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Russian Newsreader makes one-finger gesture as she mentions Obama

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Flipping the bird: Tatiana Limanova looked down and purposefully raised her arm- and middle finger- when she said President Obama's name

A Russian newscaster made quite a statement when she flipped off President Barack Obama live on air.

Tatyana Limanova, an award-winning journalist from privately-owned Russian television channel REN TV, was reading a segment about the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation conference when she made the offensive symbol – just as she said the U.S. president’s name.

She was looking down as she spoke about how Russian president Dmitry Medvedev would be assuming the head of the conference as part of the rotating chairmanship.

But as she read that the post was previously held by Mr Obama, she distinctly raised her arm – and then her middle finger,

Ms Limanova’s station declined to comment about the incident.

Given the timing of the segment, Ms Limanova may have thought that she was off camera when she ‘flipped the bird’, considering there was a cut-away video segment shortly following her move.

REN TV is transmitted to roughly 120 million people in Russia, and is considered to be one of the more liberal channels in a country where the media is tightly controlled by the government.

Sources said that Ms Limanova would not be facing any formal punishment from her employers.

Ms Limanova may well have been making her own analysis of recent relations between the two superpowers.

Mr Obama and Mr Medvedev are said to have a somewhat frosty relationship, and that has not been helped by recent moves to limit the sharing of information between the two.

The U.S. said that it is going to stop giving the Russian government with specific updates about the American military presence in Europe.

That said, the move comes four years after the Russians did the same.


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  • geo

    This is the overall russians’ attitude towards the world!

  • Raimonds

    @geo: Are you serious?

  • Xavier

    RT is the only true NEWS on EARTH! She is Brilliant!!!!! The only fools who support the USA are the FOOLS in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sky

      Yeah, stupid Americans. I guess we should embrace Islam like Indonesia. It certainly seems to bring success and happiness to a country….

      We Americans haven’t yet reached the level of sophistication as the Indonesians(Indonesians have given the world so much!.)

      Oh, Brilliant work in East Timor by the way. (Forced starvation, summery executions/mass graves)..We have soooo much to learn from your people!

      When did that genocide end? 1999?

  • Edward Barnard

    Xavier is absolutely correct, I should know; it is not so much that all the US people are such fools (unfortunately, most are) as much as it is that the global oligarchs (Israel) control the US GOV’T., the US Military and the US news media – subsequently, they control the public forum

  • sky

    “Russian Newsreader makes one-finger gesture as she mentions Obama”.

    What’s the problem? I do the same thing.

  • Why was that woman fired and not given a promotion ? She just hates that bastard as much as most Americans do. :-x

  • She deserved a promotion! :-D

  • Hobbes

    big deal – afterwards she replied that she thought she was off camera rehersing, and that she made the gesture as a reply to a remark made by the camera, so she might have even been in two worlds at the same time, if you know what i mean .,,,


  • Hobbes

    someone behind the camera(/man)
    Its not that media is manipulated – its that the viewer only sees it from a 30 degree angel.

  • I think the same about Obama :-D

  • It was great to see this funny moment in Russian TV. As they say, U menya VLASTb i mne nada KAKATb

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