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Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack

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Moscow in aggressive move to stop another American “humanitarian intervention”.

Russian warships have entered Syrian territorial waters in an aggressive move designed to prevent any NATO-led attack on the country under the guise of a “humanitarian intervention”.

“Russian warships are due to arrive at Syrian territorial waters, a Syrian news agency said on Thursday, indicating that the move represented a clear message to the West that Moscow would resist any foreign intervention in the country’s civil unrest,” reports Haaretz.

Russia has stepped up efforts to defend Syria in recent days, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov keen to frame the violence in the country as a civil war in defiance of claims by western powers that President Bashar al-Assad has overseen a bloody crackdown on innocent protesters.

As we saw prior to the attack on Libya, which was also framed as a “humanitarian intervention,” NATO powers are keen to demonize Assad’s government by characterizing attacks by his forces as atrocities while largely ignoring similar attacks by opposition forces, such as this week’s raid on a Syrian air force intelligence complex that killed or wounded 20 security police.

U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner rejects Russia’s claim that Syria is in a civil war, stating, “We believe it’s very much the Assad regime carrying out a campaign of violence, intimidation, and repression against innocent protesters.”

Of course, we heard similar rhetoric even as NATO-backed Al-Qaeda rebels were commandeering fighter jets and firing rocket-propelled grenades in Libya, actions also undertaken by “innocent protesters,” we were told at the time.

As we have previously reported, despite overwhelming speculation that Iran will be the next target of a military assault, Syria is the likeliest target for the next salvo of NATO-backed regime change.

US President Barack Obama got the ball rolling back in August when he called on President al-Assad to step down. The UN has already withdrawn all non-essential staff from the country.

Without Russia’s help, Syria would be largely defenseless against a NATO attack. “I don’t see any purely military problems. Syria has no defence against Western systems … [But] it would be more risky than Libya. It would be a heavy military operation,” former French air force chief Jean Rannou commented.

Given that the western press has proven adept at manufacturing lies to justify military interventions, whether the actions of Assad’s regime represent genuine atrocities or legitimate conduct in the midst of a civil war remains unclear. Some have claimed the abuses are being embellished, while both former CIA agent Robert Baer and ex-MI6 officer Alastair Crooke point out that the Syrian people definitely want change, but not in the form of a NATO “humanitarian” assault.


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    • Brett

      :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x I think all of us who are Christians need to stick together because there will never be real peace until Jesus comes back…..Jesus says If they will turn from there wicked ways then I will heal there land….. SO lets just put our faith in the Lord.

  • Soorj…

    It will be the end of NATO and US. They can never defeat Russia….

    • jae

      that’s what the japs said before the yanks dropped the bomb.america is the only way forward, will the only country I would want to be in front is america, its going to happen like it or not.

    • scott

      never defeat Russia! ha ha ha…Russia has half the military The U.s. does…man your dumb.

      • funny guy

        Lol, at least Russia is able to handle its financial affairs better than the Western world. Look at your national debt! Russia solved that kind of problem in the 90s, when the country was basically ruined. You still have a long time of poverty, less gain and economic prosperty in front of you. I personally like the American way of like and the Republic for which it stood. But today you are led by a career-driven, war-obsessed government, that has destroyed the American ideals, while in Russia you can do your own business and no one cares. How is it in the US? Your so-called democratic government is reading your mails and intercepting your phone-calls. There are more satellites watching you, than the planets. Your government lies to you and – above all – they use your money to keep you small. I don’t want to teach you, I don’t want to adopt a certain opinion, but I want you to realise in which country you really live.

        • UTEPPUNTERl

          You dumbass. Don’t you know how much money the U.S. Is pouring into Russia just to keep them afloat?

        • Brian

          You’re right, and honestly.. most Americans realise this… but we are powerless to do anything. We are dependent completely on our government. You saw what happened when the 99% protests happened.. the police became the governments enforcers and beat, pepper sprayed, and tazed peaceful, nonresistant protestors. They gov openly violated our constitutional rights and we the people cant do a damn thing about it, because the gov owns the military, and they have all the weapons. Our politicians are all in bed with each other and are dependent on the big corporations for campaign funds for re-election… thus they vote on matters with the interest of the corporations in mind, not the people of the country.

