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Obama Issues Ron Paul “Kill Order” As Russia Prepares For War

The Federal Security Service (FSB) is reporting today that the “secret letter” sent to Prime Minister Putin by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda contains a warning that United States President Barack Obama has issued an executive-level “kill order” against US Congressman Ron Paul over fears this charismatic politician, who many believe could capture the Republican Presidential 2012 nomination, is about to expose to all Americans what can only be described as the largest mass theft in human history. The “kill order” is a metaphor for silincing down congressman Ron Paul in the mass media as if he doesn’t exist.

According to this report, Prime Minister Noda first became aware of this “kill order” after a private meeting with Obama at last weeks ASEAN Summit meeting in Indonesia when the American President expressed his “unconstrained joy” over the toppling of the Greek and Italian governments in bloodless coups by EU banksters who installed to run these countries unelected former Goldman Sachs executives.

Not known to many Americans is that the giant global investment firm Goldman Sachs put Obama into office by being its top donor and after winning the Presidency put so many of its former executives into the US government it is known as the “Wall Street Cabinet.”

The reason for Goldman Sachs, and other top American and European banksters, putting Obama into office, this report continues, was to loot the Americans taxpayers of an estimated $100 Trillion…nearly $30 Trillion of which went directly into the pockets of international banksters around the world and another $70 Trillion in lost home values, stock portfolios and pensions funds.

The main conduit of this massive theft was the US Federal Reserve System which during the 2008 Financial Crisis secretly doled out, without the American peoples knowledge, over $16 Trillion to European banks and companies and another nearly $8 Trillion in “secret loans” to the largest banks in the United States.

Causing Obama and his bankster allies to fear Ron Paul, this report continues, is the Congressman’s ability to hold US Congressional hearings on the $8 Trillion in secret loans to the largest banks in America without the public’s knowledge exposing this largest theft in human history and laying bare for all to see the total criminality of their entire elite political, financial and corporate class.

Though the US mainstream media has virtually ignored Ron Paul’s candidacy the American people themselves appear to have broken through this deliberate government ordered blackout of his Presidential run as evidenced by his rise in the polls in the first campaign States of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, which should he win them all would assure him the Republican nomination.

The fears Ron Paul is causing among Americas elite classes appear to be justified as he recently likened the US Federal Reserve System to “drug addiction” warning that the deception it has foisted upon the public will lead to the destruction of the United States.

Ron Paul further warned the American people this year that their nation was becoming a “police state,” called for the impeachment of Obama for ordering the assassination of an American citizen without charges or trial, and stated that Obama had violated the War Powers Act over his actions against Libya.

Ron Paul’s fears of a police state America being ruled by a dictatorial tyrant were confirmed yesterday when the US Senate, in a 61-37 vote gave, for the first time in history, the power to the US Military to hold citizens without charges or trial indefinitely by passing a bill that was written in secret and never openly debated.

So frightening is this new law that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in the days prior to its passing warned: “The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world. The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself.”

Most ominous in this FSB report is its stating that the “assassination regime” ordered against Ron Paul by Obama may already be underway as one of the US foreclosure fraud whistleblowers subpoenaed by Ron Paul to testify before the US Congress named Tracey Lawrence was found “suicided” yesterday in Las Vegas.

The destruction of anyone found opposing the Obama regime and its bankster backers was, also, brought into sharp relief this week by the smearing by mental illness allegations of one of America’s top heroes US Marine Sergeant Dakota Meyer, who in September received the Congressional Medal of Honor from Obama (who called him one of the most “down-to-earth guys that you will ever meet”) for saving the lives of 36 of his comrades, but after he alerted the press that his employer defense contractor BAE Systems was selling high-tech sniper rifles to Pakistan that are being used to kill America Soldiers was labeled as a “drunk and mentally ill.”

So concerned has the Kremlin become about the growing American fascist police state it caused General Nikolai Makarov, Russia’s top military commander, to issue a warning to the West last week that the Motherland was fully prepared for a nuclear World War III and which prompted the Obama regime to state that it would immediately cease observing their arms treaty with Russia.

