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Russian navy in Syria is thorn in US’s side

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The aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov"

The US-based intelligence-gathering firm Stratfor says most of the claims by the Syrian opposition about the seriousness of the country’s crisis are untrue. The company insists protesters are exaggerating, to win support from powers like the US.

­Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan administration official, told RT he believes Washington is doing more than simply backing the rebels diplomatically.

“The United States is bold in stirring up the opposition and in arming it. They used the cover of the Arab Spring and Arab protests as they did in Libya,” he said. “These are not spontaneous protests, and certainly in an authoritarian state like Syria you wouldn’t find people in opposition able to readily supply themselves with arms, with military weapons.”

Besides, Roberts continued, it makes no sense for ordinary Syrians to create an opportunity for the country to be destroyed like Libya, Iraq, or Afghanistan.

“What’s involved here is that the Russians have a naval base in Syria, and the Americans don’t want a Russian naval presence in the Mediterranean. And, just as in Libya, the problem was the Chinese oil investments. If Syria goes, Iran is in the target sites, and Lebanon,” he concluded.


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  • Concerned

    The Russian aircraft carrier in the Syrian harbour will not prevent the US from attacking.

    The US is on a path to global domination, intending ultimately to trample on Russia and China and so will call Russia’s bluff.

    If Russia does not react strongly and decisively to protect Syria and Iran then it will lose access to Middle Eastern oil completely except through subservience to the US.

    Appeasement did not work for Chamberlain or Stalin when faced with a heavily militarized and aggressive Nazi Germany and it will not work with the present-day US.

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  • Dilip

    With a collapsed financial structure the US will never win for a global domination. If they try to attack Russia along with Isreal they both will totally collapsed.Because Russia is not an Iraq or Afganisthan or Libiya. The US may have advanced weapons than Russia, but Russia have tremendos innerstrength.In the world today Russia stands for virtue while the US for the evil. The God never allow evil to win over virtue. Hence in any way the US and its allies cannot defeat Russia.

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    • Concerned

      Dilip, I agree with what you say yet realise that domination does not mean simply military oppression. It can be also the US gaining control of essential resources and imposing conditions, favourable to US hegemony, on other nations who wish access to those resources.

      Several oil producing Middle Eastern countries have been allied with the US for decades. The ones that are not are the ones being attacked by the US. Iraq, Libya and shortly Iran.

      Iraq and Libya are already lost to China and Russia unless they invade and occupy and throw out the US. Such a direct act of war is not likely.

      Iran has huge oil reserves and already provides a third of China’s oil imports. If Iran falls into US hands then Middle Eastern oil is available to China and Russia only if the US allows it.

      The US could use its control of oil flow to sabotage Chinese and Russian industrial and economic development and prevent them developing sufficiently to replace the US as world hegemon.

      China and/or Russia must protect Iranian independence or face being economically at the mercy of the US.

      If US control of Middle Eastern oil is insufficient to prevent either China and Russia from developing economically, the the oilfields will be used to fuel the US armies in militarily confrontation.

      In WW2 the Nazis went straight for the oil fields.
      This time it is the US going for the oilfields.

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  • Dustin Nelson

    There are those in America who know understand and are trying to stop this Europe specificly Germany who has felt the consequences of this needs to get louder. Call the us on its hypocrisy publicly and loudly condemn the actions of our government maybe more Americans blinded by the morons in our media will wake up. Help us

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  • Dustin

    Hit where it really hurts “when the government cracks down violently on protesters in Damascus, Cairo, or Moscow its supressing democracy but when its New York, Oakland, or Denver its “upholding the law”.

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  • dave

    I am so thinkfull that russia stood up to the u.s. or we would be at war by now.
    It seems that the worlds protector of human rights has shifted to the russians,
    The u.s. has become the 4th rike of the 20th centry,at a time when the world should be becoming one,sitting aside our diffrences ,and forming a world govt. Based on the original constitution of the orginal constitution of the unitied states ( pre1864)
    Ask your self this ,what if russia did not stand up to the u.s. and nato,
    We would be @war,isrial desroyed( you had better belive that,Isrial is to small to recover from an 11,000 missel attack from iran) our brain washed children being killed on foren land because of lies and religous differencs.

    Remember before jews and muslums ,they were just arabs
    The only unfare thing about isrial,it was given to the jews only and not to all of the arabs .So there for since it only now belongs to a cult/jews and not to theothers whom were ther first,I firmly agree that a jewish state dose not have the right to exsist and should be dismsntiled by any means nessary and given back to the ones who were there first,If you remember this was done to the native americans and it was all done by the same people who set up this jewish state.I wish russia would have been there for the native americans,I thank the russians for there stance on terrany from u.s. agression,now it seems they might have learned from themselfs from with in them selfs.
    Now the u.s. govt. Must learn they cant take what is not theres and if they try ,the bear and the dragon must tame the eagle so it no longer prays on the smaller and weaker countrys that dont want nothing to do with our way of life.Agan thank you agan russia for stopping this war

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  • alvin willingham

    I am an American and love my country. but this government in control of this fine country is following a Zionist agenda and needs to be stopped. by voting for Ron Paul and other countries standing up against them to stop the Zionist from stealing everything from these small pour countries. AMERICANS DO NOT WANT TO FOLLOW ZIONIST AGENDA TO CONTROL THE WORLD. THE WORLD SHOULD WAR AGAINST ZIONIST AND ALL OF THERE WARMONGER MEMBERS. (ROTHSCHILDS, ROCKERFELLERS, GOLDMAN, SACHS, LEAHMAN, MCCAIN, KERRY, BIDEN, CHAENY, BUSH, ETC,ETC,) THERE WOULD BE NO WARS WITHOUT THERE GREED. HELP MAKE THE WORLD SAFE VOTE RON PAUL THE REST WILL FOLLOW WITH YOUR HELP . . . *** PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA ***

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  • True Christians
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