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Egyptian religious leader warned to invoke Jihad if Iran hit

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Sheikh of Egyptian Azmieh cult Aala Mazi Abulazaem

A senior Egyptian religious leader has warned Israel of Jihad in case Tel Aviv embarks on a military strike against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Sheikh of Egyptian Azmieh cult, Aala Mazi Abulazaem, warned that his followers in Egypt are prepared to “fight shoulder to shoulder with their Iranian brothers,” in case Israel and the West wage a war against the Islamic Republic, IRNA reported on Wednesday.

It is impossible for the bullying powers, particularly the US, to engage in a military attack against Iran as they are frightened of Tehran’s military might, Abulazaem pointed out.

His comments come in the wake of the recent belligerent rhetoric by Israeli President Shimon Peres who threatened that an attack against Iran is becoming “more and more likely.”

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have reportedly been lobbying to persuade the Israeli cabinet to militarily strike Iran over its nuclear program.

Abulazaem also called on Islamic factions in Egypt to be wary of the plots against the sovereignty and security of the Islamic and Arab countries.

The senior Egyptian cleric expressed regret that while Iran supports the popular resistance in ‘Palestine’ and other Arab countries, some “treacherous” countries are investing efforts to undermine the Islamic Republic.

He emphasized that Tehran is “the capital of the Muslim world,” and warned that Iran is a “red line” against which the Islamic countries will not tolerate any attempt.

Washington and Tel Aviv have repeatedly threatened Tehran with the “option” of a military strike, based on their allegation that Iran’s nuclear program may include a covert military aspect.

Iran insists that it has the right to develop and acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency.


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5 Responses to " Egyptian religious leader warned to invoke Jihad if Iran hit "

  1. sky says:

    Aren’t they already fighting a Jihad against the West? I don’t see how this is anything new. Their like the Nazis, except even more ‘religiously” devoted to killing Jews, Christians, and Infidels(I.e. You).

    I’d bet the Israelis would mop the floor with both Iran and Egypt; and seeing how that Muslims will saw one’s head off for not being Islamic, the choice seems pretty clear.

    Go Jews!

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    • 1hope says:

      well sky, the IDF (israelis) got their asses kicked by hezbollah,an unorganised but effective militia that made the israeli army go home crying.

      expect 10 times the ferrocity with iranian patriotic fighters.

      i will laught he day israel attempts to ‘mop the floor’ with iran. haha

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  2. MF says:

    This is rhetoric from an inconsequential cleric. Already Egypt is eyeing something more pragmatic – the oilfields in Libya.

    Tragic reality is Egypt is nearly bankrupt now. Capital flight to the tune of billions, extended in deby, tourism revenues halved, etc. The riots were about the prices of staples particularly bread. The population tripled in 50 years but not productivity. Ten million are on the brink of starvation.

    No money for even a skirmish let alone a war.

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    • studylongstudywrong says:

      keep thinking that.

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  3. Scott says:

    It’s easy for “leaders” to declare all out war. They will laugh from their bunkers until Revelations fulfills and liquifies the mountains. Death is only the beginning. Don’t be afraid. We will go to heaven. They will wage their wars and burn in hell for all eternity… that’s a lot plus FOREVER… Think about it. Hello people around the world. Best of luck to you! Stand up for the good you believe in.

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