To if the American people will be able to rally around Ron Paul before he is assassinated by the Obama regime it is not in our knowing, other than to note that in a country where every public demonstration – however peaceful and orderly it might be – is ordered by their authorities to be treated as the equivalent of a prison riot, where the former police chief of Seattle blamed the militarization of local US police forces on Obama’s Homeland Security Department, and where the media is described as being nothing more than a “lapdog” for Obama and his bankster allies, the likelihood of these people escaping the worst horrors to come do, indeed, seem inescapable.


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  • Hoax

    This is clearly Hoax, intention to build public opinion. This smear campaign.! this paper is clearly not the work of journalism. without any concrete evidence, without the people who asked for information about a truth. bullshit.! and i can not see any connection between orderkill story, and the reaction of Russia prepared war. murder, uhm that Americans own domestic affairs. why russia preparing war. does not make sense. truly bullshit .. wkwkw

    • funny

      This is such bull it is hard not to laugh. Couldn’t agree more with “Hoax” truly a joke! good try.

      • http://www.sr-gamers.com mike

        I aggree what a line of bullshit… BS BS and more BS

    • Jerry

      why, that’s exactly what they want you to think….

      • Ally

        They are already doing the media blackout Or the “Kill order” as they call it. If you think this is BS then U need to either wake up or don’t act surprised when U find out us crazy conspiracy nuts RIGHT!!! stupid non belivers

      • Nexus789

        Look up the source and trace the author…however, the body politic in the US does seem to be spiraling down into more corruption and cronyism.

    • Alvin Willingham

      did you forget Pres. Lincoln started to print dept free money shortly after he was assassinated. how about Pres. Kennedy assassinated shortly after printing dept free money. many other attempts. through history by who ROTHSCHILD FED RES. MAFIA BANKING CARTEL AND FAMILY ” ROCKEFELLER, GOLDMAN SACHS, LEAMAN, SCHAUB,AIG. HOW ABOUT ALL THE OTHERS IN OTHER COUNTRIES??? HOW ABOUT THE MILLIONS THEY KILLED IN WARS STARTED BY OR INVOLVING ZIONIST AND WHO ELSE THE CIA. (the zionist personal army) all should read ” the timeline of the Rothschild family “”http://www.iamthewitness.com/DarylBradfordSmith_Rothschild.htm

      • Scott

        I have, very interesting read, very bad people!!! They will stop at nothing!

    • shelly

      I agree with you about Russia, but it does appear that Obama doesn’t want our media to give any attention to Ron Paul. I think every candidate deserves equal coverage so people can educate themselves on each one. Instead we get extremely skewed information in favor of the status quo.

    • Modela

      Ron Paul hasn’t win a single State, Is that because of Obama? You have to be idiot to believe a stude story like this. Most of Americans are dum, and believes anything. Ron Paul should drop out of the race, he is not doing anything.

      • Antony

        Actually, they let him win the US Virgin Islands, and in many caucus states, he is likely to take the majority of state delegates. These include Iowa, Navada, Alaska, Minnesota, Colorado (to name a few)…

      • James Borden

        :roll: I can tell by your comments and the accomplishment of your writing skills and spelling that you are not the one to be calling someone else stupid, STUPID! When Ron Paul wins and you are taken off welfare maybe you can return to school and take a creative writing if you can pass remedial English that is. Did you understand, or was that too hard for you? I can dummy it up for you if you’d like?

    • James Borden

      Is that English? I think you need a course in creative writing also. 😆

    • Nexus789

      Yes….a conspiracy nut. Sorcha Faal is the name currently used by conspiracy nutter David Booth, whose work is of such quality that even other conspiracy nutters don’t think much of it.

  • charger john

    In just 4 mid-america states there is a citizens militia of 7 million armed men and women. They are highly honed and proficent marksman. They all posess high powered rifles capable of penetrating body armor.

    There will never be a police state in America. When agitated this militia will remove all from power. When you add in the other 46 states you can see that America is the most highly armed nation the planet has ever known. Our 2nd Ammendment provides for the militia in defense of tyrany.

    Yes, fat lazy Americans are slow to get off the couch. when they do the globalists and banksters will all be purged. That time is coming very soon. The rank and file military will not wage war upon it’s own citizens. We may be attacked by nukes or bio but they can’t kill all of us and those that survive will still vastly outnumber the the bad guys.

