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Recent European poll irks Merkel

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has voiced anger over the results of a survey which indicates a growing anti-Israeli sentiment among Europeans.

Merkel warned against the rise of anti-Israeli sentiments across Europe and lashed out at findings of an opinion poll which showed 60 percent of Europeans saw Tel Aviv the largest threat to the world’s security, IRNA cited a report published on the German government’s website.

The German Chancellor, who has always been criticized at home for supporting the Israeli regime, mentioned events surrounding World War II and the Holocaust to justify her government’s backing for Tel Aviv.

“Germany has unique relations with Israel because of the Holocaust and its (Germany’s) continued commitment toward it,” she said at a meeting attended by Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livn, leaders of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and German officials.

The chancellor further highlighted common “values and interests” shared by Germany and the Israeli regime.

Germany has long imposed a ban on Holocaust revisions and has slapped any attempt to doubt the alleged mass killing of Jews by German Nazis with financial penalties and deprivation of social rights.


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2 Responses to " Recent European poll irks Merkel "

  1. Merde says:

    Fur Juden,fur Reich!

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  2. BG says:

    Yeah,that’s the Neu-Nazi,Sieg Hiel,Sieg Hiel,Sieg Hiel.

    Those clowns have nowhere to go.

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