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Obama Power Grab For Entire World Stuns Russia, China

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New reports emerging in the Kremlin today from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC) in Hawaii are stating that both Russian and Chinese diplomats were “stunned” upon learning that the United States Nobel Peace Prize winning leader, President Barack Obama, has ordered US Military forces into both Nigeria and Australia in what they describe as his plan to take over the entire world for his crony-capitalist backers.

According to these reports, Nigerian military sources have confirmed Obama’s plan to deploy US Military forces in their country in yet another expansion of the Pentagon’s “Shadow War” on the African Continent designed to take control of this regions vast oil and mineral resources, and he is, also, planning on announcing during his upcoming visit to Australia the deployment of US Marine forces to ward off what the Americans are calling the “China threat”.

With more than 900 US Military bases on all seven continents, and with a defense budget that outspends all of the other nations in the world combined, Russian diplomats warn that these latest deployments “strip bear” Obama’s true intentions which they describe as being nothing short of “total world domination.”

To understand Obama’s true motivations, these reports say, one has to realize that the West’s most powerful bankers who have given him more money than any politician, in any country, in modern human history far surpassing the millions given to Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler by US and European industrialists led by the former US President George W. Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, who was charged for his crimes under the Trading With Enemies Act during World War II.

Sensing the rise of a growing American dictatorship headed by Obama, Prime Minister Putin this past week lashed out at the West by describing them as “arrogant world powers” who would stop at nothing to achieve their goals, and reserving special condemnation of both the US and UK for violating the UN Resolution against Libya that now finds NATO under investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the many war crimes it committed.

China, likewise, this past week mocked the US that they said was controlled by fawning political leaders seeking re-election who have created an “entitlement culture” where the American public has grown dependent on government largesse, and at the opening of the APEC engaged in a “testy exchange” with the US over a new proposed Pacific Trade Pact.

Not just to Russia and China are fears of Obama rising either as US Congressman, and 2012 Presidential hopeful, Ron Paul warned this past week that the “Obama Presidency Warned Is On The Verge Of Being A Dictatorship” and US Supreme Court Justice Breyer further warned that the Obama regime was on the verge of creating an “Orwellian government”.

Important to note about Obama’s United States is that never before in modern history has the world’s leading economic power experienced a saving shortfall of such epic proportions as America is now experiencing and is leading to their fast total economic collapse, and with the European Central Bank (ECB) now warning that there is little left it can do to save the Eurozone this catastrophic event may very well be already underway caused the head of China’s biggest ratings agency, Dagong Global Credit Rating, to warn of another US credit downgrade.

Unfortunately for the American people in all of these events is their not being allowed to know about any of them due to their “mainstream” media not telling them, a point brought up in an article today detailing how in the past two weeks they have been subjected to nearly 120 stories about the sex life of Presidential contender Herman Cain while at the same time: 1.) Only 3 major networks covered Obama’s sending US troops in Uganda. 2.) Only 1 major news network covered the scandal of the Obama regime sending guns to Mexico’s gun cartels. 3.) No major network covered the 8th largest bankruptcy in US history of MF Global whose CEO was top Obama advisor, and former Goldman Sachs CEO, and former Democratic Governor of New Jersey John Corizine. 4.) No major network has covered the Solyndra scandal that allowed $500 million in US taxpayer money to be swindled away by Obama regime cronies.

And in, perhaps, the most egregious example of how far “mainstream” journalism has fallen in the US was the ABC Television News Network morning show host George Stephanopoulos attacking Herman Cain over the sex allegation made against him…the “same” George Stephanopoulos who when he was a top aide of President Bill Clinton praised the “mainstream” media for keeping what they knew secret from the American people…and in his own words on page 267 of his autobiography “All Too Human”, “Most important, I wanted to keep reports of Paula [Jones’] press conference off television … It wasn’t a hard sell.”

In a country whose President, a former professor of constitutional law nonetheless, can take an oath to uphold the Constitution and then spend every waking moment trying to dig its grave, and who is now warned has become prosecutor, judge and jury in the targeted killings of any American citizen he so chooses, one can see clearing why China is now seeking to protect its vast oil wealth in the South China Sea and why Putin has called for a Eurasian Union to protect Russia’s energy future.

What remains to be seen is if Obama and the powerful Western bankers backing him can succeed in their plans to take over the entire world without plunging us all into total war… history says that they can’t… time will surely tell.


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  • 14.9 trillion in debt and counting http://www.usdebtclock.org/

  • Russia and China will galvanize and create that Eurasian Union to counter the Europ an Union and American Union. USA is just one country in America and will have to expand to an American Union in order to compete with Europe and Asia. Brazil will galvanize and become the 2nd Nuclear Power in America because Brazil is the 2nd largest country in America. Russia will sell Germany some of its nukes so that Germany can finally take its rightful place amoung the Nuclear Powers of Planet Earth.

  • Loganberry



    Title: US at risk of war with China, Russia


  • R. U. kidding

    What a load of tripe! There is no possible way this site is a reputable or responsible news agency.

