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Obama Tells Allies U.S. Will Attack Iran By Fall 2012

President prepared to use war as re-election campaign tool.

Barack Obama has told America’s allies that the United States will attack Iran before fall 2012 unless Tehran halts its nuclear program, a time frame that suggests Obama is willing to use war as a re-election campaign tool to rally the population around his leadership.

A subscriber-only report by DebkaFile, the Israeli intelligence outfit which has been proven accurate in the past, reveals that shortly after the end of NATO operations in Libya at the start of this week, “President Barack Obama went on line to America’s senior allies, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Israel and Saudi Arabia, with notice of his plan to attack Iran no later than September-October 2012 – unless Tehran halted its nuclear weaponization programs.”

According to the report, the window of opportunity for an attack before Iran moves the bulk of its nuclear processing underground is quickly evaporating.

Obama’s directive contributed to the flurry of reports this week about NATO powers putting their Iran war contingency plans on standby.

“Obama’s announcement was not perceived as a general directive to US allies, but a guideline to blow the dust off the contingency plans for a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities which stayed locked in bottom drawers for three years,” states the report, adding that “Obama’s announcement spurred Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Israel into girding their navies, air forces, ballistic units and anti-missile defense systems for the challenges ahead.”

The imminent withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is part of a program to re-arrange the United States’ presence in the Gulf. This dovetails with numerous reports over the past few weeks that large numbers of U.S. troops are being stationed in Kuwait.

“Military sources in the Gulf report that NATO and Persian Gulf leaders are treating the prospect of a US strike against Iran with the utmost seriousness,” states the article, adding that America plans to rebuild its Gulf presence as part “of a new US focus on cutting Iran down to size.”

The timing of a potential fall 2012 attack would of course coincide with Obama’s attempt to secure a second term in the White House. If by that time the United States has embarked on yet another military assault in the Middle East, it would undoubtedly play to Obama’s advantage, just as George W. Bush cited U.S. involvement in Iraq as a reason for voters not to “change horse” in the middle of a race back in 2004.

As we have previously reported, influential neo-cons within the U.S. have made it clear to Obama that they will give him political cover and an opportunity to resurrect his flagging political career if he launched an attack on Iran.

In February last year, vehement Israeli-firster and signatory to the infamous PNAC document Daniel Pipes wrote a piece for the National Review Online entitled, How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran, encouraging Obama to “salvage his tottering administration” by giving orders “for the U.S. military to destroy Iran’s nuclear-weapon capacity.”

Rumors that Israel was preparing for an attack on Iran have been rumbling all summer, but they really came to the fore in early October when US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s October 3 Tel Aviv visit was used as an opportunity by Israeli hawks to convince Panetta to green light the attack. Just ten days later, details emerged of a highly dubious assassination plot in the United States that was blamed on Iran.

This week has seen a barrage of news and leaked information which confirms that Israel, the U.S. and the United Kingdom are all on a war footing in preparation for targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Much of that information came as a result of deliberate leaks by former Israeli intelligence chiefs Meir Dagan and Yuval Diskin, who are attempting to derail the attack on Iran and remove Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office.

DebkaFile has proven itself to be accurate in predicting the precise time frame of conflicts in the past, correctly reporting back in July that the war in Libya would come to a head in early September, which is when rebels seized Tripoli and Gaddafi went on the run.

Should Obama and the United States’ NATO allies lead the attack on Iran, Israel itself is likely to take a back seat, according to reports which suggest the Zionist state will concentrate on defending the home front against likely reprisal attacks carried out by Hizballah.


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  • Baron Gifilte

    My phone must be off the hook.

  • Hans Schneider CYYZ

    This announcement by Obama is a defacto decleration of war and no one should be surprised if Iran starts a preemptive attack on various targets in the Middle East ! It would be smarter that Obama adresses the economical problems that the US is facing.

  • JanB

    The “occupy …” movement, a response to the economic disaster produced by the 1% that also greatly benefitted from the 9/11 false flag event, can only be silenced by proclamation of martial law (aka proclamation of neo-fascist state).

    Hence another false flag event to whip up sentiment for war is very likely as for the 1% unconditionally served by Obama, profits have absolute priority over any number of human lives, irrespective caste or creed. But it’s not just Iran: goal is occupation of all oil (and other resources) producing regions. After Iran, Russia is next.

    • Marius

      I agree. I was just thinking that all that Obama does this days (meaning years) is like a fascist dream of Musolini, in the 20’s, last century. War starts to be romantic, to be something americans should crave for, and all the lives, industry, media, should support that..it’s like a biblical mision or some sort, and at the end someone will give you the promise reward. Nobody knows what reward, but it looks like the majority of americans vibrate to that. I belive that this is the bancrupcy of human nature…

      • JanB

        What probably escaped attention, and the 1% wants to hide at all cost, is that the US economy cannot survive a price for oil above $35 / barrel. The present price reflects scarcity to such an extent that the dirty tar sands are used whatever the environmental cost (Keystone pipeline, fracking).

