actually there aren’t many Russians here and those that are… are kind of having difficult times, they are suspected of being spies, discriminated against, etc. I’m of German/Irish/English descent but that is not relevant because this is not our topic of discussion.
      You’ve asked me why is Russia threatening Europe? Well let me ask you, why is Romania accepting to build US military bases and missile shields? Don’t threat Russia and Russia won’t threat you, it’s that simple. America has already encircled Russia and it’s fully understandable that Russia feels threatened and turned aggressive. America now has military bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, South Korea, Alaska, Turkey, Romania, Poland, etc Russia is virtually encircled.
      How would you respond if a gang of gypsies encircled you and slowly approached you little by little, while you were just having a walk in the park minding your own business? This is exactly what is happening to Russia today. Have a look at this picture, you should understand Russia’s situation from it: http://eurorus4en.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/nato_russia_missiles-map.jpg

      Please don’t bring history into discussion again. I told you already, I condemn Russia for its communist past but that’s it! Today it’s just history, I’m not going to judge today’s modern Russian Federation for what it did 20 years ago. You should not live in the past. Years have passed and times have changed. And regarding the “look on the map” remark, it’s actually you Romanians who should ” look on the map”. Russia is close to Romania. Not border close but close! Romania is an ant against a bear. Romania should try to be a good friend and neighbor to Russia not an angry ant who tries to annoy the bear.

      Anyway, don’t worry, Ron Paul will win the 2012 elections (I hope so) and everything will change. No one will hate America anymore and there won’t be any more wars and war threats.

      I urge you to read my previous comment again and analyze both my first and second comment. Watch the video I sent you in my first comment. It is vitally important.

      I will have to end this conversation right here because this will most likely won’t lead anywhere… your hatred for Russia is impossible to reason with.

  • geo

    You know…this may be news to you but the world was under the global elites’ domination for a long time now, even before Napoleon times and around America’s fight from independence from Britain.W

  • geo

    Shit; I keep on pressing something! Anyways, who do you think financed ALL bigger wars among nations, on earth? The big financieers did! It has always been a game where people are nothing but playing cards in the hands of the globalists. You think that I didn’t know that the USA is nothing but a huge communist state? I knew it long ago and that’s why I decided not to move there. I simply left that god forgotten continent but not before I told everyone I knew to LEAVE because bad bad times will be coming to America. You think I didn’t see how the cops were pulling cars over (in California) supposedly checking for mexicans and drugs? It was all a drill, meant to exercise control on the american people.I saw how cops pull people over , almost ready to shoot. This is unheard of in Romania. I KNEW THAT THE USA IS NOTHING BUT A COMMINIST, A REAL COMMUNIST COUNTRY. I laughed hard when I saw the twins collapse as I knew it was an inside job. :-D The patriot act was an act of ressurection for communism, but the americans are too fat to even think about it. But if you think that Russia is “democratic” you are mistaken too. Russia is just as communist as the USA is with a touch of nationalism. Yes, Romania is an ant compared to Russia but so was Finland in the finnish-russian war and managed to kill 10 times as many russians. Russia can rely on one thing only; nukes. Without them Russia is a big pussy, just like it was in ww2. Just like it is compared to the USA. The russsians are dumb enough to let themselves be drawn into a war with the USA and Nato. Now that’s what you call an ant and a bear. Russia can be bombed day and night by hyperspatial US planes (yes , they exist) so Russsia has only 1 choice: nukes. But that would mean virtual annihilation of Russia and us maybe. The other choice for the world: not to start a war. OH BY THE WAY-I JUST HEARD AN HOUR AGO ON TV THAT CHINA IS THREATENING THE USA WITH WW3 IF THEY START A WAR WITH IRAN. This is getting more and more interesting by the day! Will we live or will we all die?

  • Vlad the Impaler

    Billy, I’ll try to make a guess or a point: this prick with Romanian flag is in fact a cunt from the second romanian speaking state, Republic of Moldova.
    Only there you’ve got complete idiots, who hate Russia,no matter if Jesus Christ will say the opposite.
    Also,this idiot is contradicting himself,i.e. Russia wants to attack the f** “civilized world””; Russia is a slave of US etc. He is suffering of paranoia,just ignore him.

  • Billy Wacko

    Geo, you know Vlad is right about the self contradicting thing… on one hand you’re saying that you know America is turning into an evil communist enclave, on the other hand you’re still praising America as a divine example for the entire world to follow.
    Russia isn’t a communist regime anymore, they respect property rights, freedom rights, freedom of having an ELECTED and not self appointed government and of course, the right to own a business. Under communism, all companies are seized then run by the state.
    Russia is now patriotic, not communist, and Putin is a strong leader with a great image. People in Russia love him, Obama on the other hand is despised in America.

    Regarding a WW3 where Russia would battle NATO. Do you think China would not join in the fight to help Russia? Iran will join too and believe me, Iran is powerful, 10 times more powerful than Romania. And don’t tell me Iran is not powerful because if it wasn’t, NATO would have attacked Iran long ago but they are scared because they know Iran has a powerful army even with the capability of attacking US.