    The Japs learned the lesson.

    Pigs can beat up peaceful unarmed teenagers protesting on wall street. They can’t get away with that on a national scale.
    Charger John

    • Deborah

      I’m glad our fore fathers had the foresight and allowed for a well organized militia in times of tyany.

    • Hank Janis

      😀 I agree sir. When it finally goes down. I will be standing with the people who truly care about this great country we call the US.

    • Sam

      Do the militia have neutron bombs like the policestate has?

      • James Borden

        Sam you have been watching too many cartoons, maybe Johnny Nuetron? 😯

    • George

      We are living under tyranny right now. I don’t know what everyone is waiting for but if we wait much longer all of our freedoms, the Bill of Rights and our Constitution will be shredded. So when are we going to make ourselves heard???

    • Mechelle

      I truly hope you are right.

    • annje

      yeah, the Japs learned it all right…even those little baby Japs learned it, and the grandmas and mommies and daddies and sisters and millions more who never did squat to anyone…your post would have been a comfort w/out that part…Pigs can beat up teenagers, they can also murder little babies to test a bomb on a population. What the hell is wrong with you that you’d say that or even make such a parallel in your mind?
      Straighten up or you’ll have us all at each others throats instead of working together. the attack on the Japanese and what is happening here have no correlation. none at all. Jesus.

  • rick52041

    As an Obama supporter I have some suggestions for bumper stickers and “T” shirts to insure his re-election as follows– (Fascism – An idea whose time has come- Obama 2012) (Unified Socialist America-Obama 2012) (Repeal the Constitution-Obama 2012)(Fascists for Obama) (Communists for Obama) (Surrender liberty, Obama will keep you safe) (Fascism, “the change” Obama 2012) (Americans are to dumb and lazy to self govern. Obama Rules 2012) (America deserves fascism. Vote Obama 2012). (Obama rules. Submit 2012) (Obama is fully accountable. But the buck stopped with Bush or the Republicans or congress or rich guys etc.) Feel free to use any of these suggestions to help me insure Obama’s re-election. Regards; Rick

    • Robert Pfluger

      Rick, Your stand is quite unbelievable. Nice joke maybe 😳

    • A MAN

      lol. thats pretty funny. should make that happen.

    • David GreyBeard

      You forgot about the attempts to make him an Emperor or King. Imagine this: King Barry! in 2012. Why not? There’s already a Queen heba.

  • Deborah

    If Ron Paul comments on this I would be more likely to believe it. My very first thought was Why Ron Paul? Why not say it was one of the men who have a better chance at beating Obama? It could be true, Who knows, But I’m a little doubtful just the same. You got to admit if this gets around. Obama’s chance of winning will be null, and that I can live with.

    • Scott Bain

      You said:

      “Why Ron Paul? Why not say it was one of the men who have a better chance at beating Obama?”

      Because none of the other candidates are a threat to the corrupt establishment. It would be ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’.

      Put Obama’s record beside Ron Paul’s. Hell, any of their records beside put Ron Paul’s!

      It isn’t even a fair fight.

      Ron Paul will DESTROY Obama.

      • cbond01

        That is right because Ron Paul stands for Truth and the truth will set the US FREE……………. Charles of Waveland, MS.

    • Mike

      Because, Deborah, none of the other candidates are willing to expose this fraud by the fed, they are all part of the fasco-socialist duopoly of power that has undermined the Constitution. Ron Paul is the ONLY truly American candidate in the race. The rest are all traitors.

    • James Borden

      :roll: So you are voting for Romney? another whiz kid!

  • mack sanders

    You all just don’t get it,can’t you see how this country has gone to the bottom under OBAMA’S regime.It was bad enough under the Bush’s but Obama has proven to be the most corrupt president in the history of the U.S.A. and it seems that no one can slow him down. We all must vote him out,it doesn’t matter who goes in except the muslim Obama.

    • Antony

      Hey, just leave the whole ‘muslim’ thing out of this. There are muslims for Ron Paul as well. Putting people into groups is a collectivist argument that destroys the core principles of the sovreign INDIVIDUAL.

