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Obama Pushes For New Police State Laws Over Argentina Fears

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A new report authored by Deputy Minister Gennadiy M. Gatilov of the Russian Foreign Ministry that is circulating in the Kremlin today warns that the Obama regime is pushing through the US Congress new and draconian “Police State” laws over the fears held by American oligarchs that an Argentina-type “movement” is about to sweep them all away.

The fears of a wider crackdown on dissent by the Obama regime outlined by Minister Gatilov were further echoed by the American Human Rights First organization this week after they reported that over 20 retired US Generals and Admirals had written to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and to the chairman and ranking Senator of the Armed Services Committee, to demand the removal of police-state “anti-terrorism” measures from the 2012 Defense Authorization Act.

These new laws would permit for the first time in history the indefinite military detention of American citizens without charge or trial that these top US military officers warn:

“If passed, we believe these provisions would reshape our counterterrorism policies in ways that would undermine our national security and transform our armed forces into judge, jury and jailor for foreign terrorism suspects. The military’s mission is to prosecute wars, not terrorists. … It [the bill] would also authorize the indefinite detention without trial of terrorism suspects, including American citizens captured on U.S. soil – a policy that is contrary to the very American values needed to win this fight.”

The greater fears fueling the Obama regime to push for these new “Police State” laws, Minister Gatilov says, is due to the growing “Occupy Wall Street” protests sweeping across America that which each passing week are beginning to resemble the Argentina economic crisis and collapse of 1999-2002 that swept that South America nations oligarchs from power, put many of their former politicians, bankers and military leaders in jail, and has led to the one of the greatest economic recoveries in modern history.

To understand how afraid the American ruling oligarchy, politicians and military-corporatists are of the “Argentina Miracle” one must first understand that the cabal that engineered the collapse Argentina’s economy is the same one who control the United States today and are called the “Chicago Boys”.

The “Chicago Boys” were headed by the leader of University of Chicago’s School of Economics Milton Friedman (1912-2006) who aside from being an advisor to nearly every American President for over 50 years, was also the chief architect of the economic and social destruction of Argentina, Chile, and too many other nations around the world to mention in one sitting.

Two of the most powerful “Chicago Boys” currently engineering the destruction the American economy are former University of Chicago alumni President Barack Obama and former White House economic advisor Austan Goolsbee, both of whom since taking office, along with their oligarch allies, have accelerated the collapse the US economy to levels not seen since the Great Depression of last century.

One of the most knowledge people in the world about these “Chicago Boys” is the renowned Canadian author Naomi Klein who in her book “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” lays this monstrous cabal bare:

“In her groundbreaking reporting over the past few years, Naomi Klein introduced the term disaster capitalism. Whether covering Baghdad after the U.S. occupation, Sri Lanka in the wake of the tsunami, or New Orleans post-Katrina, she witnessed something remarkably similar. People still reeling from catastrophe were being hit again, this time with economic shock treatment, losing their land and homes to rapid-fire corporate makeovers.

The Shock Doctrine retells the story of the most dominant ideology of our time, Milton Friedman’s free market economic revolution. In contrast to the popular myth of this movement s peaceful global victory, Klein shows how it has exploited moments of shock and extreme violence in order to implement its economic policies in so many parts of the world from Latin America and Eastern Europe to South Africa, Russia, and Iraq.”

[Note: So feared and hated is Naomi Klein by American oligarchs, that merely for walking on a sidewalk in New York last week she was brutally assaulted and arrested by police for still as yet unexplained charges.]

Not being understood by either the American or Western European peoples are that the ever, and growing, economic catastrophes, and wars they are being made to experience have all been designed to keep them “shocked” while their futures are being stolen away from them.

In Argentina, however, the reverse happened when, just like the protests we see emerging throughout the US and Europe, instead of listening to their mainstream political leaders and press “experts” these people took matters into their own hands and remade their nation into one that serves its own people instead of only those who were rich and powerful.

By 2001 the popular mood in Argentina was moving toward a revolutionary uprising. Incumbent President Fernando De la Rua was overthrown scores of protestors were killed and wounded, as a popular rebellion threatened to seize the Presidential palace. By the end of 2002, hundreds of bankrupt factories were “occupied,” taken over and run by workers. Argentina then defaulted on its external debt in essence telling the West’s banking cartels to “take a hike.”

