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Rome descends into chaos as protests turn violent

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Italy, Rome: A car burns during a demonstration, in Rome on October 15, 2011

What was initially planned as a peaceful “Occupy Rome” protest turned into a violent demonstration in the Italian capital. Police reportedly used tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds of angry Italians.

Protesters wearing masks and helmets threw rocks, bottles and other objects at police in riot gear. Some wielded clubs, while others were armed with hammers.

The demonstration against the government’s economic policy, with a crowd estimated at 200,000, descended into violent chaos when groups of angry protesters set cars on fire, smashed windows and attacked shops.

Protesters also attacked the Defense Ministry and set a wing of the building on fire.

Residents and peaceful demonstrators have been forced to find shelter into buildings and churches as militant protesters ran amok. Smoke is rising over many parts of the city center.

Protesters react past a burning trash container during a demonstration, in downtown Rome on October 15, 2011

Some of the peaceful demonstrators, however, clashed with the more militant protesters and turned them over to the police.

At least 70 people were wounded in clashes with police, who used tear gas and water cannons against the protestors.

On Rome’s San Giovanni in Laterano Square, an estimated 25 people received onsite medical treatment, while others were brought to hospitals in the Italian capital, three of them in serious condition.

The mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, declared that those who have been smashing windows and burning cars are not the protestors, but a group of well-organized provocateurs who joined the rallies on purpose to provoke violence and unrest.

“Today in Rome we have seen the worst that is in Europe,” he said.

A poster reading “Pull a shoe to Silvio” is pictured during a demonstration in Rome on October 15, 2011

Dozens of demonstrators and police were injured, including one protester who was taken to the hospital with critical injuries, Reuters quoting officials as saying. At least 30 policemen suffered.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said those responsible for the violence must be identified and punished, calling the rioting “a very worrying sign for civil society… They must be condemned by everyone without reservation,” Reuters reported.

Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno blamed the violence on “a few thousand thugs from all over Italy, and possibly from all over Europe.”

The protests in the Italian capital were modeled on the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration against capitalism and austerity measures, which went global Saturday with dozens of marches and protests worldwide.

The website for the international movement said 951 cities in 87 countries were ready to “Unite for Global Change” – the official slogan of the rally. Sizable protests were held in Spain, the UK and New York.


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  • Ferrarello

    This is what happens when everyday people get next to nothing and the incompetent leadership live like Kings.

    • Joe

      This is what happens when everyday people contniue to re-elect incompetent leaders that will continue to live like kings.Incompetent leaders like it when they are refered to as the ruling elites by the everyday people,this kind of thinking by the everyday people encourages the ruling elites to do what ever what they want to do knowing that they will get impunity because of their eliteness.

  • John Gault

    All my life, I’ve been anti-war. I’ve never really been pro-democracy, because ‘Democracy’ is just a fancy word which means you can say what you like as long as ‘we’ (the world rulers) agree with you.

    Things are different now. Governments all over the world have proved that they have NO interest whatsoever in what the PEOPLE want. Every country has several Political Parties that the sheeple can vote for, but on close inspection the policies of each one is basically the same, so it really doesn’t matter who you vote for, you will ALWAYS get the same thing. IF and it’s a big IF, a Party comes along which has totally different views to the mainstream Governments which have been setup by the world rulers, they are immediately discredited and IF by any chance, (like Austria a few years ago) they do happen to elect a Party which isn’t “approved” by the rulers, the country is called a ‘Pariah State’ until they elect someone “approved”.

    Once again, things are different now. People are waking up and realizing that the people they elected don’t give a shit about what the population want, they give money away to the Bankers, to the Muslims, the Africans. They throw away money on illegal wars, they line their pockets with expenses. overseas luxury trips, whilst back at home, people are being thrown onto the street, they have no work, the power companies are getting richer, whilst people die of cold and hunger. Doesn’t matter who you vote for, it’s only words. NOTHING CHANGES.

    Time for “Uhuru” in the USA, the UK and Europe! Jomo Kenyatta proved it worked. They made him President, Mugabe proved it worked, they handed him Rhodesia. Mandela made it work, they handed him South Africa and sad to say, the ONLY way that any of these countries have made significant changes, is by using the power of the gun.

    Mugabe was right “Power comes from the barrel of a gun”. People are getting more and more pissed off with their so-called democratically ‘elected’ governments, that they are taking to the streets. IT WON’T HELP. they will imprison you, they will neat you, people will ‘commit suicide’ (like Dr David Kelly!). Soon when enough people have suffered at the hands of their Police States, they will start to resort to REAL violence and the streets will run with blood.