    ANYWAY it’s your choice to believe what you want. At least I hope you read my comments carefully without skipping through the lines.

    Vlad, I don’t think Geo is from Republic of Moldova, their flag is different and if you hold your cursor on top of his flag, a writing saying “Romania” will appear. So he’s clearly from Romania.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    Bill,about half of moldovans have romanian passports. he simply lives in romania. you can google and will convince yourself about that.
    I know for a fact that most of romanians do not have such a disgusting attitude towards russia as this idiot has.only some idiots from moldova have such a hostile attitude.
    made some researches and been told about.

    • geo

      Hahahaha heres Vlad the paki again! Take your moldovans and shove them up your ass, paki! Thay are half russified and non romanian. I despise them more than the ruskies.And you Billy, you are not listening to me; I said that the USA could have taken over Europe “russian style”, after ww2, yet they didn’t. But they made a big mistake allowing Russia to gain control of eastern Europe, over countries like Romania, Hungary, Poland , the baltic states-COUNTRIES THAT FOUGHT TO DEATH AGAINST THE RUSSIANS! The americans should have realized that russians are imperialistic (see Russia’s history) and thay (the americans) should have never allowed those dirty subhumans to control half of Europe! LOOK AT THE RESULT NOW; Russia is threatening Europe and US sites with nuclear strikes! Russia is not imperialistic? Look what they did to former Basserabia (Moldova), the 14 th army is still in Transdnistria! NO MY FRIENDS, YOU ARE BADLY MAISTAKEN IF YOU THINK THAT RUSSIA IS NOT IMPERIALISTIC! Just last year they had a huge exercize mocking the attack on Poland. LOOK! Germany, England and France, long time historical enemies HAVE CEASED to threaten each other in this new 21st century. The old enemies have finally made peace!!! But Russia is threatening all of them with nukes. Fucking funny. Guess what. If Germany rearmed, they could take on the steel giant Russia all by itself. Where’s Russia’s power? A few old vessels, 20 000 t72, t-80 tanks, 4-5000 planes of various ages? PLLEEEAASSE! Russia can only threaten the world with missiles.That’s it. Iran? You must be joking if you compare Iran’s army to Romania’s. Romania has a limited army because we don’t wanna spend the money on countless planes, tanks and missiles. But we are Nato. That’s the idea of Nato. Every Nato country with a smaller force. Even if Romania had 4000 planes and 40 000 tanks, no country can resist by itself. Romania has 95% home ownership instead. We don’t want to invade anyone; but we can defend ourselves ok, as history has shown.Or at least I hope so. Iran? Iran will be wiped out by USA you’ll see. But you know the real target, right? RUSSIA!

      • Billy Wacko

        Geo this my last response to you as I already said that I want to end this pointless conversation because I find it impossible to reason with you.
        America did NOT NEEDED to take over Romania in “Russian style” because Romania ran like crazy towards us, “ohh take us America, marry us and do whatever you want with us”.
        And no, today’s Russia is not imperialistic anymore. Name one example of today’s Russian imperialism and I will name you a triple number of American imperialism.
        Geo, I’m sure Vlad from UK ain’t no Paki. He certainly doesn’t sound like a Paki to me and actually I didn’t know Pakis carry Russia in their hearts, lol.

        Vlad, I see you’re from Britain but your nickname is “Vlad the Impaler” which was Dracula, the famous Romanian prince, right? Are you also a Romanian? I don’t know if Geo is Moldovan, he really seems to hate them too. He is a misguided brainwashed sheep, just like the rest. The only difference is that he has a persistent voice.
        He cheers for WW3 and the destruction of the white people in Russia, Moldova and in America too, because if such a tragic war ever happens, we won’t get out of it unscratched. A few years ago his praising for my country would have warmed my heart but these days America has become impossible for us to love BUT we did not lost all our hope. We have Ron Paul which is our voice. Most of us here are fed up with policing the world, attacking everyone and sending foreign aid to everyone while we are in deep trouble here. Whose sending foreign aid to us now when we need it??? We sent billions if not even trillions to Israel in foreign aid. Now, that we’re in a deep financial crisis, where is Israel’s foreign aid towards America?? So we desperately need Ron Paul to win and change everything. If Obama wins another term, this country will be doomed, there won’t be anything left to save. I thought about moving out but not just yet, first I have to stay here and help Ron Paul win.

        • geo

          Hillbilly, before calling me a misguided brainwashed sheep learn some grammar; “America did not needed”, “we did not lost”! I really wonder where you finished highschool, maybe at the “HILLBILLY HIGHSCHOOL”! HAHAHAAAA Go get an education, learn english first before making an ass of yourself! Don’t tell me you are black too! You write like a damn nigga. So see you at war, loser. Say hi to Stalin from me-when you see him in hell. HILL-BILLY!