      Besides, what Paul supporters understand better than most is that voting for the lesser of two evils still gets you evil and the cycle continues. Each election cycle, millions are duped into voting for the lesser evil because “THIS time is is TOO IMPORTANT” or the end of the world will take place if we don’t vote AGAINST so and so.

      Our problem is that we fogot the importance of voting FOR something. We forgot that shelving a principle is to reject that principle.

      I suggest you rethink your argument.

    • James Borden

      :roll: DUMB ASS!

  • Agrigsby

    I dont know how much of this i believe but if our own government really tries to turn on us in our own country, it wont get very far off the ground. I own guns and ammo. Almost everyone i know owns guns and ammo. And they know people with guns and ammo. So on and so forth. Thank goodness we live in a country where we can protect ourselves even from our own government if need be. Our military would’nt be able to stand against the civilians if we mobilize. I just hope it never comes to that point. We don’t need another civil war. I don’t want to fight my friends and family. But we WILL protect ourselves from tyranny.

    • jb

      good thing you have guns AND ammo and Guns and AMMo. dumbass

      • CDriver

        So, why is Agrigsby a dumbass JB? Lots of American’s own guns so why the attitude smart butt?

  • mike diel

    Like most good BS, this story has shreds of truth. The main stream media has done a butcher job on Ron Paul. But they did the same thing in 2008. That’s how American politics works, the richest of the rich pick both candidates, so they can’t lose. Ron Paul scars them just like John Edwards scared them. To my horror Obama’s been more militaristic than Bush. Obama doesn’t tell the media what to do, the same people that own the media are the ones that tell Obama what he’s going to do. If we vote out Obama we will vote in someone just as bad or worse. The only hope I can see lies in the occupiers. Maybe they can wake up the American people who base their votes on the adds.

    • PeoplePower

      obama isn’t the one being militaristic. He gets his orders from the bilderbergs and nwo globalists

  • PeoplePower

    I don’t know, I wouldn’t put it past obama to do this. Look what he did to silence his down low lovers before he was unconstitutionally put on the ballot.

  • edhoward

    Ron Paul 2012 – Preferably alive!

  • Porter1

    Ron Paul is the only sane choice for President.
    A man of integrity. A man for these challenging times. A man who has demonstrated conservative values that will advance America out of the awful mess we are in.
    Vote for Ron Paul and get the leadership that we so sorely need. God help us!

  • James

    Dr. Pual is already well aware of this. Make no mistake, this movement is not about Ron Paul, it is about the destruction of our Liberty. The establishment is shitting itself, they know what is coming and they have no way to stop it. They can’t assisinate him, because the entire country would revolt. Why do you think Newt Gingrich is ramping up now, they are acting like he is the frontrunner. Most of us know that Dr. Paul has upwards of 75% of the country behind him. We are sick of being the policeman of the world, we are sick of being terrorists, we miss the days when America was a shining beacon for those who valued freedom. Make no mistake, The Sleeping Giant is awake!!!

    Join the Revolution!

  • hayley

    Just to let you all know, there is complete media blackout here in Australia on Ron Paul! I follow him via the internet but when I watch lame stream news here in Aus they show every single candidate bar Ron Paul! I would not be surprised if something did happen to him, he is the only yank candidate that makes sense when he talks all the others seem so fake and like that are just there for show! I love America but I hate your government it stinks so rotten!

    cheers mates and throw another shrimp on the barbie!

    • Jimjam

      Same here in South Africa. I have never even seen his name mentioned once.

      • Vaktbikkja

        Same here in Norway, we never see Mr Paul on the news. We are very familiar with socialism, though, and norwegian newspapers can’t seem to praise Obama high enough!

        I really hope you won’t have to experience a society as regulated as ours.

        • Sofie

          I’m from Brasil and have read a lot about Ron Paul, but he never made the news here. I have to read it in english. Vaktbikkja, I’m sorry to disagree with you, but I lived a year as an exchange student in Norway, and I must say you live in paradise. If you want to see a society totally out of control, you can take a look at Brasil and see what it is like when people do whatever they want and there are no rules about anything, people end up behaving like animals, and we live in hell. But of course no radicalism, in either way, is ever good. But about the ww3, I’m very sure that the US-NATO want it, to restore their economy, and they’ll have it their way.

