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Michael Savage labels Ron Paul Hater and Lunatic

On December 29, nationally syndicated talk radio show host Michael Weiner “Savage” trashed Ron Paul. He characterized him as a “lunatic” who supports Hamas and Hezbollah after Paul said the Gaza Strip is a concentration camp.

Savage joins the rest of the “conservative” punditry in the act of viciously trashing Ron Paul as the Iowa caucus approaches. His audience is well over 9 million people. The “Savage Nation” has now demonstrated that it is an important element in the effort to portray Ron Paul as not only a political fringe kook, but also a racist and – according to Weiner and his neocon fellow travelers – a Jew-hating antisemite who hates Israel and supports Hamas and Hezbollah.

Weiner said Paul is a threat to the survival of the United States. He said there is little difference between him and “the psychotic, progressive leftists” who support Obama. “If Obama’s team wanted to invent someone else on the other side to make Obama look mild and moderate and safe, they couldn’t have done better than inventing Ron Paul,” he said.

On the same day he trashed Ron Paul, Michael Savage gave his tacit support to Mitt Romney. “Of course Romney is a liberal Republican. Of course he is in the tradition of middle-of-the-roaders. Of course Romney is a milquetoast, and of course we would like someone more conservative,” Savage said.

“However, I am a pragmatist. Romney might be electable – although I’m not sure after Gingrich has gotten through with him – while Paul is unelectable, and Gingrich is so soiled with dirt that he is contemptible beyond being unelectable,” he said.

In October, Savage praised Ron Paul for his take on the illegality of the supposed al-Awlaki assassination. In August, he showered Paul with kudos for his principled stand on the federal budget and government spending.

However, now that Paul is a Republican front-runner poised to win in Iowa and possibly take the New Hampshire primary, Savage believes he is a “lunatic.”

Savage likes to portray himself as an independent who has contempt for both establishment political parties, but his sudden denouncement of Ron Paul reveals his true role as a ringmaster playing the false right-left paradigm game.

The threat of a Ron Paul in the White House has forced Savage’s hand. It has revealed him for the establishment operative that he obvious is.

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  • the insurgent

    I’ve heard this bozo arroagnt jid from Russia too many times. He’s just playiong around, he’s just a zionist puppet for the kikes. Last week he was yelled down by a caller and he feared he will be cornered by the holohoax, so he hung up. Of course the jids fearing Ron Paul, bc he is anti-israel, anti-war, anti-zionists. Good! We need finally a guy like him. Savage is a savage, a genetic debris. He should have been kicked out and deported back to israel. Lunatic? He’s the one with brain disorder, stupid kike.

    • Jerry

      You got that 100% right and pass this info around about the real truth on these dirty cult zionist -“THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION” – they are scare shitless on this BOOK

  • http://s dave

    I no longer listen to that jew loveing son of a bitch,he says he is an exspert in the constitution,but if you realy pay attion to what he says ,he could brain was the pope and make him think he was a jew.this son of a bitch is a zionist and wishes that all of the middle east was controlled by satins children/jews
    This man is a lunitic,he evan trys to tell the world that satins children are gods chosen people.he forgets that the jews and muslums are both arabs, and with out religon these are the same people
    Ron paul always says if the constitution alows it .he never says this is what i think should be ,he only says if the constition alows it.now you see why he was band in england,this man realy needs a good kick in the ass,tared and featherd and given a one way ticket to isrial,and when he gets there give him a good muslum enima to welcome him home
    These are the kind of people who make you belive the stealing of palistine was ok.the same way the u.s. took the native americans land and forced them into reservations.Iran is being forced to become militarly strong or be asimulated by the jews/satins children
    A vote for ron paul is a vote for freedom and a blow to terrney and to any jew loving whore

  • nmy

    everything about Ron Paul is misguiding, hes still a puppet
    one false statement doesn’t make the other one true
    everything you see on mass media about Ron Paul is accurately formed with a purpose to create Ron Paul illusion, he’s no different from obama or bush
    i believe he’ll win the elections because that was the primary objection
    nothing will ever change
    as Churchill said noone, even he cannot stop the force witch is behind so called nwo

    • dave

      To Nmy
      You are so misguided,Dr.Ron Paul is so real that the obaminator has orderd a kill order on him.
      I live in america ,I see frist hand what this country is becoming,did you know there is atotal meadia black out about russia and china prepare for war aganst the u.s.
      Nmy you should realy keep your mouth shut about Ron Paul ,its a fredom thing you wouldnt understand,evan the media cant find nothing on him
      The only thing i wory about is that the pupet masterhaving turnig RonPaul into a marder and if this happens freedom in america is gone,and people like you would jump with joy until you realized you are no longer free yourself’if you evan know what free dom realy is

      • Gifted Idiot

        While you are trying to help Ron Paul, you are also showing what you lack in intelligence. Why don’t you proofread your statements, correct your spelling and grammatical errors and get your head out of your ass. here is no “kill” order on Ron Paul. Don’t be a buffoon. That’s what the media wants, more illiterate “sheeple” like you.

    • Jerry

      Maybe you got some info truth but you have non to back your words up and if you do lets see it here

  • http://trumpetcallofgodonline.com TrumpetBlast

    Thus says The Lord: Your nation is come to its bitter end! Lo, I give it over! No more shall I defend its people and protect its borders! Nor shall I hear the cries of its people when it comes!… FOR THEY HAVE FORSAKEN ME! AND NOW MUST I ALSO FORSAKE THEM!

    Cry bitter tears therefore, little flock… Weep in deep sorrow, and return quickly to Safety! For the end of a nation is a terrible thing. It is wrought with much betrayal and falls with a mighty crash, bringing forth much death… The sound of which shall shake every land and every people! And they too shall fall… Collapse as has never been seen!
    Yet from ruin they shall arise and band together. And they shall make a covenant and sign a desperate agreement. And once again they shall blaspheme the name of The Most High, and walk proudly… And upon the heels of desolation shall their final destruction be written, in the blood of the slain.
    And though three repent, and turn back from their agreement and fight, they also shall be destroyed!… They shall be overcome. Yet out of them shall The Lord your God make a great harvest, even in the midst of great devastation.

    Source/Full Letter/link and more:

  • Fred the Protectionist

    Michael Savage is jewish and he’s defending Israel. If you don’t like the stereotype, stop playing to it.

    And I’m not a Paulbot, Ron Paul is a globalist lunatic on many other important issues like trade and immigration.

  • dave

    To fred protectionist
    Have you read the constition.I dont think so…So i openly challange you to show me where RonPaul is wrong on anthing he says cocerning what the constituion allows and dosent allow
    You sound like a war loving repubic
    So get out your constituton and report back to me
    You Have Been Publicly Chalange ……So anser or go to the back of the class where you belong

  • dave

    To freed the protectionist
    It seems you havent read your contitution…So i openly chalange you to show me acording to the contition where Dr Ron Paul is wrong on any thing he says about free trade and imigrations, also have you ever had your job taken by a eligal immigrant, All LEGAL immergrants are more than welcome but those who are not should not have any right s except deportation
    Now a cording to the constition Dr Ron Paul is dead on ,so get your constition out and prove me wrong or remain silent .by the way you sound like a repubic

  • SWJ

    People really need to learn how to spell!

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