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Melancholia Fear-Mongering you with 2012 Nibiru Apocalypse

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A new Hollywood film, “Melancholia” by the controversial film director Lars von Trier who in 2009 angered the Catholic Church with his disgusting Antichrist movie, is now set to push the doctrine of 2012 Nibiru Apocalypse further. While the planet in the 2011 Melancholia movie is called “Melancholia” and not Nibiru, all you have to do is to rename the planet Melancholia into Nibiru and there you have it, it’s the exact same story about a rouge giant planet colliding with Earth.

The planet miraculously bypasses the Sun without getting sucked in and completely “eaten” due to the Sun’s large gravity and the giant planet’s own gravity.

While most people don’t take these doomsday movies seriously, there is however an alarming number of misguided and manipulated people who strongly believe that 2012 is the end of the world no matter what. For these people, 2012 is an indisputable fact, something even above religion and speaking of religion, this date, 2012 has no religious basis whatsoever. Vatican has criticized this nutcase 2012 apocalypse numerous times.

There are many doomsday scenarios: zombies, vampires, virus outbreak, alien invasion, rouge planets, asteroids, world war 3, etc but this particular scenario with the rogue planet Nibiru is dangerous to our society because it has claimed the lives of dozens of people.

Besides the stupid and harmful apocalyptic story, the Melancholia film also “takes good care” to promote the family and a healthy way of life by having Kristen Dunst’s character (Justine) cheating on her husband on their wedding’s night.

Why 2012 and not 2000?
Simple, because 2000 already passed away and nothing happened. 2000 apocalypse maniacs, said back then that the world will end in 2001 because they miscalculated 2000, but 2001 passed too. Later, they claimed the world will “definitely” end on 06/06/2006 because it’s a “satanic date”, but here we are, alive and well. An “apocalypse” hit us hard just 3 days ago, remember? On 11/11/2011 a series of bad events were also expected. 2012 will pass just like 2000 passed, and nothing of this kind will happen.

Now, why 2012? Because the Mayan calendar is ending on that specific date, but what does it mean anyway? Should the Mayans have made a huge calendar until year 1 million AD just so people today can live relaxed and not think about “the end”? In 2012, the Mayan calendar was supposed to simply go to the next baktun which is nothing more than a simple continuity of the calendar but since there is no Mayan left alive to continue the calendar, we are left with this doomsday fear-mongering propaganda.

While Melancholia movie did not specify any year, 2012 followers have definitely welcomed this movie as a preparation for “what’s to come in 2012”. This is not the first movie of this kind, in 2009, the movie 2012 perfectly “prepared” people for the apocalypse.

There is absolutely no proof for such a rogue/lost planet from neither NASA, Russia, Chile, China, Japan, Germany, France, UK or any other country in the world equipped with high tech telescopes, but yes of course, it’s all a government conspiracy say the 2012 nutcase followers as if only governments can see and confirm this imaginary lost planet. Nibiru is supposedly a gas giant planet the size of Jupiter or Saturn, but such a huge planet which is now supposedly only 1 year away from us, should be easily viewable by anyone using a simple telescope from home.

Nibiru (planet 12) is thought to be a lost gas giant similar to Saturn and Jupiter returning to our Solar System every 3600 years.

2012 Mania Has Got To End NOW Before it Creates More Victims
Not all people in this world are rational, intelligent and capable of understanding that this 2012 apocalypse mania is simply just another fabrication. Some have already committed suicide (mostly teens) because they didn’t want to die with the masses in 2012. So they wanted to be “special” and die alone, before “the great 2012 event” just like John from Melancholia who committed suicide. Imagine just how many suicides will happen next year.

Others have started to prepare themselves for this “upcoming event” by building bunkers and supplying them with food and water. While building a bunker in these times of non-stop wars is not necessarily a bad thing to do, surely 2012 must not be the reason to build a bunker.

So what’s the reason for creating all this hype some may ask. The reason is quite simple: money. The portrayal of December 2012 as a doomsday or cosmic-shift event (a complete fabrication) is a great chance for a lot of people to cash in. The 2009 science fiction apocalyptic disaster film “2012” was based on this belief and now “Melancholia” too.

Why are Nibiru believers so desperate into convincing non-believers to believe that the world is going to end in 2012? Is this belief going to change anything even if theoretically such a planet would exist? Even if such planet was real and acknowledged by all the authorities in the world, there would be absolutely nothing we could do to stop it. Even if a dwarf or small planet such as Mercury or Mars would be heading towards our direction, we couldn’t stop it with all the nukes available in the entire world. We would only harm and scratch its surface, but we wouldn’t be able to blow the planet into pieces, let alone stop a giant planet such as Jupiter or Saturn which is 1000 times bigger than Earth. It’s like an ant vs a dinosaur. If such a planet would come our way, Earth would be absorbed/eaten by the giant planet just like a man eats an apple and the apple can’t do anything about it even if it acknowledges that it’s going to be eaten. No one would survive, nothing would matter. So it doesn’t really matter if people believe in Nibiru or not because their belief would not change anything.

However people’s belief in Nibiru is needed for buying books, newspapers and watching movies so that the people who push this idea, can prey on people’s naivety and cash in.

While this is not the only apocalypse Sci Fi scenario in the world, the problem is that this particular one has claimed way too many lives.

Beware that unless this story reaches your local 2012 believers (relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues) to wake them up, it is highly possible that more lives will be claimed by Nibiru through suicides.

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4 Responses to " Melancholia Fear-Mongering you with 2012 Nibiru Apocalypse "

  1. Arnie says:

    Dude, please do not bring religion into your argument. Religion as taught in modern times is not an accurate account of history and it actually does make mention of two apocalyptic events in the Old Testament being the Deluge and the Exodus out of Egypt. Go check your facts.

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  2. Jack Longchamp says:

    Lars von Trier hasn´t taken a lot of things seriously in is career,
    he does very good stuff which should always be considered
    AT LEAST sarcastic…
    but then again people who write about that guy these days simply
    haven´t seen many (or even any) of his movies.

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  3. Drago says:

    So what if idiots suicide? Fewer idiots and religious nutcases- better for everyone else. Its like survival of the fittest. They should kill themselves more often. And the movie is a good comedy. A drama parody.

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  4. GW says:

    Religion is only fearful; what causes this popular belief system -Nibiru, Tyche, whatever- is that some people want the world to end; and are hopeful it will. Call it man’s inherent suicidal tendency. Faced with fear, stress, or anguish, fight or flee instinct takes hold; at issue is what to do when there is not a single thing to be afraid of. Who do you fight? Which direction do you run? You know its hopeless… so rather than suffer you take a third option. And don’t say there isn’t a historical precedence for suicide; cultures around the world have supported it as long as man has aged. A non-productive member of society can starve to death; be a burden on family; or if able – end it. Noble men and women end it. Leeches take advantage of family and make everyone suffer.

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