          • aaron

            wow now that is perspective!!!! i’m sure these posts seem so trivial to you :(

        • Antony

          Our media makes your society out to be an example of the greatness of socialism. You mean the news and hollywood are liars? Oh say it isn’t so!

  • poeshairs

    You’re all a bunch of fucking retards!

    • CDriver


      Just like JB above. I now ask you, why the smart butt attitude? Could be you are the fucking retard! Then again you’re just some dumbass kid playing around on the net.

  • Just Russian

    Owaza says:
    01/12/2011 at 9:06 pm
    ““The patriots, the real Americans” did not wake up . . . we were never sleeping. You must be talking about those who were fine with electing someone who promised to take from others to give to them, until THEY woke up and realized they ARE the others.”


    This one is a very clever observation, absolutely true and a very witty comment too! I am glad that even in the USA – one of the most “consumer country in the world” – there are people like you whose “immune system” stays strong enough to ignore the “infection” of common selfishness, non-stop consuming and total brainwashing.

    The only trouble is that those “who were fine with electing someone who promised to take from others to give to them” were always in majority while those “who were never sleeping” were always in minority. In Russia though it was always something as 50/50 and goes to maybe 30/70 or even 20/80 these days…

    So a hope is growing more and more that those first ones will go to the complete minority very soon as they “finally wake up and realize they were perfidiously deceived for ages”. I only wish that those “who were not sleeping” were powerful enough to stand all as one and make a total change.

    • CDriver

      I do not agree with everything Ron Paul stands for but he supports the constitution by his actions which cannot be said for many other American politicians. I recall former Senator Arlen Spector asked a question of a militia leader, “What would make you take up arms against the government?” The militia leader answered, “You suspend the constitution, and that will about do it”. There are many in the American military who agree with the militia leader. We take our oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic very seriously. If any politician proves to be an enemy, woe unto him/her, or anyone else for that matter.

      • prsmith

        “You suspend the constitution, and that will about do it”

        Most of the Constitution is LONG gone. One can only wonder if there is something to this or if it’s just more wishful-thinking, macho BS?

  • Rafael Rodriguez.


  • http://BorderMarines.org USMC0351Grunt

    What the dumb masses fail to realize is that WE, THE PEOPLE never used money to win a war… We used backbone, fortitude and sacrafice. NOBODY can legislate, rob or otherwise alter THAT weapon!

    Semper Fidelis!

  • beckncall

    Ron Paul only has 7% to 8% of the vote according to the polls of registered GOP voters. I doubt President Obama feels ‘threatened’ The real ‘threat’ seemed to be Herman Cain. A black conservative business man that would have slammed the Democrat talking points of the GOP and the tea party is racist. Had Mr. Cain been elected that would have ruined the Dems racists cries. There was your threat and we all see how Mr. Cain has been slandered and now his character, his honor is ruined.

  • dahszil

    Ron Paul is the most decent and honest politician we’ve had since FDR. Or at least since those few minutes of repentence that Eisenhower warned us against the mil/ind complex on leaving the white house after his second term. Eisenhower signed off on the overthrows of several countries including Iran and Guatemala’s secular social democracies in the mid 1950’s.

    It is a shame that Ron Paul is totally against a national health service, and this is based on his orthodox libertarian “beliefs”(but he still criticized the gop for wanting to cut back on food stamps a few years back). I mean just a fraction of taxpayer’s money that went to bail out the vampires and banksters on wall street, the wrongful war on Iraq(Even Afghanistan should have been a police action not a war), and military buildup that costs trillions could have established a national health service.

    Recently a Lib Dem in UK lamented the current push to dismantle the UK national health service. France has a tax, resource(not market)based free medical care system that is a third the cost(in per capita terms)of the US’s to run and is on par in quality and technology of US health care.

    But I think If Paul was president, and the congress and senate pushed through a tax,resource based free medical for all, He would not veto it. That is how decent he is…i hope. It seems many a decent person once they get in the white house they are forced or sell out to “the complex”. Look what happened to JFK after he started renouncing the bay of pigs, getting out of Vietnam, cutting the military back and start talking to Kruschev as the human being(not a Stalin)that he was, etc. A few months later he was assassinated.