          I really don’t see how the average people of America whom you despise can do anything? Or be blamed for the US’s foreign policy, since we don’t have a say in it at all. We are basically the worker ants of the giant anthill that is the US.

      • geo

        It’s worse than that ; stone age Russia only spends 60 bln DOLLARS on military, barely enough to even fuel those aging tanks and planes and clothe them poor soldiers while the USA spends almost 700 bln on military, almost 12 times more. Also. Nato combined spends more thatn a trillion dollars on military. Russia however has the “scare crow” in its pocket namely those nuclear offensive capabilities that they threaten Europe with. That’s all. Thay seem to forget that Russia will be virtually wiped off the face of the earth if they aver tried to launch nukes against the civilized world. Russia is nothing but a big drunk butch acting tough but wait and see whan a real man whips her ass back to the kitchen pots where she belongs. Scared pussy!

        • Just Russian

          Your disgusting post is just another proof among many of others that your insane, the so-called “civilized world”, represented by mentally and spiritually sick individuals like you shall no longer exist.
          Go tell you bosses Zbigniew Brzezinski and Madeleine Albright that the days of your evil world are already numbered as we are going to help God to eraze you from the Book of Life in the nearest future, and it is definitely out of your knowledge what way we are going to do that, with our nukes or not. Oh wait…I see you personally shut up even sooner than that as you most likely will commit suicide soon because some day the voice of your father Devil will order you. Well, you deserve such an end, sorry.

          • geo

            I just read TODAY (it’s all over the news) that your buddy Medvedev just threatened US missile shiEld sites in Europe with NUCLEAR STRIKES! The way I look at it is that it seems that Russia has not abandoned its imperialistic old ideas of attacking and occupying land that’s not russian. So stone age Russia wants to attack the civilized world; ha ha ha When Nato will attack, the ruskies will be transformed into cigarette buts and mother Russia will be an ashtray. Just wait and see!

        • funny

          u r funny))) You measure everything in $$? haha, then tell me what will you buy with your money in the pocket if there would be a world war 3?? when it comes to war its not about money.

          The nazi Germany were much better equipped with Mercedez vehicles, and what happened?

          • Just Russian


          • geo

            If you read real history, you would find out that the REAL DEFEATERS of Germany were the USA and England which flew MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of tones of food and technology, including rocket and t34 parts produced in the west, in order to support the impoverished russian army fight against the germans. THE WEST WON WW2, NOT POOR BROKE RUSSIA! If anything Russia started ww2 by signing the Ribentrop-Molotov pact with Germany. Stalin killed over 20 million russians and you glorify this mass murderer?GO FIGURE!

  • Brett

    :-D :-D :-D :-D You actually think that it is the end of NATO and the US…..I can assure you we aint scared of Russia…..Communism never survives….. Look at the past…. Democracy and Republic always survives.

  • Brett! You just typed that we Christians need to stick together! Yet you side with the whore? (NATO) The same tribe (jews) who killed 60 million Russians is now in control of America! The following scripture verses are from the King James Bible 1769:

    John 8:44 Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your
    father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not
    in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a
    lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    Revelations 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but
    thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are
    Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.

    Revelations 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan,
    which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make
    them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have
    loved thee.

  • the insurgent

    No way that NObama and his jiddish clonies will win. The NATO and the US Armny MUST BE defeated and abolished. The next one will be the UN. The NWO must be destroyed and the next target is israel. 128 nations confoirmed the Palestinian state and Yankeeland needs to “re-designed”. The US gov’t is a bunch of rapist, homo hoodlums and need to be taken care accordingly. Russia should have been attacked the jewSA after Iraq was invaded by the yanks.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    Brett, I put my faith in the Lord,but also, I prefer to have the shotgun next to me. just to increase my faith.
    is there something wrong with my faith,ah?

