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Russia supplies cruise missiles to Syria

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Bastion coastal missile

Fulfilling a contract signed in 2007, Russia has supplied Bastion coastal missile systems with Yakhont cruise missiles to Syria under a contract signed in 2007, a diplomatic source in Moscow has told Russian media.

Objecting to Western fears that the defensive weapons system will fall into the hands of terrorist groups, a diplomatic source says that Moscow has fulfilled its obligations as laid out in the five-year-old contract.

“The Yakhont supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles have been supplied as part of Bastion mobile coastal missile systems,” the source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Interfax.

However, delivery of the weapons systems is just the first part of the process, and now “more time is needed to complete Syrian personnel training,” the source said, adding that the missile system will “enable Syria to protect its entire coast from a possible seaborne attack.”

Damascus is expecting to receive at least two Bastion systems with 36 Yakhont missiles per each system.

According to unofficial estimates, the contract carries a $300 million price tag.

The announcement comes as a Russian naval group, led by the nuclear aircraft-carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, is en route to the Syrian port of Tartus.

Russian military officials rejected suggestions that the naval visit has any connection with the present turmoil gripping the Arab republic, saying the visit was planned a year ago. In addition to Syria, the aircraft carrier and its escort ships will pull into port at the Lebanese capital, Beirut, Genoa in Italy and Cyprus, says the former Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Viktor Kravchenko.

Speaking on the missile delivery to Syria, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov told reporters earlier this year that Russia intended to fulfill the 2007 contract.

“We are going to supply Yakhonts to Syria. We are going to fulfill the contract,” he said.

The defense minister says Russia, unlike the US and Israel, is confident the technology will not fall into the hands of terrorist organizations.

“The United States and Israel are asking us not to supply Yakhonts to Syria, but we do not share their fears that these weapons might fall into the hands of terrorists,” Serdyukov said.

“Russia strictly specifies the terms of weapons supply and maintenance and properly formalizes end-user certificates. And they [the Syrian side] undertake commitments,” he explained.

The Yakhont 3M55E supersonic anti-ship cruise missile is capable of hitting targets at ranges of up to 300 km and carrying a warhead weighing more than 200 kg and can combat single surface ships or groups of ships under heavy fire and electronic counteraction.

The completion of the deal comes at a time of increasing political uncertainty for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is struggling to maintain his grip on power in the face of a nine-month conflict with anti-government protesters.

With the situation in Syria appearing to be teetering on civil war, many observers fear another “Libyan-scenario” will occur complete with another NATO military operation.

Russia roundly criticized the NATO’s handling of the Libyan crisis, saying the military alliance overstepped their UN-mandated obligations to protect innocent civilians and worked aggressively on the side of the rebels to depose former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Gaddafi is believed to have been summarily executed just moments after being captured by rebel militia on Oct. 11, 2001 in his hometown of Sirte.


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  • Jack Longchamps

    I am hard-stuck to decide if prolonging the Syrian
    regime has any merits… but all the other “freed”
    muslim states now have the Sharia.

    So I guess arming the Syrians against USriel-Nato
    humanitarianism is probably a very sensible sct.
    However I get the feeling that those few
    missile launchers would be the first thing to get destroyed in a “preemptive” strike –
    mere tactical thinking.

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  • geo

    Just wait and see the shit getting kicked out of Syria, very soon. While the ruskies will stand aside and cry like little bitches!

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    • cosmic janitor

      Funny thing, the Ruskies (as you like to call them) didn’t ‘cry like little bitches’ in South Ossetia last year, nor did they ‘cry like little bitches’ during WWll when they fought the Global Banker Oligarch’s first fuhrer, in which 23 million Russians perished defending the Motherland. China and Russia are well aware that if Syria falls to the Global Banker Oligach’s Nato forces (the Fourth Reich), world tyranny under the Bankers’ new fuhrer (Natanyahu) will be unleashed on the world. You have legitimate grievances against post WWll Russia without a doubt, but at the moment they are the only ones defending humanity

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  • Escarth

    I think this time around the world is warming up and flexing their muscles for the showdown. Who is winning? Who is losing? What is the end of engulfing entire arab world with wars?
    Arabs have they lost their good thinking to be object of crazy bloodshed and self exposure to murder?
    Is it a curse for the Arab world just to follow suit mistakes of their brothers?

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  • Jean-Francois Morf

    Il faudra sérieusement que l’OTAN songe à envoyer un agent 007 tuer Assad l’assadsin, au lieu de bombarder tout un pays en répétant tout le temps: nous ne voulons pas tuer Gaddafi!

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  • Vlad the Impaler

    Monsiuer french speaking, do you really believe there are many people understanding your language?
    better you carry on watching James Bond and Terminator.
    by no means I want to offend you.

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