    Obama was never what he portrayed himself to be in the presidential campaign. In the Illinois senate he always voted on cutbacks to the poor and was anti working class. He only said he was against the Iraq War because he is intelligent and knew it would go badly and for his future ambitions to the US Senate then White House.

    • Sofie

      Just a comment, in Brasil most people are very poor and the government is probably the most corrupt in the world, and we still manage to have universal health care. I’m sure the US can afford it, they just won’t, which is really surprising, since 70% of the comments I read from americans, people always say how christian and bible loving people they are. When Obama got elected and we all saw the excitement of american people, we in Brasil, very used to disappointments as we are regarding to politicians, we held our breath to see what it’d be like, and we were right, I don’t know why he got a Nobel Peace Prize.

      • Antony

        I’ll explain… For the government to offer universal health care, they have to forcibly take from some to provide to others.

        Our founding principles enshrine the protection of property rights. What is mine or yours cannot be forcibly taken at the point of a gun, or it is called theft. Government has become very good at getting the people to embrace being robbed. Most now vote for serfdom and don’t even realize they are doing so.

  • dahszil

    You can’t tell me that a small portion of the unnecessary near ten trillion of tax payers dollars going to the corporate/military complex, unnecessary wars that have killed around a million mostly innocent Iraqis and Afghans , and the bailouts for wall street and the banksters, could not set up a free national medical service for all.

    None of the perpetrators of 911 were Afghans or Iraqis. Most were impressionable young men from our ally Saudi Arabia. bin Laden was not a part of the Taliban Afghanistan government, He was just allowed to set up shop there.

    Never forget that al quieda was set up by the “dark side” of the “state”(as opposed to the nation of we the people of USA)to push the former Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. And really that intervention of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan had no effect on US homeland security.

  • Felix

    Radio Free Northwest has the information:


  • Concerned UK

    It does seem like the American people are sleepwalking into some serious Homeland oppression.

    The majority of US politicians care only for furthering the greedy interests of their corporate backers. They care nothing for the American people.

    Is it surprising that the corporate-owned media refuses to give airtime to the Ron Pauls of this world? They won’t allow the messages of those that question the corrupt system to reach the public,

  • Kimchi

    America never becoming a Police State? That’s funny…I could swear I see cameras on almost every street light intersection. So what’s next?

  • Di

    Is it just me, or… did anyone else notice that this article is from NOV 2011… and ALL the comments are from Feb and March of 2011. Go figure! Maybe they’re just checking to see how many are still asleep

    • Joe

      Date is the same. Format is different:

      mm/dd/yyyy vs dd/mm/yyyy

  • Charles Bond

    TRUE or Not, Obama would have everyone that disagrees with him KILLED ?

    • Linda

      By all means, he is worse than the Clintons :(

  • Philippe

    The world is turning upside down. It’s a real shiting pole shift of the basic values of justice.
    And yes, the exit deadline is killing us 😯 ❓

  • Mordecai Irony

    Whether this is real or not, it fits with Barry & Co. and their Chicago bankster playbook. The recent theft of accounts at MF Global by former Goldie Suks CEO Corzine couldn’t have succeeded without advice from Barry’s gang of Trilateral Kommission/Bilderberger/RIIA greedy evil doers. Their actions of illegal impunity will increase as these criminals know it needs to be done sooner before they can be caught/stopped.

  • Popular

    Obama requests his internationale to expunge the Jews.

  • Trevor

    Re: Ron Paul – It would be great to see him get to the Whitehouse. I think though there will some guy sitting in his lovely new El Pres chair, playing the JFK headshot on a huge tv, over and over until he gets the point.