  • Russia wont let the NATO and its allies destroy Syria like they destroyed Libya and killed the innocent civilians and their beloved leader martyred. And the west needs to remember that its USA allied with NATO versus Russia + China + Iran + Pakistan + etc… If WW3 happens results will be different than those of the past world wars and the reason the west wont do a military attack on Syria is because they fear Russia and its allies.

  • Just Russian

    Oh thanks God we did it!!! Someone should stop the EVIL (NATO) and it will be Russia with her allies. If not right today, then tomorrow for sure.

    Thank you everyone who supports Russia and her allies in their vital and sacred battle against the total EVIL – GOD vs SATAN.

    Those, who claim that Russia cannot beat her enemies because of half less of military equipment blah blah…Don’t take Russia so rationally because she is irrational! She is able to win with the half of everything and all the examples of that you can find in her entire History. And the main reason why Russia will finally win is that God is on her side and protects her and He is Almighty to create any Miracle even if the EVIL (NATO) seems so strong now. It will eventually fail and the same will fail all those who support it! Their last destiny is HELL!

    Stand up Mother-Russia and beat the enemy! Who can scare us if God is with us!


      First of all. God is not with you. Second your military is a joke. Have you every heard of a patriot missile? That technology is 30 years old and Russia never even had that. Try to imagine what we have for your moth balled nukes. Makes you feel kind of silly huh?

  • Valentine

    Putin kicked these NWO Zionists out of Russia and hopefully he will assist us in getting rid of these scum also. JMHO

  • Just Russian


    It is the website where Russian people voted against NATO bombing civilians in Libya. Look at these photos of killed children and realize WHAT REAL NATO IS! It is PURE EVIL and must be erased from the surface forever!!!

  • Raphael

    Putin standing up to the NWO, hope the cabal will crumble soon, so that the world may enter a new prosperous stage of human evolution. Too much time have the illuminati held the world in their demon like grip, its time to remove them and fulfil our potential.

  • Vlad

    >never defeat Russia! ha ha ha…Russia has half the military The U.s. does…man your dumb.


    • Just Russian

      Haha…cool! Very good example of what even half-weight less Russian guy is able to do :-D

  • muhammed yasin

    who wins? nobody there is only one superpower and thats allah subhana wa,atala more political unrest created and planned as a revert muslim i don,t want any more death and destruction we as westerners are responsible for interfearing may god have mercy on us all,russia and americas interest in the middle east isn,t humantarian just greed and muscle flexing,god forgive us all.

    • Just Russian

      “…russia and americas interest in the middle east isn,t humantarian just greed and muscle flexing…”

      Don’t put Russia’s and America’s interests together, as it is totally wrong view of things. Their goals are absolutely different! Russia’s the only interest is to protect herself and her friends. Russia has no any military sadistic doctrine to invade other countries and bombing them to set fake “democracy” there and to steal all their wealth, whereas American government definitely has (I don’t mean American people but their government)…

      Russians were never having a hunger for the wars, neither they have a goal to dictate it’s will to the whole world like US does. So don’t even compare these two completely opposite powers.

      And if there won’t be such a monster like NATO the Russian military men would be peacefully sitting at home and playing with their kids.

  • Jean-Francois Morf

    Nato could have been wise to send some 007 snipers to kill Gaddafi instead of sending thousands airplanes to destroy all Libya, but not Gaddafi!
    Syria: thanks russian Warships, no other way remains: some 007 secret agents must now kill the multi-billionaire Assad, without destroying all Syria!
    Assad is a terrorist serial killer, and all terrorists must be ASAP killed, not jailed!

    • calman

      I believe in trial and jury. Irrational actions like that started WW1.

