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Tumors use protein recycling to grow

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New study shows that tumor cells use protein recycling to fuel their growth.

A new research carried out on a variety of human tissues, suggests that recycling of protein in the body could be an important part of tumor formation.

According to the report published in Science Translational Medicine, researchers found that protein recycling was accelerated in more than 30 types of cancerous cell.

Scientists studied chaperone-mediated autophagy (CMA) which is a normal part of a cell’s routine and recycles the raw materials, the state-funded BBC reported.

Results showed that the level of CMA activity was higher in cancerous cells than normal ones.

The findings also demonstrated that cancerous cells use CMA process in order to fuel their abnormally rapid growth.

Scientists hope to develop an anticancer drug by finding a chemical that would interfere with the recycling process.


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One Response to " Tumors use protein recycling to grow "

  1. EastGhostCom says:

    Maybe baloney. Watch Edward Griffin’s youtube video about vitamin B17. Then muse why the depopulative United Nation’s World “Health” Organization’s CODEX ALIMENTARIUS seeks, in black and white, to restrict and ultimately ban natural rememdies, herbs, and vitamins, including B17. Trillions of dollars (wasted) later, we’re further from curing cancer or anything, something like CERN and its self-growth of confusion and scientific chaos. Maybe we should spend a few millions (as Griffin has done for a few thousand) and pursue the tribes and human groups that show extremely low instances of cancer. Maybe we should look to what really works, prevention, nutrition, and call all the rest for what it actually is – total, money-wasting, eugenicky, depopulative bullshit.

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