In early 2003, Nestor Kirchner was elected President, in the midst of this systemic crisis and proceeded to reject efforts to enforce debt payment or repress the popular movements. Instead he inaugurated a series of emergency public works programs. He authorized payments to unemployed workers (150 pesos per month) to meet the basic needs of nearly half the labor force. The most popular slogan, of the multitudinous movements occupying the financial districts, factories, public buildings and the streets was “Que se vayan todos” (“All politicians get out!’)

Last week Kirchner’s widow, President Cristina Fernandez won a landslide re-election and today Argentina’s economy is one of the most robust in the world enjoying over an 8% amount of growth per year, and where the poverty rate has been nearly eliminated since the power of the “Chicago Boys” was broken.

Once having broken the power of the “Chicago Boys” and their US-European banking cartel paymasters, Argentina did, indeed, throw out all of their politicians, quit believing the lies spread by the corrupt mainstream media, all but dismantled their industrial-military-complex, sent to jail most of their top political, corporate and military leaders and have provided to the world a “shining example” of what is possible, even though the odds seem too much stacked against ordinary people.

Axis of Logic reporter James Petras in his article comparing the events that saved Argentina, versus those now occurring in the United States recently wrote:

“The US under Bush-Obama has pursued a totally perverse and divergent path to that of Kirchner-Fernandez. They have prioritized military spending and expanded the security apparatus over the productive economy. Obama and Congress have vastly increased the police state apparatus, reinforced their political influence over regressive budgetary policies while increasingly violating human and civil rights. In contrast Kirchner/Fernandez have prosecuted dozens of human rights violators in the military and police and weakened the military’s political power.

In other words the Argentine Presidents have weakened the militarist pressure bloc which demands greater arms and security expenditures. They created a state more accommodative to their political project of financing economic competitiveness, new markets and social programs. Bush-Obama revived the parasitical financial sector further unbalancing the economy. Kirchner/Fernandez ensured that the banking sector financed the growth of the export sector, manufactures and domestic consumption. Obama slashes social consumption to pay creditors. Kirchner-Fernandez imposed a 75% “haircut” on bondholders in order to finance social spending.

Kirchner-Fernandez have won three presidential elections, each by a larger margin. Obama may be a one-term president, even with the billion dollar campaign funding from Wall Street, the military industrial complex and the pro-Israel power configuration.

The popular opposition to Obama, especially the “Occupy Wall Street movement” has a long way to go to emulate the success of the Argentine movements that rousted incumbent presidents, blocked highways paralyzing production and circulation and imposed a social agenda that prioritized production over finance, social consumption over military expenditures. The “Occupy Wall Street Movement” has taken a first step toward mobilizing millions of active participants necessary to creating the social muscle that turned Argentina from a US style client state into a dynamic independent welfare state.”

To if the people of the United States, or those in Western Europe, are able to throw off the yoke of their oligarchs it is not in our knowing other than to point out that as of now the vast majority of these people continue to live their lives in denial believing only what their “masters” tell them to believe and ignoring those, like us, shouting the truth to them.

As history shows, however, our efforts in Argentina, like so many others who kept the truth flowing, the power of these monsters can be broken…one just has to keep trying.


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7 Responses to " Obama Pushes For New Police State Laws Over Argentina Fears "

  1. Gary says:

    Why do most EU Times (especially today’s issue) have stories that are verbatim copies from Sorchal Faal’s (real name David Booth) Web site? Does David own the EU Times as well or just gives them filler material? Any time a story begins “rumors circulating in Kremlin today —- ” you KNOW David wrote the story. If not, how about posting name of writer of each story? Not 1% credible. Adding the writer’s name as 99% of media does would raise it to 1% credible. I enjoyed David’s spoofs and creative imagination until one story he wrote caused a riot in Kabul in which one person died. Some truth (names of writers etc.) would be welcome!