          • Billy Wacko

            Yeap, now it’s pretty obvious to me why absolutely everyone is against you. I’ve tried to understand you and see why everyone around here hates you. Have you ever had a look at your comment rates? You’re always getting thumb downs… because you’re a fucking retard and everyone hates you!
            Eat shit and die stupid Romanian gypsy boy! Has it ever crossed your tiny Romanian rotten brain that listens to manele music that I could have been tired or something? Do you think I have the time to read the shit that I type all over again just so it can be immaculate for a worthless piece of shit like you?
            You’ve got an education? Where in the Romanian toilet schools? The best toilet-school in Romania is still worse than the worst school in the US. You’re calling everyone around here Pakis, Niggas, Gypsies, etc Again, eat shit and die, you paranoid lonely tard.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    also,he claimed that he lived under russian occupation/jails etc. romania never was under russian occupation. only R.of Moldova was incorporated under USSR and set herself free in the early ’90s last century.
    so, i do not believe i’m wrong in my reasoning.

    • geo

      Mind your own business paki. Nobody’s talking to a retard. Go have sex with that loser -LILI-PUTIN!

  • geo

    Fucking retarded Billy, learn how to write english first before talking about someone else’s education. You are OBVIOUSLY uneducated while at least I speak and write several languages. Unlike you nonwhite gypsy nigga! hahahaaa

  • Vlad the Impaler

    Bill, u should keep your calm buddy. this one with the romanian flag is a retarded slut and all he does,is to follow the satanic training he received,i.e. checking others’ spelling etc.
    the most obvious he does not see, is that, he is contradicting himself and being a pathological liar.
    even Charles said he’s got a stake in romania and that he is a desscendant of Vlad Tsepesh :roll: so i am in a way as well :)
    he will not win,billy. I mean ron paul.and you know why,don’t ya? even if he is nominated,he will be assasinated like kennedy. you need an armed revolution in america. this shit “americans to be detained indefinetly by the army without trial” was not even under stalin or Mao rules!! it is frightening billy…

    and definetly this cunt is from Moldova. he admited himself. he is so stupid that he does not realise it… :)

  • to the retarded psychopat with romanian flag:

    From Russia With Love

    Nick Griffin MEP was recently invited to attend Russia as an eyewitness to their elections. What follows below is a round-up of some of the tweets and pictures sent back from Russia over the last few days. Once Nick is back in the UK, he has promised a full write up on his experiences in Russia for this website.


    Just on plane to Moscow. Invited as independent elections observer. Wisely, they don’t trust the Western ‘mainstream’ to be fair to Russia. Neo-cons want Russia back under control


    Moscow traffic as heavy as London’s. Drivers seem calmer than in Brussels – that not hard, mind!

    Not light til gone 9. I’m very punctual by Russian standards!


    Interview with main Russian TV news. They ask what instructions I have. Answer: none, except to say what I see.


    Note that in official advance presentations, all 7 parties are treated equally. Unlike in Britain.


    UK Electoral Commission could learn a lot from Russian set up to monitor & improve elections.


    No postal voting here. They see immediately how the Labour-imposed system is corrupt.

    Have been monitoring for 4 hours in Moscow polling stations. Spoken to activists of all parties.


    Kossak singers and dancers at lunchtime.


    Folk songs & a dozen strange things to eat! Not sure now if observing elections or dead in heaven!


    Except for the horseradish vodka, which is really rather vile!


    People here shocked at just a few of the facts I tell them about how bent the UK electoral process really is.


    Eye opening being in a country that has set up a democratic system recently and with intention of being honest & transparent. UK elections are a bent farce by comparison.

    I’m going to ask Civil Control and the international observers to come to Britain and see how bad it is.

    My comments on the lack of UK-style subversion of democracy in Russia well received on Russia1 TV.


    With nearly all votes counted, Putin’s United Russia lost ground but still has absolute maj of seats.


    United Russia 238 seats. Communist 92. Just Russia (Social Democrat) 64. LibDems (nats) 56.
    Monday 08:45 Quirky humour here. Cardboard cut out of head of Electoral Commission includes cardboard dog.

    88% of independent foreign observers found running of election ‘very good’. 1O% ‘good’ 2% ‘satisfactory’. Handful of small technical failings in a few polling stations didn’t affect validity of election.

    Finally, a text message sent from Nick yesterday evening to one of the head office team; “I think I’ve been transported to a parallel universe. The entire electoral system in this supposedly totalitarian state is ten times fairer than Britain’s. And so now; suggestions please on how to get the porcelain tea set we were each given home by plane?!”


  • dave

    To geo
    Are you an idiot
    The russians have the right to protec ther citizens from harm,and thats the only reason geoga got ther ass whipped,they violated human rightgs and russia put the boot to there ass.Thank god they are standing up for those whom are to weak to stand alone.
    Thank god for russia and china standiing up for iran and syria or we would be at war right now,and allthe worlds children whould be dieing The u.s. has gone astray and needs aboot put to the ass of those in the white house, and Russia is just the one to do it and if Ron Paul dont get electied they need to

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