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Jumping Cockroach found in South Africa

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Scientists have recently discovered a new type of cockroach in South Africa, which can jump a distance 48 times the length of its body.

The insect was found in the Silvermine Nature Reserve in the Table Mountain National Park of South Africa, Royal Society Publishing journal reported.

Scientists say the bug jumps with the help of its extra-long, spring-activated legs, which classifies it as a “leaproach.”

According to National Geographic, the last jumping roach was seen during the Jurassic period.

The roach jumps or hops 71 percent of the time. Otherwise, it scuttles around like a typical cockroach.

Dr. Mike Picker, an entomologist at the University of Cape Town believes there might be other species of jumping cockroaches that have yet to be discovered.


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  • Intersting, maybe a grass hopper and a cockroach got it on one night beneath the silvery moon of the sub african continent?

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