    Although the election results will be rigged anyways – so it won’t happen 😉

  • Trevor

    First read this:


    Please try and understand this US gun owners: Owning a gun and knowing how to shoot it doesn’t stop tyranny; otherwise you would have stopped the takeover of government by Big Pharma / Banksters / Monsatan etc. You can’t take on the US military or more likely private security firms. The best you can do is fight an insurgency whilst the media is screaming terrorists at you. You will all be terrorists under this new act (read it again), if it’s enforced. There will be thousands of Ruby Ridges all over the US, whilst the rest of the sheeple wring their hands in horror, cheering on the plucky govt soldiers taking back their country from you. Or so it will play out in the media . . . If you can’t get a grip on this – read the article again – the Armed forces will be on the streets – they have tanks and big stuff ^^

    • Concerned UK

      You’re right about the media controlling popular perception.

      How can any movement for change compete with its slick, sophisticated and all-encompassing hold on peoples minds?

    • skyghost

      I have read that bill several times since it was introduced and have never agreed with it. it in fact gives the President dictatorial powers. It forms a Gestapo and Green Police as Hitler called them. I believe this is the most dangerous bill ever passed. The NDAA is in a conference Committee to iron on the differences with the House and Senate versions. Obama wants this dangerous act stripped from the bill. He knows the problems it is going to cause and he cannot carry out his agenda at this time with that bill. To many people are armed and the big stuff is not going to be brought out right away. It is this one thing that needs to be fixed and then it goes to the President. I think this will be a quick fix. With the elections coming up I don’t think they will leave it in the bill. The rest of the bill is really very good considering all the given facts. Might have some pork but maybe not near what has been sent out in the past. Overall with this detainee line, it is a good bill.

  • Popular

    Ban RADA?

  • Steve

    I dont know about the ‘kill order’ but the national defense act is true. Here is a link to the full text


  • YourGovtLiedtoYou

    Gents and Ladies,
    If I may.
    1)Any move to take up arms ( much as I admire your spirit ) may just play into their hands and bring about an emergency response ( marshal law ) even faster.
    2) I feel that this whole “right” vs “left” thing also plays into their hands. While we spend so much time effort energy focus having our left right debate. They have us right where they want us and it’s business as usual for them.
    3) Between wikileaks, anonymous, occupy etc, there’s no doubt that there’s some kind of ground swell of interest and awareness taking place in this period. BUT, I wonder if it’s all too fragmented and disparate. If there was a way of aligning and leveraging all of this drive in a more co-ordinated way…….maybe then….
    Finally, I fear it’s too late, the cancer is now too deep, it’s in the very DNA of the system and incurable. The events already set in motion may mean that we have moved beyond the last failsafe point. Even with Dr Paul. I hope I’m wrong. The recent administrations, the ‘invisible hands’ behind them, and the rot going all the way back to the asassination of Lincoln have allot of blood on their collective hands and may they be judged accordingly. It may well take several generations before this is fixed.

    • The Magic M

      > marshal law

      Who is Marshall Law and what unit does he belong to?

      > It may well take several generations before this is fixed.

      Can’t fix stupid. Which is why conspiracy theories have predicted “the end” in 1950 and they still will in 2050 and 2150. No surprise there.

      • The Insurgent

        ahhhh, your country sentences people to long-term jail for saying hololüge or holo-scheisse, so don’t spend too much time on conspiracy theories. Try to abolish your polizei-staat, first.

  • Jerry

    A coup d’etat took place on Nov. 22, 1963 with the JFK murder even tho’ the media declared (I remember it well): We are not a Banana Republic. Despite our national trauma, the ship of state moves on in an orderly fashion…” and so that corrupt Johnson took over. In 1966, after Mark Lane’s #1 best seller, “Rush to Judgment,” (never reviewed by the Old York Times, by the way) exposed in detail the conspitacy to kill the President (and dozens of witnesses who came forward with the truth), a poll showed that 75% of American adults did not believe that poisonous Warren Report and its “lone assassin” skata (Greek word). But when that 75% was asked, “What should be done about it?” 75 % of them answered, “Well, it’s history, let’s move on.” And so we did: Gulf of Tonkin lie, MLK, RFK, Iran-Contra, Gulf War, TWA 800, 9/11, Big Pharma suppression of real cures for degenrative diseases, invasions of Third-World countries with death of millions of innocents (in addition to that of thousands of our own military), etc. (fill in the gaps). America has moved on alright, straight to a freedom-strangling dictatorship. Can you blame the elite? They see a nation made up mostly of ostriches who have allowed terrible things to happen in their name for almost 50 years. Why wouldn’t they be so bold as to steal the nation’s wealth so openly? They’ve gotten away with murder bordering on genocide for so long, they think they are invincible.

