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Russia Arms Syria With S-300 Missiles To Defend Against NATO Attack

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Warns it will not tolerate western powers crossing a “red line”.

We now know what those six Russian warships that reportedly entered Syrian territorial waters last week were carrying. Aside from representing a show of strength to discourage NATO powers from launching a military attack, on board were Russian technical experts ready to help Damascus set up a sophisticated missile defense system sold to them by Moscow.

“Russian warships that have reached waters off Syria in recent days were carrying, among other things, Russian technical advisors who will help the Syrians set up an array of S-300 missiles Damascus has received in recent weeks, a report in the London-based Arabic language Al Quds-Al Arabi said Thursday. Citing sources in Syria and Russia, the paper said that Moscow sees a Western attack on Syria as a “red line” that it will not tolerate,” reports Arutz Sheva.

The S-300 missiles, which according to the report will be used to “deflect a possible attack by NATO or the U.S. and EU,” are long range surface-to-air missiles developed by Russia in 1979 for the purpose of protecting large industrial and military bases from enemy attack aircraft and cruise missiles.

The system is widely regarded as one of the most powerful anti-aircraft arrays in modern warfare, having the ability to track up to 100 targets and engage 12 at any one time. Russia recently tried to sell the same system to Iran but the transaction was halted after pressure from the U.S. and Israel.

Arming Syria with such a proficient means of aerial defense would obviously not bode well for any prospective “no fly zone” being planned by western powers. Reports have been circulating this week that fighter jets from Turkey and other Arab states would soon enter Syrian airspace under “humanitarian” pretenses with logistical aid from the United States.

“Along with the missiles, the report says that Russia has installed advanced radar systems in all key Syrian military and industrial installations. The radar system also covers areas north and south of Syria, where it will be able to detect movement of troops or aircraft towards the Syrian border. The radar targets include much of Israel, as well as the Incirlik military base in Turkey, which is used by NATO,” states the report.

French foreign minister Alain Juppé yesterday assured Syrian opposition forces that NATO powers are planning to launch a military intervention by imposing “humanitarian corridors or humanitarian zones” in the name of protecting civilians from the alleged abuses of the al-Assad regime.

The prospect of air strikes being launched under a “humanitarian” banner are seen as increasingly likely given the fact that the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush has been moved to the Syrian coast in recent days having left its traditional theater of operations just off the Straits of Hormuz.

Tensions also escalated yesterday after the U.S. Embassy in Damascus urged its citizens to leave Syria “immediately,” while Turkey’s foreign ministry told its citizens to avoid traveling through the country on their return home from Saudi Arabia.

As we have previously noted, attacking Syria could merely be an entrée for an assault on Iran because Tehran has promised to defend its ally.


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  • geo

    Let the show begin! Nato will crush Syria and those pathetic russian forces! :-x

    • dave

      to Geo Nato is strong ,but not that strong,Prepare yourself for a new leader and a one world order

  • Uzo

    I stand with Russia. US & her allies are biting more than they can chew.

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  • Jean-Francois Morf

    To kill the terrorist serial killer Assad l’assassin, Nato needs only a real 007 agent!
    No need to destroy all Syria as Libya was uselessly destroyed!
    No need to enforce disaster capitalism in Syria as done in Iraq!


  • Ursula

    Yes, this may start another world war. But NATO forces have used their combined power in too many illegal wars these past years. Enough is enough. If unfortunately Russia is the only power to help Syria, I am on their side.
    NATO bombed Libya back to the stone age in the name of ‘protecting civilians’. The ‘rebels’ were CIA goons, and foreign mercenaries. I expect that the Syrian rebels are the same kind of people. It stinks of a setup, just like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Enough is enough.

  • Ahmed

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  • marian

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    Death to nato, israel, uk, satanic white reptilian so-called white power. Ha-haaaaa-haaaaaaaaaa! Repent!! Your days are numbered and so few…

  • Concerned UK

    The Useless, sorry the US, is just too cowardly to dare fight against a real military adversary! The US much prefers its military opponents to be unarmed farmers and women and children.

    The USeless and its spineless NATO sycophants will run away from conflict with Russia

  • marian

    Go to the STRATFOR site and find the coward american carrier G W BUSH! It is located in the South of Spain, because, KUZNETSOV ADMIRAL RUSSIAN carrier is coming toward Syria. The americans are really kind. Bomb usa and eu-uk and israel!


    You are a bunch of ignorant morons. The U.S. Will do whatever it pleases and no other nation can do ANYTHING about it. This includes Russia, China, Iran etc… Take a look around. We control everything.

  • dave

    The US terrany on its citzens and others must be stoped by any means posible.Thank god for some to finally say enough is enough,oh by the the usa dont control every thing,in your tiny mind they do ,we stalmatted in the korean war and Nobody bullys russia .and if you think iran is going to take one for the team ,youre wrong.Oh by the way a chinise sub just sufurced next to an aircraft carrier with out detection.So in other words ,they are more prepared for us than you think,you are only number one until your frist lose

  • nes

    I am so glad that russia and china have finally stod up to the usa,The pigs/illuminati in washigton have taken control of the usa govt. And destroyed this great nation threw religon,public schools and the govt. Controled meadia.So agan thank you russia ,china,iran,syria and all whom opse terrany for standing up to the usa the uk and isrial.Now isrial will be forced to give back what is not thers.if thers any thing left of the self proclamed ,god only chosen people and the usa uk isrial will finally be leashed ,taught alession in maners,and learn they cant take what is not theres and remember this has been along time comming,so prepare your selfs ,pride comes before agreat fall

  • dave

    dude do you realy think so ,you need to step back and take another look around Russia controls russia and china controls china and iran controls iran.The usa Uk and isreal only picck on the contries that can not defend them sefs.the usa stalmated in the korean war,and no one messes with the russians beause they hit back,just like china and iran.the U.S. is the natzis of this war ,so prepare your self ,Soon you my have to bow your head in shame and face the grim reality ,you have been lied to ,by your preacher ,schools meadia and govt. We are not number one any more,Presidint Reagan s time in office was the last time the usa was number one

  • gjeorg

    …and tomorrow we or our children will awake with a mushroom over the roofs, unless that God prevent it. Only free people should perceive the right way to choose. End of world is’nt for tomorrow : There still lessons to be learnt …slavery or God

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