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New Scandals Surface About Dominique Strauss-Kahn

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Accused: The prostitute's revelations are the latest in a tide of sleazy accusations to surround Strauss-Kahn which overall is now morally unsuitable to become next French President

A prostitute told how Dominique Strauss-Kahn joined her at 11 orgies over six years, it was revealed in France today.

The 30-year-old vice girl named Florence described in lurid detail how the disgraced economist enjoyed having sex with ‘every girl in the room’ during the debauched sessions.

She said the 62-year-old had ‘exceptional energy’, and always preferred the newcomers to the older women at the sex parties.

Florence is one of three hookers being quizzed by French police over an illegal prostitution racket operating out of hotels in Lille, northern France.

Her revelations are the latest in a tide of sleazy allegations to engulf the man once tipped to be the next French president.

Strauss-Kahn was forced to quit as boss of the International Monetary Fund after accusations he tried to rape a New York hotel chambermaid in May.

He returned to France after the charges were dropped, and then escaped more accusations of trying to rape a young writer in Paris eight years ago.

He has now been named as a client of the sprawling vice network, though there is no suggestion he had sex with underage girls.

But during the investigation it also emerged that he flew hookers to Washington DC and even took one girl to his office at the IMF headquarters.

Another girl told police she met Strauss-Kahn at a Paris hotel. She told detectives: ‘He did not rape me, but you got the feeling that he liked rough sex’.

Texts sent to pimps by Strauss-Kahn, in which he ordered girls and planned orgies, were uncovered in France last week, meaning he now risks being arrested for ‘encouragement of pimping’.

In the latest damning allegations, the hooker Florence has told police how she had sex with Strauss-Kahn at 11 orgies over six years.

She said: ‘He was a very active member of the group.

‘I also understood there were other sessions to which I was not invited.

‘I concluded that this meant he liked a regular supply of different girls’.

On one occasion, Florence and another hooker named Mounia, 38, were paid £2,000 to spend three days in Washington DC with Strauss-Kahn, and another £1,300 for orgies in Lille and Paris.

She added: ‘At these evenings, DSK had sex with every girl.

‘He was always more interested in the new girls, and less fixated with the older ones’.

Following the swathe of claims against Strauss-Kahn, he has admitted to friends that he is ‘ill’ and needs treatment for sex addiction.

Other friends have told how he has plunged into a spiral of depression over the flood of allegations against him.

One friend told France’s Journal du Dimanche newspaper: ‘Now he sits alone at home, biting his fingernails until they bleed.

‘He is a shadow of his former self. In the last few days he has said that he needs to seek treatment. He admitted he was ill’.

French news website Le Post said: ‘If this confession happened, they would be the first real recognition by this former politician of the sex addiction he has been suffering from for years’.

Detectives have said there is no suggestion Strauss-Kahn had sex with underage girls or committed any offence by sleeping with prostitutes – which is legal in France if the girls are over 18.

Mr Strauss-Kahn has branded the claims he had orgies as ‘dangerous and malicious insinuations’ and insisted he will be able to clear his name.


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