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Medvedev on US: If they continue to push us around, we’ll push back

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President Dmitry Medvedev has spoken out after a telephone conversation with his US counterpart, saying Obama’s comments on Russia’s recent parliamentary elections were “unacceptable”.

Speaking to a number of United Russia MPs, Dmitry Medvedev stated that, correctly delivered, thoughts and comments on a country’s electoral process are acceptable – and welcome. But when they are reminiscent of Cold War-era statements, it is outrageous. “That is not a reset [in relations], and I’ve had to remind my colleague of that”, said the president.

Domestic criticism is of course welcome and constitutionally-justified, Medvedev told MPs. “The streets are not the US State Department. The streets reflect the mood of our people.” The Russian leader was referring to a recent comment made by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who called these past elections “neither free nor fair.”

Medvedev summed up his statement by saying that he will not stand for intimidation. Russia will continue to pursue its interest within the international arena. “If they want to push us around, we’ll push back. But if they hear our concerns, then we can work together.”


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One Response to " Medvedev on US: If they continue to push us around, we’ll push back "

  1. Rick Alexander says:

    I think it is high time that countries get out of each others’ business. The USA is sovereign and so is Russia, Australia, China, Israel, and Iran (to mention but a few). Sovereign means that a country exercises supreme and permanent authority. The UN has no authority over Russia, the USA or Australia although it always tries to interfere and override sovereign authority. For example, around 1990, the UN gave the Australian Federal government a mandate that it could take control of banks, businesses, property and infrastructure once it declares itself a republic. What right it had to say this, I do not know but the UN tried to interfere. Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State of the USA and not of Russia or China and she should ‘butt’ out, that’s right – get her butt out of Russia and China’s business. What China and Russia do is their business and none of the USA’s. The same goes for Australia having no business in telling Papua New Guinea what to do (though we still try). Do you get the point?

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