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Obama tells Venezuela to Cut its Ties with Iran and Cuba

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (L) and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Following the expansion of economic and political relations between Tehran and Caracas, US President Barack Obama has demanded the Venezuelan government sever all ties with Iran.

“I think the government’s ties with Iran and Cuba have not benefited the interests of Venezuela and its people,” Obama said in the email interview with El Universal newspaper, Reuters reported.

Obama, however, claimed that the “US has no intention of intervening in Venezuela’s foreign relations.”

Iran has expanded bilateral relations with Latin America in recent years, especially in the commerce and industrial sectors.

To ease a chronic housing shortfall in Venezuela, the country has reached out to Tehran for construction as well as financing of homes for its citizens.

So far, Iranian companies have built over 10,000 housing units in Venezuela and the construction of another 7,000 homes is in the final stages.

Iran’s Minister of Road and Urban Development Ali Nikzad had said earlier that Tehran will soon sign a four-billion-dollar deal with Venezuela to build 17,000 dwellings in the Latin American country.

Establishing a Tehran-Caracas airline and construction of highways and rural roads will constitute the expansion of joint projects in the near future, Nikzad added.

Over the past five years, Iran and Venezuela have signed a number of memoranda of understanding and contracts for joint participation and investments in oil and gas projects.


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4 Responses to " Obama tells Venezuela to Cut its Ties with Iran and Cuba "

  1. JanB says:

    Interfering in the affairs of other countries, whether by verbal belligerence, destructive CIA covert operations, “diplomatic” threats to use GMO garbage or else… (thanks, WikiLeaks), or by sending the military on another illegal mission of “freedom and democracy over dead bodies” at the expense of US taxpayers, have become the trademark of busybody and out-lawyer, the present POTUS in unconditional service to the Wall Street crime syndicate.

    His remarks on issues like “peace and prosperity” have become as accurate as a prediction by the Old Farmers Almanac on the vicissitudes of the rigged New York Stock Exchange.

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  2. Concerned says:

    The arrogance of the corporate-owned US government is now verging on the ridiculous.

    Purporting to advocate for the interests of other country’s citizens whilst simultaneously removing the already tenuous rights and freedoms of US citizens seems a crass irony.

    It is a measure of the contempt the US has for the world, that
    Obama can spout such hypocrisy and simply expect it to be accepted.

    The sooner China or Russia give the deeply unpleasant brat-child US a much needed slap, the better for us all. Left unchecked, US genocidal greed will be the undoing of us all…

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    • JanB says:

      That Obama or any other POTUS can feed Americans with lies or hate when that is more profitable, is due to the pro-Wall Street Main Stream Media. It’s a propaganda system Herr Goebbels would have envied.

      However, there’s no need to wait till China or Russia decides “enough is enough”. The basic idea is given in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFlMHCdYXLM

      When during prime the US public sees editions of the Keiser Report, Gerald Celente, John Pilger’s movie “the war on democracy”, John Perkins on Wall Street’s dirty ways to rob countries, the war crimes committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the preparations to provoke Syria and Iran for the next wars, it might become impossible for the Wall Street crime syndicate and its present Mouthpiece in Chief, to control the reaction.

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      • Alvin Willingham says:

        Hello I’m an American and I agree with what your saying except that America does not know any of these reporters’. They are not on prim time not even on anytime. I wish they were but the Elite assholes that are behind the wars (all wars) own US networks, all of them, therefore America *** NEVER SEES OR HEARS THE TRUTH *** ABOUT ANYTHING. Americans do not want wars we do not hate people of other countries. We have been lied to for over 100 hundred years. also these ELITE ASSHOLS ARE IN CONTROL OF OUR GOVERNMENT. JOE BIDEN IS ZIONIST , JOE LIBERMAN, JOHN McCAIN, JOHN KERRY, CLINTONS, BUSH, CHANEY, BERNANKIE, GITHNER, BEANERCOCK, OBAMA-DICK IS A ASS KISSER . THERES ONLY A FEW THAT ARE HONEST. RON PAUL IS THE ONLY ONE RUNNING FOR PRES. THAT IS NOT A PUPPET TO THE ASS OLE OF THE ELITE ASS_OLES.

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