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Russia Warns US, Israel against Attack on Iran

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the US and Israel against an attack on Iran, cautioning that such a move would mean “a very serious mistake”.

Such an attack “could bring very unpredictable results … military intervention only creates a great number of victims,” Lavrov said, speaking at a Moscow press conference to the Interfax news agency.

An Israeli attack against Iran “is not impossible”, Lavrov added.

Lavrov called for a diplomatic settlement of problems.

“Our suggestions (for the settlement of the West-Iran nuclear standoff) are still on the negotiating table, and I hope that no one will do anything that would destroy chances – voluntarily or by accident – of a negotiated solution,” he said.

Russia has recently introduced a step-by-step proposal for the resolution of the nuclear strife between Tehran and the West.

Iran says its nuclear program is a peaceful drive to produce electricity so that the world’s fourth-largest crude exporter can sell more of its oil and gas abroad. Tehran also stresses that the country is pursuing a civilian path to provide power to the growing number of Iranian population, whose fossil fuel would eventually run dry.

The US and its western allies allege that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program while they have never presented corroborative evidence to substantiate their allegations against the Islamic Republic.

Iran is under four rounds of UN Security Council sanctions for turning down West’s calls to give up its right of uranium enrichment, saying the demand is politically tainted and illogical.

Iran has so far ruled out halting or limiting its nuclear work in exchange for trade and other incentives, saying that renouncing its rights under the NPT would encourage the world powers to put further pressure on the country and would not lead to a change in the West’s hardline stance on Tehran.

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13 Responses to " Russia Warns US, Israel against Attack on Iran "

  1. Alexandre Söldann says:

    The same lying invented by Zionists (USA’s government and Israel) in order to steal and kill in Afghanistan and Irak.

    It seems another war comes there…

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  2. Rick Alexander says:

    Minister Levrov, you are simply clueless about what Iran is up to. You are obviously naiveto the threats which Iran are to the democratic free world. Appeasing an Islamic state is a sure way to come to grief, or don’t you know your history? Remember Saladhin? He made a treaty and then attacked. Please do your research and stop entertaining your political ineptitude. This is off course from one Russian to another.

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    • Peter says:

      What an idiot, you’ve been brainwashed! Iran poses no threat to a democratic free world, except of the fact that they have large amounts of oil, which America would like to get their hands on, for free.

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  3. JanB says:

    For Wall Street, it is a deadly sin, not to support the petro dollar. So when bribery and threat doesn’t work, Wall Street orders (via a lame duck “presdident”) the army, just like happened in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. It is like the modern version of Hitler’s conquests that started WWII. And in case it has been forgotten, Hitler was supported by Wall Street gangsters (and its lame duck “president”) as long as that was the most profitable:

    “What is completely off-limits in mainstream debates is the voluminous information on the involvement of key Americans in boosting and supporting the Nazis, and funding the Nazi Party before they came to power, and funding and arming them during the march through Europe. Some 2500 American companies financed Hitler.”


    As a result of WWII, some 20 million people died in the former USSR. Lavrov is quite right to take the necessary precautions to prevent an otherwise impending (and nuclear) WWIII.

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    • Just Russian says:

      According to the official statistics, much more of Russian people died during the WWII than you state in your post. It is about 27-28 millions in fact. Army losses, civilians losses, concentration camps losses, The siege of Leningrad big losses and all the other mortal consequences of the war…Also some statistics results consider unborn babies, which increases the losses up to 35-36 millions.


      Besides that, all the rest in your post was absolutely correct.

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      • JanB says:

        Because statistics regarding victims of war rarely are correct (other example, the six million Jews who died in Nazi labor camps) I used the adjective “some”. Preventing WWIII might be more rewarding than correcting the numbers of WWII because the number of victims in an all out nuclear war will be too high to count.

        The parallel between the third and the fourth Reich are too obvious to overlook:


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      • the insurgent says:

        Oh mate, i think you underestimated the jews been “killed in gaschmabers”. Not 6.000.000, but 6,000.003 and half. Be careful to deny the +3,5!

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        Rating: -1 (from 3 votes)
        • World Peace says:

          I see that now there are trolls (like THE INSURGENT :roll: , freedom fighter, etc..) in Vietnam, and not just in the Middle East (such as Al-Qaeda ). And there’re a lot more in Europe and the U.S. as well. :roll:

          They make you think they’re against Zionists, so they can make racial remarks and trash Muslims, blacks, and the Yankees. :-x It’s so disgusting.

          Everyone knows the Vietnamese people are very quiet people. They don’t criticize, or make outrageous racial remarks to cause trouble.

          By the Insurgent or the troll’s comments and choice of words, he is not Asian, especially Vietnamese.

          These Zionist insurgents are in small Asian countries to organize rebellions in order to overthrow their governments (….Just as they did in Libya and Egypt.)

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    • the insurgent says:

      It looks like some 2500 American companies were smart. You forgot one thing: jews didnt finance Hitler bc they were so “smart” or “generous”. They gave Him the money as they hoped, in exchange they will be able to control Him. Hitler and the Nazis Party were smarter: they thanked the money and used against the kikes.
      BRAVE NAZIS! I hope you will do it again. But, this time will do a better job and world-wide!

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      Rating: -2 (from 2 votes)
  4. Vlad the Impaler says:

    Skippy,skippy,skippy the fucked up kangaroo!

    g’day mate! so,you say you know much about politics,don’t ya?
    tell us,wot is up to, Iran? what? another Abu Graib and the rest of satanic zionist Kabal,ah?
    get fuckin’ lost..

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  5. the insurgent says:

    Ricky, drop the methpipe and walk away from your computer, NOW!

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  6. Eifrit says:

    the problem seems to be iran having ‘weapons of mass destruction’ lemme ask then. the US also has those weapons and a nuclear program, who is invading them?

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  7. Peace says:

    We want Peace

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