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Nuke carrier leads US strike force into Syrian waters

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USS George H.W. Bush

Nuclear aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush has reportedly anchored off Syria. As an Arab League deadline to allow observers into the country passes with no response from Damascus, the possibility of intervention in Syria seems to be growing.

The George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group along with additional naval vessels are to remain in the Mediterranean to conducting maritime security operations and support missions as part of Operations Enduring Freedom and New Dawn.The US 6th Fleet is also patrolling the area, Interfax news agency reports.

Meanwhile, America and Turkey are urging their citizens to leave Syria. The US released a statement on Wednesday urging American citizens to “depart immediately while commercial transportation is available.”

Against this backdrop, the prospect of humanitarian intervention in Syria no longer looks like such an impossible scenario. And pressure is growing on the issue.

Paris is urging the creation of a secure zone to protect civilians “that would allow aid groups and observers into Syria” and is seeking support from the US, UN and the Arab League. French foreign minister Alain Juppé said he was speaking with partners in the United Nations, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Arab League on the issue. However the EU stopped short of endorsing a French proposal for EU-backed humanitarian corridors on Thursday, acknowledging, however, that protection of civilians in Syria remains a top priority.

The imposition of a no-fly zone over Syria by the Arab League with US logistical support, is also being discussed, according to the Jordan-based Al Bawaba news website. A strong sense of déjà vu prevails, with the specter of a Libyan scenario repeating itself.

Rumors about the no-fly zone over Syria came in the wake of Tuesday’s United Nations General Assembly resolution which condemned human rights abuses by the Syrian regime, including the killing, arbitrary imprisonment and torture of civilians.

Meanwhile, an Arab League deadline for Syria to allow an observer mission into the country or suffer crippling sanctions passed on Friday without a response from Damascus, a League source told AFP.

“Until now, there has been no response from the Syrian government,” the source said after the 1 pm (1100 GMT) deadline. Damascus has been given until the end of the day to respond, if it is to avoid sanctions.

Earlier this month Russia, the most powerful opponent of the West’s push for “international intervention,” also anchored its warships in the Syrian port of Tartus. According to unconfirmed reports, the warships were carrying technical advisors who will help Syria set up and run advanced S-300 missiles supplied by Russia. However, there is no official confirmation that the S-300 missiles have actually been delivered to Syria by any side.

Meanwhile, Moscow has announced it opposes a military scenario for resolving the Syrian problem and the use of a human rights argument as an excuse for foreign intervention in the affairs of a sovereign state. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said that “under no circumstances must human rights issues be used as a pretext for interfering in the internal affairs of a state.”

Moscow has also abstained from voting on the resolution by the UN General Assembly Human Rights Committee thanks to “the humanitarian focus of the draft’s text,” said Lukashevich.

Patrick Henningsen, a political analyst from the US-based Infowars.Com online magazine, believes that the escalation of tensions over Syria between the world’s major powers may lead to a new chilling in world politics.

“I think we are going to see a new Cold War emerge in the next two years, and we are seeing the initial steps of that new Cold War right now,” he told RT.

“If the Western powers think they are going to get away with a no-fly zone in Syria, this is a very different prospect than Libya. This will be the first time, in Syria, and also, if you look forward – with Iran, that the West, actually, is engaging a country that has the ability to fight back,” Henningsen said referring to Russia’s close military co-operation with the two countries, as well as rumors of S-300 installations having been supplied from Moscow.

Experts say that even the armed opponents of Bashar al-Assad’s regime would strongly oppose any interference from outside.

“Even among the opponents of the ugly Assad regime, many in Syria will actually not welcome an intervention by Western forces,” even if it comes in the shape of fellow-Muslims in the Turkish army, predicts Dr. Pierre Guerlain, a professor of political science at Paris West University.

And Dr Marcus Papadopoulos, an analyst from Britain’s ‘Politics First’ online magazine, told RT that any hopes of bringing peace to the region by toppling the current Syrian government are delusional.

“I can’t see how they can possibly believe that peace will come to the Middle East with president Assad falling, I mean if we have a look at some of the people that the Syrian government is fighting against at the moment, they’re actually armed militants, they’re criminal gangs, and many of these armed militants have links to religious extremism, so once again, I think it’s a reckless, negligence, short-sighted approach that the West is taking.”

Earlier this month, Arab League foreign ministers suspended Syria in response to its violent suppression of anti-government rallies.

An uprising against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad started eight months ago. Since then, an estimated 3,500 people have died in clashes with government forces.


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10 Responses to " Nuke carrier leads US strike force into Syrian waters "

  1. mig welders says:

    That is one powerful looking aircraft carrier, shame about the name. :)

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    • Steve says:

      George HW Bush was a powerful man (head of the CIA) coming form a powerful family. It’s a very appropriate name. Do you guys even have carriers?

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  2. cosmic says:

    GHW Bush’s father, Prescott, aided and abetted the Nazi war machine prior to and during military hostilities and proclaimed the virtues of fascism all while attemptIng a fascist coup against the legitimate US gov’t of FDR. Furthermore, as Pres. Truman stated, the CIA is little more than an enormous criminal syndicate working to the advantage of the global oligarchs. The big problem with most Americans is they know only the distorted history they have been fed

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    • dave says:

      I,m glad to see a fellow american who actuly knows there history
      vote forRonPaul, he’s our only hope

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  3. JanB says:

    Such a nuclear carrier only serves the profit of corporations which manufacture weapons at the expense of taxpayers who get the bill. The expectation is that countries which might be targeted by such weapons, will have to buy similar weapons. When that happens, it results in an arms race, won in advance by Washington because its currency is the global reserve currency and the Fed can print anything out of thin air with impunity.

    This (proably familiar Cold War) scenario has changed (text in Engrish):

    “Recently, the PLA Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde said Dongfeng-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles is still in test, but U.S. analysts believe that although the Dongfeng-21D can not play some of the features, but already have a certain level of combat capability, adding that China will eventually may produce about ten thousand of the missiles, which cost the equivalent of the United States the cost of building an aircraft carrier.”


    How many of such missiles would be required to sink the entire NATO fleet?

    If China can design and construct the Dong Feng-21, Russia can produce something equivalent, or better.

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    • taib says:

      but China is a selfish country.

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  4. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    Is there not any 007 secret agent capable of killing Assad without destroying all Syria?
    What is the goal: killing Assad or trying new sorts of bombs?

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  5. taib says:

    Bomb Assad! :-x what r they waiting for!

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  6. scotty says:

    I think its funny how those commie bastards can think they can out propaganda us there fucking idiots

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  7. David Fine says:

    You are right ,but the russian aircraft carrier is better armed and both make a great target in this hi tech world The subs on both sides will have hsve fun with these

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