    NO-ONE is bothering to listen to the voice of the people. the rulers think they’ve got it made. Take this as a warning. THINGS CANNOT CONTINUE AS THEY ARE. It’s time for change. time to go back to Nationalism, time to have REAL democracy and time to stamp on the arrogant bastards who think that they can continue to treat people as slaves with no voice!

    If Democracy doesn’t work and the rulers won’t listen, we have to MAKE them listen and this doesn’t mean that we have to start killing innocent people in a Civil War, there are a handful of arrogant bastards who think they can do as they please. There are a larger group called ‘The Police’ who now have so much power given to them that they can treat the people who pay their salaries in taxes, like lumps of shit lying in the street. The Police have lost all respect for the people and the people are losing all respect for them.

    Things are getting bad and they are going to get worse and when the snow comes and people are sitting with no job, no money, no food and no warmth, it will get worse and worse and worse until the bloodbath starts.

    I keep looking for a hole to crawl into, but no matter where you look, things look the same all over the world.

    • Joe

      Maybe the police and the military that are paid by the everyday people(tax payers)should turn on their publicly elected officials and install a new government that will be more responsible.No more bailouts for the financial community and no more bailouts for GM and and other large corporations and no more illegal immigration.Power through the barrel of a gun proves to be no good for the masses.The everyday citizens of Zimbabwe are suffering through president Mugabe’s “barrel of a gun” and are living with food shortages and a 10,000% rate of inflation for their food.Zimbabwe use to be the bread basket of Africa and now the destitute citizens are dependent on receiving food from an international relief organization.We don’t need this “power through a barrel of a gun” type of government in the U.S.A..Any U.S. citizen(s) that want this form of government needs to get a passport and a visa and a one way airline ticket and leave,go to a country that has this “power through a barrel of a gun” government.

    • tojo

      Mugabe is your idea of a role model? You need to be spanked.

  • shann


  • Ferrarello

    Democracy sucks… OUR Republic was great til the liberals, socialists and commies got involved. George Soros is a convicted criminal in France yet he is able to live like a King here and attack the world with his financial terrorism.

    • Joe

      I feel confident that one day these protestors that are occupying streets and city parks all over urban America will realize that it is them that are being used by George Soros and these socialistic- liberal and communistic minded politicians aka the democratic party and will vote them out of office and replace them with independents that are not for the ‘hope and change’ that Obama promised them.Perhaps Obama’s vision of hope and change is different than the democratic voter’s vision of hope and change.No two visions of hope and change are alike,every one has their own vision of hope and change.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    where does it come this EUSSR flag from? is this site promoting cabalistic new empire?

  • John Gault

    Joe, seems like the rest you don’t understand the situation. I’m guessing you are a Yank, and therefore you should KNOW that America did try to vote them out “Change you can believe in” – yeah, right! What change – IT GOT WORSE. More money to the Bankers, more war, more money to Africa and the Muslims and less privacy and liberty.

    The UK tried to vote them out, what did they get? Bloody Cameron and his drooling coalition partner, Clegg. What change? – IT GOT WORSE. More money to the Bankers, more war, more money to Africa and the Muslims and less privacy and liberty.

    Germany tried, what did they get? Bitch Merkel who is trying her best to bankrupt Germany as well.

    Holland tried (at least they seem to have had one of the VERY few ‘free and fair’ elections, but when Wilders did so well, they cut him out of the Government.

    Belgium tried it. What did they get? A bloody homosexual moron and the party that got the most votes, the NVA also got cut out as well.

    You can vote for whomsoever you like. YOU GET THE SAME, because every party has to toe the line to Israel and the USA – the new world world government.

    So where do you plan to go when for the past 40 years, everything has gotten worse, MUCH worse, and every time the people vote for change, what do they get? Why more of the same and worse!

    I agree with you about Mugabe. Who put him there? YOU DID. Who put Mandela into power? YOU did. Who put Idi Amin into power, YOU DID. Who put Jomo Kenyatta into power? YOU DID.

    So much for ‘democracy’. So much for ‘free and fair’ elections. So much for change. If you can’t get change by voting, Quo Vadis? Much as I also deplore it, the answer will only come from the barrel of a gun!

    • Joe

      I am a 54 year old black American man and a high school dropout.I don’t see how I put Mugabe in power or Mandela or Kenyatta or Amin.I hope Robert Bloom’s comment about power coming from a barrel of a gun doesn’t become a reality in America.Us black Americans have nothing to gain from this type of power known as communism or you can call it totalitarianism.You ask me where do I plan to go because everything has gotten worse in the past 40 years,I don’t have the financial resources to move to another country but if I did,I would move to New Zealand.

    • Joe

      If Merkel keeps bailing out Greece,then Germany deserves to go bankrupt.

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