    • wixs

      I completely agree with you. There is absolutely no truth or substance to this “news” story. They are simply writing statements that they know are playing to the lowest denominator. Folks, do not depend on these far fetched stories for your information, they are just playing towards fear and ignorance.

  • Robert C. Laity

    Obama wants to rule the world:

  • Quitcher Belli Ackin

    In the words of Leslie Chan from The Hangover, “Ohhhh quid pwo qwoooooee…..”. I like how these countries who were SOOOOOO supportive of the USA electing her first black, commie, muslim President, are now reeling from the side effects of his tenure. In their haste to give unending moral support, (even financing his campaign with “anonymous donors”) for the young, vibrant, “culturally endowed” presidential candidate, (as opposed to the older, wiser, war hero McCain who would no doubt keep the US in the world’s #1 slot) they have unleashed a rabid hound….on themselves! When these countries’ patience runs out and they finally bomb the hell out of the mainland of America, only then will they see Obama’s REAL overall goal be accomplished…..DESTROYING THE UNITED STATES FROM WITHIN!!! God help us, and God Bless America!

  • Robbie

    4 Important questions:
    1. Who appointed the USA as the world’s police force ?
    2. According to above map, what are US troops doing in Russia ? (Do they perhaps work together behind the scenes but pretent to be enemies ? – why not, if the US Gov helped fund communism in Russia and help to keep communism alive for 70 years ?) Even US troops in Belarus, according to the map – the last place I expected US troops ! At least there are still a few white spots on this world map !
    3. Why don’t Iran stand up and and ask on World television “Who the hell are the USA to consider themselves as capable to have nuclear bombs but we are not allowed to have them ?” Perhaps they do, but don’t get news coverage – but if they don’t, there is a strong possibility that the Iran Government and the US Gov work together behind the scenes.
    4. Does the US taxpayer pay to keep that troops in that countries all over, or do the relevant countries pay ? I guess we will never know.

    • Scott

      Let me be cautious with my words…. It is my understanding that Iran believes the world should experience a nuclear holocaust for something to the extent of a “fresh start.” It is unfortunate, however, that governments are now running the world, and the people have just become ATM’s. The question is: what should be done about it? We, as Americans, for the most part, do not support what our government is up to (feel free to vote on your side, Americans.) I would like to travel to other countries and shake the hands of the people of completely opposite and diverse cultures, but I feel that the governments are making the citizens of countries hate one another, when really, the “leaders” are to blame. Ride it out. Whatever the name of your higher power, awaits. And life here is only the beginning.

    • BECCA

      “With more than 900 US Military bases on all seven continents”

  • 3AM
  • STFU

    Ahh bla bla bla.. who cares anyway, as long you people didn’t mess in my area where i can stretch my legs peacefuly without anybody messing around in it.. not my fuckin’ problem :-D

  • Deceived American

    OMG! In America, we never hear about these atrocities. The article is correct in that, information is intentionally withheld from the people. U.S. citizens do not suport Obama and we desperately want him removed from the White House. We don’t want anymore wars, either. I really hope that, if Russia, China or whoever, decides to strike the US, they realize our people are opposite of the government. Get Washington, not the innocents.

    • becca


  • Just Russian

    Well, the vast majority of normal people, of course, make a difference between aggressive ruling elites and just the human masses, between polititians and just citizens.

    Here is something that all people SHALL know – what is happening behind their backs! Read this, please: http://antimatrix.org/Convert/Books/Tatyana_Gracheva/Nevidimaya_Khazariia/Invisible_Khazaria.html

  • Brett

    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D Can’t we put all our differences aside and stick together as Christians because there will never be real peace until Jesus comes back. God said if they turn from there wicked ways then I will heal there land…. We cant not put our trust in a politician of any kind unless you feel it is right down in your heart and you feel God approves him. Lets just stick together as Christians and trust in God.

  • :roll: America you asked for change,well,you are getting it.We who stand with God Thru Christ are separated from this worldly JUNK.God has so many times in prophetic Words referred to America as a Sleeping Giant,and He also calls His Church that too.If you can’t see this Picture,something is terribly wrong..God help us..let the elect of God rise up now in prayer against this terrible thing happening in the world today.We can slay this Goliath.

  • BillWhit

    This is laughable! First, Obama would have to conquer the USA and We, the People, which he will never be able to do, we are ARMED and will Fight! So I call this story BS. Of course, I would not doubt that Obama would love to take over the world, his Narcisist personality craves adoration, he can never admit he was wrong and he will never accept the blame for anything, only pass the buck. Obama is the Worst President in American History and will go down as so. He will also be kicked out the door in 2012 because We, the People have awoken from their stupor and will not believe the same Lies and BS that Obama used in 2008. That is why, as a Lifetime Democrat in 2008, I refused to support Obama, an unknown with no Past, No Records, No Accomplishments, Nothing! Obama is only TRASH and will be treated as such when he is kicked out in 2012!

  • Di

    Just as planned and just as God said it would happen.

  • wakkocai

    X( amerika F U C k

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