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    • Thomas says:

      “Most of their stories”? Man they barely post 1-3 Sorcha Faal stories per month but since you’re not a daily reader, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Those 1-3 Sorcha Faal per month barely constitue 0.1% of their total. So it’s definitely NO “most of their stories”.

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  2. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    Nobel Prize Milton Friedman was an arrant liar: inflating +400% USA financial costs MUST INCREASE inflation: ask any supermarket CFO how much he can reduce consumer prices if Alan Greenspan multiply his financial cost (on the items waiting to be sold) times 5, so he will answer you that he MUST rise the prices, because of higher financial costs!
    Monetarism is a Friedman’s lie: has the quadrillion $ liquidity creation from USA private banks created hyper-inflation? NO! Has the FED tripling of money base since 2008 created hyper-inflation? NO! The only way of creating hyper-inflation was when jew Adolph Volcker inflated financial costs from 5% in 1977 to 20% in 1981: then, because of this financial cost inflation of 400%, consumer price index rose heavily after 1977!
    Milton Friedman arrant lies created millions American new poor, just for enriching himself!

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  3. Reginaldo says:

    O Mr. Obama nunca foi e não é o culpado pela atual situação economica da America! ele infelizmente herdou um pais já com sua econômia totalmente falida, em decorencia das gestões anteriores ao seu governo, que sempre acharam que a China e os demais paise de 3 mundo são povos totalmente desprovidos de inteligência, mas está não é a verdade! eles são inteligentes e capazes de copiar anos de pesquisas cientificas e tecnologicas que os Estados Unidos da America e a união Europeia simplemente lhes deram totalmente de graça apenas o intuito de melhorar seus lucros financeiros na produção de seus produtos junto a economia mundial. mas esqueceram uma regra basica… Se… você não tem a capacidade de criar… tenha a humildade de copiar… e foi isto que a China fez! e foram vocês que fizeram isto.

    Quanto a Argentina descordo totalmente! os Governos dos Kirchner já fecharam diversos Jornais na capital e outras provincias da Argentina,é a economia da Argentina está simplemente um verdadeiro fracaso os Argentinos deixaran de trabalhar e começaram a comprar feito uns loucos pela America Latina, inclussive no Brasil e esqueceram de trabalhar! qualquer econômia do mundo que seu povo não trabalha e são gastadores compusivos vai à baixo! não existe dinheiro facil! para vender serviços tem que ter Industrias dentro de sua estrutura econômica para gerar emprego e renda… a Industria da Guerra deixa mais amputados e dar prejuizos incalculaveis para qualquer econômia do mundo…O Povo Americano e Europeu tem que parar de gastar sem controle e trabalhar mais e parar de querer que seus gestores politicos sejam Deuses para fazer milagres infidáveis, uma hora alguem tem que pagar a conta e é isto que está acontecendo com estás Economias.

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  4. BillWhit says:

    Sorry, but I think this is wrong. The OWS protesters are Obama’s voting base. He backs them and they back him. They are the lazy and worthless that could care less about making a better society, they certainly aren’t going to work making one unless it is one that gives them money for doing nothing. No, the OWS bums only trash and destroy, they do nothing constructive. That’s why Obama backs them, they are made of the same selfentitlement attitude as Obama, which is worthless in a working society!

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    • Gary says:

      REPLYING TO ME? I AGREE WITH YOU. Stalin called them his “Useful Idiots”. Millions of mindless all emotion zealots on call 24/7. Mao had 200 million! Castro had them, Chavez – pretty much every brutal two faced dictator in disguise has them. The idiocy of mobs should never be under estimated. As an aside, IMO Obama has suffered a mental breakdown. He is now a loose cannon capable of anything. Watch his expressions when he loses his teleprompter line for a moment. Sheer terror. He is now a clear and present danger to himself and to the world. The Manchurian Candidate (movie) is about to play his last game of cards (if you’ve seen the 1960 classic). Notice the high ups suddenly all at once suggesting he “step aside”? They are close to him and recognize the mental breakdown. They see WW3 if he stays another month.

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    • cosmic says:

      You haven’t a clue what your talking about in these matters and when considered alongside the mindless comment below it can only be concluded that the US Ministry of Truth must be doing a commendable job of dissembling the truth

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