        The condition of scarce resources leads to unpleasant conditions where dissent no longer can be tolerated. Apart from that, scapegoats then are required to divert attention. So govt and corporations are fused and the govt becomes ruthless (in German, “Profit über Alles”). That is fascism, the mark is utter lawlessness including false flag operations. Even the military is sacrified (the attack on the USS Liberty proves that beyond doubt) but apart from that, look how war vets ave been (Vietnam) and are (Iraq) treated. Denial of the toxic effects of Agent Orange and depleted uranium…

        In the USA, everyone now is a suspect of whatever one is accused of, and guilty, when unable to prove one’s innocence. If this wasn’t enough, there’s also extrajudicial execution: assassination on mere suspicion. Not even Hitler went that far.

      • Jack Cochound

        Obama didn’t start a single war we’re in. Fact is, the EMPIRE is expanding, and Obama’s not calling the shots. He will represent the EMPIRE, and its global interests, like any president. But you’re on the money in the rest of your assessment. Whoever controls the flow of oil (and technology) controls the global economy, which is a euphemism for EMPIRE.

        • JanB

          A govt succeeding a previous one, is accountable for actions started by the previous govt that are continued, like the war in Iraq which is illegal (based on allegations proven to be false). In that sense, Obama will be found as guilty of war crimes as those in charge of conquered Nazi Germany.

          The German army published a short study on peak-oil and the lesson that could be learned from it is that the mindset to conquer all oil fields ultimately is self-destructive because resources are better spent on alternatives. The window for that opportunity is small because with the remnant of fossil fuels, the entire infrastructure for post-oil civilization has to be constructed, in an ambiance of a worsening climate (for food production) and weather related disasters. Unfortunately the Wall Street mindset exclusively regards short-term profit, whatever the cost in human lives and the environment.

  • Nmy

    I hope Iran will never make the first move. Because those who make the first move will be responsible entirely. I wonder what’s on mind the people who are behind US? Iran is preparing for invasion for the last 30 years. Looks like USA is intentionally heading for the same outcome as nazi Germany did in the WWII. All out, loose and fall down.

  • Baron Gifilte

    My phone is in GWO,99% of telephones are silent.

  • http://nono amr elashry

    i am from egypt and i don’t understand why usa shows that fears about iran and lwt isreal do what she want on land which she didn’t belong.

    • JanB

      The USA does not fear Iran at all: First, it is a business opportunity when tackled “at the right moment”. Second, every time something unpleasant happens (WikiLeaks revelation, “occupy …” protesters, another “too big to fail” US bank caught defrauding), Iran can be used to divert attention: “Oh look, they (the mullahs) almost have a bomb!” In that “blame Iran” game, whoever can be bribed, will be, or has been bribed.

    • cosmic janitor

      Amr, it is because Israeli agents have been infesting the US gov’t and military for decades; they now control the US and own all the broadcast media – they are and always have been the central bankers of the world, i.e. the federal reserve and the CBE.

  • Cyrus

    I think US president wants to make a new war for hide his economic mistakes!yes,It’s the best way for turning the people minds from US economic problems!

    be sure: 99>1
    A muslim Iranian who is anti war and likes equality!

  • General patton

    Piss-lam is the axis of evil. The terrorism that started 1400 yrs ago should end and US is doing a good job.
    Mohammed himself was a terrorist in his time, when he ordered to kill those who left Islam. He took part in many battles against people just for the reason they did not accept Islam. He married ayesha, a six-year-old girl. We call this pedophilia and this is a mental disease. His actions were that of a mafia don. Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.'” Qur’an:8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels.”

    Muhammad produced no miracles and when pressed he claimed that his miracle is the Quran. Yet a cursory look at the Quran reveals that this book is full of errors. Quran is replete with scientific heresies, historic blunders, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities, grammatical errors and ethical fallacies. It is badly compiled and it contradicts itself. There is nothing intelligent in this book let alone miraculous. Muhammad challenged people to produce a “Surah like it” or find an error therein, yet Muslims would kill anyone who dares to criticize it. In such a climate of hypocrisy and violence truth is the first casualty.

    many species of animals are more civilized than muslims-CHARLES DARWIN

    Muslims even cant exist themselves peacefully in islamic country. This is natural, and thats what their mannual say so. cant help. the middle east is always in anarchy. they create trouble for themselves and also to the civilized world.
    what has this cult of this pedophile given to the world except war,suffering,misery.

    google “thighing” and see your reality.

    Goat-bearded, bloodthirsty monsters

  • Kazuki Maramuki

    I just hope that if/when it does come to another senseless war, and when it is on our soil (China and Russia have more than enough power to bring the fight to NA) that they take out the people causing this bullshit instead of everyone (Selfish request I realize, but me nor my family started nor support any of what the US govt is doing in its warmongering and economic policies).

    Not all of the American people are bad, and while its my first time posting and coming to this website (Read about 40 articles so far since I found this site) many/if not all nations that we have invaded did not deserve it and were by and large minding their own business. A policy the United States should take on as well.

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