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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Cured of Cancer

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Doctors treating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have confirmed that he has been cured of cancer and enjoys optimal health conditions now, Press TV reports.

Doctors at the Military Hospital in Caracas, where Chavez has undergone chemotherapy, have rejected claims of Salvador Navarrete, a Venezuelan surgeon, that the president has an aggressive form of cancer, a Press TV correspondent reported Tuesday.

Navarrete had said in a recent interview with a Mexican magazine that Chavez’s prognosis was “not good” and that he would not survive more than two years.

Doctors of the medical team treating Chavez have, however, contested the claim, stressing that the surgeon has never treated him or had access to any of his clinical records.

The president’s health is “absolutely satisfactory, with an excellent prognosis,” said Fidel Ramirez, one of Chavez’s doctors.

After returning from Cuba last week, Chavez announced he was cancer-free as the medical check-ups he had undergone in the Cuban capital of Havana showed there were no malignant cells in his body.

Chavez has also said that he will be running for a second term as president next year, campaigning “at a rhythm set by circumstances.”


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