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World Bank boss attacks Berlin over euro crisis

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Robert Zoellick, the head of the World Bank, on Saturday decried Germany’s lack of leadership during Europe’s sovereign debt crisis.

Speaking to business magazine Wirtschaftswoche, Zoellick said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government had no vision of how to solve the problems of the 17-member eurozone.

“There has been a lot of political bumbling, but the economy and the markets need direction and clarity,” he said.

Zoellick pointed to the vision shown by former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl as the Iron Curtain fell two decades ago as an example how to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

“That’s completely missing right now, and the longer it takes the more money it will cost and the fewer options there will be,” Zoellick told the magazine.

The World Bank boss said Germany had to take a leading role in solving Europe’s debt crisis.

“The decisive question is whether the people and governments of Europe want to create a political and financial union in order to complement the currency union,” Zoellick said.


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  • Ferrarello

    That crazy old bat will do what she’s told. None of these people at the top care about the slaves they rule over. It’s all just political theater. :-x

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  • Anonymous

    I hope she sticks to her guns. People in Europe need to live within their means. Kids need to learn how to make their own fun without plastic toys. Not owning a smartphone is not a hardship. They should pick up brooms and shovels and work for what they want.

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  • JanB

    “You will no doubt recall John Perkins and his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man; here he is speaking at the Wealth Masters International annual meeting: He’s also weighed in on Libya, the resources and failure of Libya to play along with the corporations and banks of the IMF and World Bank, as has Russ Baker (the paragraph on ‘Wall Street in Iraq?’ is pretty funny.). Remember also that the IMF gave loans to the provisional government early on, and NATO help set up a central bank for them. Egyptians, of course, were well aware that the IMF and World Bank neoliberal economics were responsible for much of their citizenry’s misery: high food prices, austerity cuts, and privatization of national infrastructure. Many outraged citizens around the globe have caught on sooner than Americans.”

    Quoted from the article at http://my.firedoglake.com/wendydavis/2011/10/05/tipping-points-to-massive-civil-unrest-revolution-part-iii/

    It’s about time to bring the financial terrorists to justice!

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  • Baron Gifilte

    We remember the Jews dividing up Their Soviet,seems many fled to their compatriots in the City of London.

    It’s like a Ashkenazi Vatican in within the geographical domain of England,more on their BBC propaganda agency below.

    Like your Wall street and your Federal Reserve and your UN the shabbat Goyim are invited in to decieve the populations the Jews secured the Kapo and quizlings from.

    The Jewish Tithe is extracted in you have technology through which the Ashkenazi propaganda can reach you.

    If you live outside of once great Britain know that the British are taxed so Jews can broadcast their desire to monopolise and know that it has a cost both financially and in blood.

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  • These idiots better get their stuff together, they are costing me a fortune on my FX trades

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  • Simon Fraser

    Pity he doesnt lecture the real problem child, the USA

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  • Jean-Francois Morf

    1) Parents said to their spoiled children: never play poker, or we will punish you!
    2) But spoiled children played liar poker, and so they loosed everything in 2008!
    3) But instead of punishment, the spoiled children became 14 trillion $ debt recognition from the parents: parents ordered children: never play poker again!
    4) Not punished children immediately stopped to obey to any adult parent!
    5) Not punished children immediately played the 14 trillion $ on liar poker again!
    6) Children also created from nothing a quadrillion $ liquidity (google: quadrillion $ derivatives), but this huge liquidity creation NEVER provoked hyper-inflation…
    7) Children sold to speculators cheap CDS: children must now pay exorbitant!
    8) Children sold to speculators cheap PUT options on falling children stocks, but children must now pay back PUT options to exorbitant prices!
    9) The more the children stocks drop, the more the PUT options on children stocks rises, making children stocks drop faster, making PUT options rise faster!
    10) Children dare insulting their parents for being now insolvent!
    11) Children treat some parents of PIIGS (it was an ill CALUMNY, but it was a self fulfilling prophecy, ruining more and more all parents, worldwide)
    12) And in 2011, children are now ruined again, because jewish poker players has again be more twisted then the disobedient children poker players!
    13) Multi-billionaires poker players have now all the 14 trillion $ in their pocket!
    14) And parents must now recapitalize disobedient children with dozen trillions $!
    15) The parents are the governments, and the children are the bankers…

    I said that the ill PIIGS story was an ill CALUMNY?
    i- = Illinois
    CA = California
    LU = Louisiana
    M = Michigan
    N =Nevada
    NY = NewYork
    It would be an i-CALUMNNY to say that these 6 states are ill PIIGS!

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  • krm

    IMF, World Bank = criminals
    EU = laughable

    uh oh!, can I say that or will INTERPOL be hauling me off to Brussels for challenging authority or some other made-up bullshit? This “one-world” crap has got to end.

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