  • Jerry

    I saw a documentary on the French Revolution a few years ago in which a woman came home from a day searching for bread only to find her furniture being confiscated by the sheriff for non-payment of taxes. Her unemployed husband was standing helplessly on the sidewalk. When the woman and her friends began taking the furniture off the cart and putting it back in her house, the sheriff said, “Officer, arrest that woman.” The officer made a move toward her, hesitated and then turned to the sheriff and shouted, “WHAT FOR?”

  • Jerry

    To continue: The furniture went back inside and the French Revolution began. The young officer obviously realized that he had more in common with this woman and her family than he did with the rapacious, elitist nobility in France. Only when the enforcers (police, military) who, because of misplaced patriotism, support what they think is the “American Republic” begin to identify with the rest of us, only then will the elitist rulers get their just desserts. Time will tell. Meanwhile, get right with God, fellow Americans and fellow citizens of the world!

  • dave

    It is finaly time for the mulitias to stand up with in the govt.and take back our great country or lose it to the ones who issude thst kill order.If a true leader will lead the militia we will suport you in ALL ways.America prepare your selfs.the time has come to lay down our lifes for those whom have already lain down theres.We need to do this for our children and humanity.No one has the right to rule the world ,its all of our ,not just the 1%

  • doggerdoo

    This article is pure lies as is most of what I’ve read on here…

  • R. Hartman

    Let’s face it: Ron Paul is the only option for survival, but once he gets enough support to pose a thread he will be neutralized, not just ignored by the media.

    The main argument against Ron Paul is his naivety towards islam and Iran, which could pose a threat. But if anybody else becomes POTUS and continues on the current path, America doesn’t need Iran for its demise; it will collapse due to its own ‘leadership’. The collectivists are perfectly capable of destroying what once was a great nation, without any outside help.

    Don’t be mislead; this is policy. The UN adopted an anti-industrialism / anti-wealth agenda long ago. The Georgia Guidestones openly advocate the reduction of world population to 500 million people. A population reduction well-supported by the environment-mob, and required for the UN-agenda: without industrialisation there will be a lot less food available.

    America will need to return to its roots quickly, or cease to exist, at least as we know it. The same goes for Eurabia, by the way.

  • Matt


    Some of you Americans are absolutely hilarious!

    Props to the ones who are awake and can see your government for what it is (Canada’s is quickly getting just as bad).

    But what’s so funny is all of the idiots saying “I HAVE GUNS AND AMMO…. MY FRIENDS HAVE GUNS AND AMMO”

    What are your guns and ammo going to do against highly trained killing machines with infrared and nightvision, Predator drones that can shoot rockets or tase you from the sky (yes, they can do that, look it up) Tanks or F-22 Raptors. Like are you fking stupid? Do you seriously think your .22 is going to stand a chance against the most advanced military in the world?

    If and when America becomes a police state, you won’t stand a chance.

  • michael

    Did any of you actually… click the link that said “secret letter”?
    I’m all for Ron Paul but there was ZERO evidence in this, as far as actual journalism goes.
    Be wary of that which you read on the internet. Over half is a lie

  • Err.. Bob

    Click on source “By: Sorcha Faal” = Hoaxer

  • AJZ

    puttin is holding power again, he is not part of the elite, there will be no war this is just fear mongering bullshit.

  • Bry

    Is he dead yet? lol, 5 months later and the only thing dead is his campaign and his political career.

  • Charles

    It is TRUE. Look around and you will see and hear that every News Media in America Demonizes Ron Paul as well as both the Democrat and Republican Parties.There is so much propaganda and out right lies to keep the only person running for President that can stand on His record of TRUTH and can restore America and your freedoms.

  • Alexander

    Haven’t anyone seen “Vag the dog” ?

  • Alexander

    Media Blackout of Ron Paul in Sweden aswell, usually in debates when they talk about sweden and america they say something like “coporate well” they are all disgusting and swedish media sux want to add that also, best of luck to RP

  • IshMe
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