  • Soorj…

    America and civilization… best joke…civilized = barbarians.. then it is okey
    america is very much civilized. Never think of attacking Russia…

    • lex

      Have you ever talked to an american ,
      or do you only lissen to your media . I am honored to live and work here i have never met a barbarian what i found when i came here where good honest helpful and proud poeople , some of them would give you the last shirt off their back. Honor and respect to their country and the willing to fight for their freedom that is all i see.
      You may want to lissen and look where your infomation is comming from .
      Not trying to offend you ,.. peace

  • Lex

    It is sad what i read you guys writing as we are allready at war . Like little kids behind their parents . We should stick together and safe our mother earth from these modern legal crucks that do not have respect for nothing , extort people and our earth. I feel so bad about these people in charge at some of the places called countries and goverment. Misshandling our currency and hard earned money manipulating media to force one against another.

    They are not interested of our wellbeeing they are intersted of their chair in some office and their own pocket.
    Just look at the drugproblem that is allover you all really think with all the technology we could not stop this in my opinion it is garbage of couse we can but someone will loose an extra paycheck and kick back.
    Also let me ask you a question about the young kid or father that has become a terrorist for his manipulators.
    What if you have a family and a income and even some sort of decent life and chance of the same . If someone would tell you to go do a terrorist act , you would tell this person to take a hike or fuck off and that you do not have time for such a stupid idea ,… as you are on your way to work to feed your family .

    We need a worldwide motion and movement by the people and make the leaders understand that they work for us as management of infrastructure.

  • in the end days (now) hatred of is ra hell will be global in its depth Gog and Magog Russia and Germany and China, the eternal symbol of Russia is the bear the Chinese the dragon, will attack is ra hell from the north and west and the carnage will be blood as deep up to a horses mouth…for years now the Chinese have murdered baby girls and there are millions of young men military age in China who will do as they are told, as far as the Russians are concerned they are great deceivers about their military strength, look at the introduction of the T 34 in the battle of Moscow which was a complete surprise to the Germans.Think on these thing

  • Just Russian


    Look at this GEO who is posting under Romanian flag. He or she, keeps posting crap, as if that is his/her personal point of view. But no, he/she is posting EXACTLY what is told to post on the websites like this one, where people discuss important things. Why? Because he/she is a PAID TROLL of course.

    And it is their trolling tactics and strategy – to spread lies, to forge historical facts, to provoke, to insult their opponents, to behave rude and so on…

    Who are those trolls? Individuals with no patriotic feelings, no conscience, no honor and absolutely cynical, telling lies for just being paid – it is who they are! Brainless and heartless talking bio-robots, nothing more.

    I have read recently that Israel started a big trolling campaign on Internet and has employed for that a huge number of such trolls who are posting on Forums and Comment pages whatever they are ordered to post. Guess what for…No doubts that besides Israel, there are other “chess players” who are involved into the web-trolling.

    Ok, so who are their targets?…Well, the answer is simple – their target is the rest of the sane world. Yes, I mean the SANE world is their target. And yes, Russia has been always their MAIN target because is powerful enough to destroy all their plans for the global domination and occupation. This is why they hate Russia and Russian Christian Orthodox Church so much!!!

    So, be aware and don’t buy their crap whether it may seem looking like truth. Think about that, people, and make your own RIGHT conclusions.

    And this is to help your education:

    • geo

      I am being paid for saying what I have said? hahahaha SAY NO TO VODKA,ruskie! Now let’s see you take on Nato; that would be fun! SOON!

      • Just Russian

        you don’t need to bother to support nato because nato will not support you in hell where you are going to spend your last “fun” forever.

    • Just Russian

      Sorry…the rest of the phrase is: “to provoke endless and pointless dispute”

    • World Peace

      I can see what you meant. Yes, there are trolls (like THE INSURGENT, JanB, etc..) in Vietnam, and not just in the Middle East (such as Al-Qaeda ). And there’re a lot more in Europe and the U.S. as well.

      They make people think they’re against Zionists, so they can make racial remarks, sell their liberal agenda and trash Muslims, blacks, and the Yankees. It’s so disgusting.

      By the Insurgent or the troll’s comments and choice of words, he is not Asian, especially Vietnamese. Everyone knows the Vietnamese people are very quiet people. They don’t criticize, or make outrageous racial remarks to cause trouble.

