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Thousands protest in Russia against Immigration

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Held back: A police barrier stops the chanting 5,000-strong mob of mostly young men from going any further

Thousands of far-right nationalists marched in Moscow today in a ‘Take Back Russia’ protest at Muslim migrants.

Resentment is growing over the migrants from Russia’s Caucasus and the money the Kremlin sends to those troubled regions.

Chanting ‘Russia for Russians’ and ‘Migrants today, occupiers tomorrow,’ about 5,000 demonstrators, mostly young men, marched through a working-class neighbourhood on the outskirts of the capital.

Police stood shoulder-to-shoulder along the street, which was blocked to traffic.

Violently xenophobic groups have flourished in Russia over the past two decades, killing and beating non-Slavs and anti-racism activists, and crudely denouncing the influx of immigrants from the Caucasus and from central Asian countries that were once part of the Soviet Union.

They have drawn moral support from nationalism that has been encouraged by Vladimir Putin’s rule as part of the Kremlin’s attempts to rebuild a strong Russian state.

After a clash last December between police and thousands of football fans and other extremists just outside the Kremlin walls, and an unprecedented outbreak of hate crimes, the government has taken a tougher line against the groups.

But their virulent hatred is proving hard to combat for many Russians share the anti-migrant sentiments and even those who would not describe themselves as racist are increasingly resentful of the hefty subsidies sent to the Caucasus, particularly to Chechnya.

The money is intended to bring stability after years of war, but the region remains deeply impoverished while Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov flaunts his wealth.

Among the banners carried today was one reading, ‘Stop feeding the Caucasus.’

‘All Russian people are on the march — football fans, skinheads, national socialists,’ Dmitry Demushkin, who leads a banned group called Russkiye, or Russians, shouted to the crowd: ‘We have to show what our nation is demanding.’

The so-called Russian March has been held annually since 2005 on a new national holiday created to replace celebrations of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

The new holiday was usurped by far-right nationalists, whose first rally in 2005 led to the shocking sight of thousands of skinheads marching through central Moscow with their hands raised in a Nazi salute and shouting obscene racist slogans.

The following year the march was banned, but nationalists marched anyway and clashed violently with police. Since 2007, the Russian March has been relegated to areas outside of the capital’s centre

Meanwhile, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attended a National Unity Day ceremony 400 miles from the capital.

They laid flowers at the monument of Minin and Pozharsky, the leaders of a liberation struggle against foreign invaders in 1612 in the historic city of Nizhny Novgorod.


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  • Just Russian

    This article isn’t actually explaining the real reasons and goals of the “Russian March” movement. It is now raising in almost every city all over Russia (not just Moscow) gathering under it’s flags more and more of sane people who are nor skinheads or extremists, let alone nazis – which is non-sense! It has nothing to do with anything like that. Among people joining Russian March are Orthodox Christians, Workers, Housewives, Parents, Students, Veterans, etc etc…
    And if you really want to display true information, stop describing this movement like a crowd of mad hooligans whose only goal is racism or extremism. It is just NOT TRUE!!! I am Russian and I tell you that. In my own city I’ve seen an inscription on the wall like “We will kill all Russians for Allah’s sake!”…
    You should rather post the news about the incredible raising of criminal activity of migrants particularly and exactly against Russians – murdering Russian men, raping Russian kids and, indeed, coming to Russian homeland to set their wild rules and hatred towards the native Russian population. Would you want some stranger to invade to your own home and to rape your daughter or kill your son??!! I bet you won’t.
    So please…if your web site is really stating truth you must give it impartially and won’t spread myths about “Russian extremism”. Russian March is truly Patriotic Russian Movement organised to demand our natural rights back. It is my land after all and I want it to be safe for me and my family!

    • Robbie

      I was under the impression that Russians would not allow such invasions as you mention here. I thought Russians would eliminate invaders very quickly and just keep it silent (or did that only happen under Soviet rule ?) What’s wrong there ? I thought Russia was the “white man’s paradise”!

      • Just Russian

        Unfortunately, plenty of Russian people can be brainwashed too being told that “everything is OK in our home” and they would believe that. Also most of people are constantly struggling for their survival and really have no time, possibility and energy for anything else. But it is starting to change. 99% of Russians are just already fed up of such a “life”. This is why things like Russian March will be going on until Russian land can breath freely again.

        The secret about Russians is that they can seem dead but they will always stand up alive at their last hour when nobody expects that. Therefore, there is still a hope.

        • Robbie

          May God be with those 99% of Russians !

          I assume that television is also a big brainwashing tool as in the rest of the world – or are there some pro-Russian March TV chanels ?

          • Just Russian

            Thank you, Robbie! God is being with all of us if we love Him and follow Him. I am happy to know that there are people in other countries who are thinking similarly.

            No, Russian TV is now the same as everywhere else. But we have lots of Russian internet sources and paper publications instead to let us have access to really true information – kind that you will never find in any official sources. There are lots of brave and honest people who are working hard to let us know the truth and warn us.

  • At least there is one country left worth a damn!

  • JohnL

    Good Job Kids~~

    Guys you should know hot to also fight against those crazy terrorist people, not only protest like a child..


  • meh-GID-oh

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  • meh-GID-oh

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