      These Zionist insurgents are in small Asian countries to organize rebellions in order to overthrow their governments (….Just as they did in Egypt, Libya and now Sybia)


      Man, One World Order is getting closer.

  • tediam

    The bible is the heritage of the jew. The Donatists were the true christian religion until the jews got their new religion into the Roman empire by convincing emperor constantine that, in a one-god religion, he would be second only to god in this new power structure. In effect, the emperor’s word becomes the word of god. Whatever ‘he’ chooses to say he can claim it to be the word of ‘god’, and since god doesn’t make public appearances to refute B.S. like this, who’s going to argue?
    That was the beginning of the end of the heritage of our European ancestry. After constantine defeated co-emperor Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge and became sole ruler he immediately ordered the entirety of his empire to convert to christianity.

    The Donatists, the true followers of Christ and his teachings, were slaughtered as heritics as they argued that the people chosen to hold office in the church were to be of the highest moral character. St. augustine of Hippo, with the empires backing, said they can put anyone they chose into the offices as it was the office that was holy – not the holders of church positions, and they needn’t be holy (hence church pedophilia, even today).

    It took thousands of years (The Dark Ages) to convert everyone. The preists came with the soldiers and the most brutal of methods were used to convert the masses. It was pure terrorism and our ancestors lived in hell for over a thousand years. But, one by one, the people opted for life and raised their babies to accept the lie until it became dogma. Look up ‘holy roman emperor charlemagne and the Verdict at Verden’ where Charlie had over 4,500 Saxons (Germans) beheaded in one day at the River Aller. The Saxons, labeled barbarians by the jew church, resisted conversion, but eventually were forced by the overwhelming roman forces to accept the jew heritage, in the form of the bible, as their own. The only other option was to perish.

    If you are of European descent, and you’re not a jew, think about your heritage. How far back can you go? If you have no knowledge of it pre-dark ages, it is likely you have a bible within reach. Now you know where and how you got it. Still love the B.S. called the bible?

    Want to know who can recall their heritage going back thousands of years? Think about it. This isn’t what you are taught as you grew up, is it? But it’s true. Try researching what I write. You’ll see you cannot refute it. It is truth!

  • nicolas

    nuke i$rael and usa

  • Soorj..

    The barbarian mentioned not the common people in America. The common people in almost countries are alike. What I meant is the doings of American govt.(they are not representing the common people) since Hiroshima to nowdays. That’s all are against civilization. When you try to think neutrally you can easily understand.

  • clem

    It’s about time!
    I’m sick of contributing to all of the lost lives and worthless destruction through taxation.

    You don’t like it…piss off!

  • asogu

    the active entrance of russia is to be encouraged to avoid another libya, afganistan, iraq and even pakistan under any guise. I wish china will also send in warships there to send as a stronger signal. however, the presence of russia is enough. what does the US really want? I doubt if they know.


      China has no navy you idiot. And Russia’s navy only stays afloat because of American dollars! Russia is a joke. The U.S. always has and always will do whatever it damn well pleases and no-one can do anything about it.

  • Jack Longchamps

    @brett – “Democracy and Republic always survives”
    sure that began with the Roman Republic but this
    isn´t public knowledge in the US where primates put
    their Jesus in Trust or vice versa…
    btw this “forum” is really overtrolled, doesn´t
    leave a very serious impression but rather
    an infantile one.

  • Abinash

    America and its way of living is over. It stole money from the world by the petrodollar scam. They made a deal with Saudis to price oil in dollars in return for ‘protection’. That’s why most of those dictators in the middle east get by without anyone mentioning them while the ‘world’ is screaming about human rights and democracy in other middle east countries like Iran, Iraq etc.

    Iraq was invaded to defend the petro dollar. Iran will be attacked for the same reason.

    But America is not going to win the next war. They were the superpower of the 20th century. If they think they can rule the world in the 21st century with the help of their 19nth century superpower friends, they are colossal idiots.

    So when are they going to run from Afghanistan now? Pathetic. A bankrupted country leading a group of other bankrupted poodles.

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